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Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Benefit in NYC – @BeautyBarNYC

Once a Year in New Orleans… a unique gathering of special people occurs!

Southern Sideshow Hootenanny

To help raise funds for next year’s SSH event (The Lady Aye is a Board Member of SSH) NYC organized a special night @The Beauty Bar on 14th Street. The lineup was terrific and the torrential rain storm didn’t stop those of us that wanted to attend!

Here are some visuals in case you missed the event.

Hosting the evenings talent and festivities was The Lady Aye.

Mike Zohn showed off 2 antique panels from a magician’s cabinet probably used in the 1920’s.

Rob Romeo  showed his ‘nail shoes’ and then demonstrated for the audience.

Rob Romeo walking around the stage with his ‘nail shoes’ on. (painful?)

Matt Knife showed off his ‘nut sack’ and ‘other things’ during his boylesque act.

His costume was amazing and his stage presence hysterical.

The Lady Aye performed a classic sideshow act ‘the human blockhead’ but used silverware!

Betsy Propane heated up the room with her wonderful singing and straight jacket escape.

To cap off the show Gin Minsky tap danced and revealed a few things that delighted the audience.

In between the acts a lovely hostess sold ‘Raffle’ tickets for many prizes that were rewarded to the audience near the end of the evening.

Here is a video excerpt from Rob Romeo’s act!

CLICK HERE For more information and to keep up to date on the Southern Hootenanny Sideshow

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Coney Island USA Benefit – Amazing Night for All!


Fred Kahl and Dick ZigunThe Great Fredini (Fred Kahl) and Coney Island USA founder/director Dick Zigun.

Adam Bishop and Patrick David Wall

Bambi The Mermaid and Chuck Varga

Reverend Billy and his megaphone reached out to all those present to honor Coney Island USA and Founder  Dick Zigun.

Coney Island’s ‘in house’ photog Norman Blake hard at work capturing the essence of Coney Island USA for years!

Tiger Bay (Miss Coney Island 2017) Patrick Salazar (Mr. Strange) and Fancy Feast (Miss Coney Island 2016

Velvet Crayon performing some of his own tunes.

Adam Realman performs his awesome cigarette swallowing act.

The Great Fredini performs the infamous sideshow trick “human blockhead” with 2 ice picks.

Mat Fraser performs the ‘Sealo the Seal Boy’ act made famous by Stanley Berent in 1941.

Jennifer Miller performed a juggling act with machetes and a hysterical monolog.

Fire eating performer Nola Star lights up the stage with fire and heat! Wonderful act!

Tesla coil, fire and wild makeup are the token ingredients for Jellyboy the Clown.

Unzipping the overalls and revealing the bird costume was burlesque performer Tiger Bay’s act.

One of the many Auction Table’s where curious and wonderful items were going to the highest bidder.

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Reverend Billy with his megaphone preaches to the crowd!

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Strange for Hire – An Eclectic Live Show @ Times Scare, NYC

Every Thursday night at Times Scare – The “Strange for Hire‘ Variety Show.

“An eclectic live show featuring sideshow acts, circus skills, burlesque beauties, and other magical doings’ (From the Strange for Hire Postcard)

Great fun and it’s every Thursday!

Times SCare Crypt CafeThe Crypt Cabaret is the home of the new “Strange for Hire’ Variety Show @ Times Scare, NYC

The Strange for Hire host is Donny VomitThe Strange for Hire host is Donny Vomit. Entertaining the audience in between acts.

Donny Vomit starts the show off with a bullwhip act.Donny Vomit starts the show off with a bullwhip act.

'The Brooklyn Juggler' Kyle Petereson.The Brooklyn Juggler Kyle Peterson finishes off a wonderful cigar box juggling routine.

Chloe helps remove the sword from Donny Vomit's throat.Audience volunteer Chloe helps remove the sword from Donny Vomit’s throat.

Dubiniperforms feats of magic and wonder.Dubini performs feats of magic and wonder.

Dubini swallows needles from the voodoo doll and then brings them back up.Dubini swallows needles from the voodoo doll and then brings them back up. 

Donny Vomit tries his hand at juggling machete knives and an apple.Donny Vomit tries his hand at juggling machete knives and an apple.

Cheeky Lane brings some sizzle to the show.Cheeky Lane brings some sizzle to the show.

Donny Vomit swallows a balloon all the way down his throat.Donny Vomit swallows a balloon all the way down his throat.

Kyle Peterson juggles clubs while riding a unicycle.Kyle Peterson juggles clubs while riding a unicycle.

donny Vomit requests from the audience that they 'tweet' the strangest thing they have had in theirr mouth.Donny Vomit requests from the audience that they ‘tweet’ the strangest thing they have had in their mouth. OMG!

Todd Robbins starts off the 2nd half of the show with 'fire eating'Todd Robbins starts off the 2nd half of the show with ‘fire eating’.

Lighting up the stage with amazing skills of fire eating.Lighting up the stage with his amazing skills.

Todd Robbins performing the sideshow miracle  'human blockhead'.Todd Robbins performing the sideshow miracle  ‘human blockhead‘.

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A great evening of unusual entertainment and fun. NY use to have many venues for eccentric performing arts and it is great to see Todd and Donny bring it back!

Coming up in the near future are the following dates:

May 23, May 30, June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27, July 5, July 11, July 18, July 25.

There is NO REASON you shouldn’t get to STRANGE FOR HIRE at least one of these dates!

Go here for tickets.

Magic Performing Arts Sideshow Variety Arts Video

Vaudevisuals Interview with Albert Cadabra – Sideshow performer, magician…

ALBERT CADABRA: The Great Deceiver is a professional, award-winning, comedy sideshow magician who delivers powerful, amazing and devilishly wild magic. Albert pushes and twists the boundaries of the art of magic with unique performances including; eating razor blades and a 3’-long balloon, hammering 6” spikes into his face, electrocuting himself with 2,000 volts of electricity and turning his assistant into a gorilla. He makes people and animals appear and vanish at will and escapes from chains, shackles, locked crates and straight jackets—all with the flair, style, class and great sense of humor you would expect from this seasoned, professional magician.

Watch him perform acts of the Strange, the Odd and the Bizarre LIVE at Ripley's Believe It or Not in Times Square every EVERY Wed-Sun at the bottom of every hour (that's 1:30, 2:30 3:30 etct)
234 42nd Street, Times Square NYC (7th & 8th ave)

Originally appeared on:

For more information on Albert Cadabra:

Photography Sideshow The Slipper Room Video

Vaudevisuals Interview with Adam Realman @ The Slipper Room

Coney Island Sideshow canvas painted by Marie Roberts
Coney Island Sideshow canvas painted by Marie Roberts

Visited the newly renovated SLIPPER ROOM on Orchard Street and interviewed Coney Island’s own Adam RealMan. He does all of the following:
The Coney Island Sideshow has been relocated to The Slipper Room while the Coney Island USA site gets rebuilt after the hurricane Sandy took it’s tool there.
Adam talks about his work as a ‘strongman‘ and ‘sideshow‘ performer.

More photographs of Adam and the Coney Island Sideshow at BB Kings can be seen here.
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Scott Baker – Outside Talker at Coney Island USA

A few Sundays ago I wondered out to Coney Island to visit and watch Scott Baker.

He was working as the ‘outside talker’ that day for Coney Island USA Sideshow and I was able to grab a few minutes of his delightful routine.

To hear more from Scott Baker go to my earlier interview with him here.

See His One-Man show “BANG!!! The Curse of John Wilkes Booth”.
Verse, Song, Magic, Sideshow antics and standup comedy!
At the Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street, NYC: Sat., Aug 11 @ 4PM; Fri., Aug. 17, 7:15PM; Tues., Aug. 21 @ 5:45; Wed., Aug. 22 @ 2PM; Sat., Aug. 25 @ 7PM

Circus Magic Music Performing Arts Photography Sideshow Variety Arts Video

Scott Baker – A Video Interview and more…

I first met Scott Baker at BB Kings’ music club in Times Square. We were attending the Coney Island Sideshow by the Seashore performance.

The show was ‘on tour’ and I wanted to do some photography of the show. Scott Baker sat across from me at the table and we talked  ‘sideshow‘ and variety arts. Lots in common regarding our favorite performers and genres.

Not long after that evening I heard Scott was in ‘chemo therapy’ for cancer. I  hoped for the best!

Once I heard he was better I wanted to interview him about his work as a  ‘Human blockhead, fire eater, glass eater, escape artist, master magician, ventriloquist, eats live crickets and lit cigarettes, swallows and regurgitates razor blades, performs levitations, outside talker.’.

We met a music rehearsal space near Times Square and the room was perfect for the interview. I ask Scott about his illness and he wrote this:

“To some, hearing that you have “The Big C” is a death sentence. It only made me furious, and I was determined to not let it get the better of me. Going for chemo and getting a radiation per day for seven weeks, I worked until I simply couldn’t move. It was extremely rough going, but through the miracle of modern science, medicine, and the faith of many friends, we kicked the thing! I had to learn to do many things all over again, and now hopefully do them much better. For the record, I had cancer of the squamous cells on upper left soft palate. To this day, nobody knows how I got it!”

Scott is Back and better than ever! I am posting a several videos for your enjoyment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sideshow banner painter Marie Roberts paints Scott Baker

Scott Baker Banner by Marie Roberts

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One of Scott’s achievements has been to be the star in a film! BALLY MASTER.

Scott Baker is the BALLY TALKER
Title of film about Scott Baker on Coney Island Sideshow

BALLY MASTER Directed by: Gary Beeber

5 Awards for Best Documentary

Get it here!

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Here are some other links to sites that contain information on Scott Baker.

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Last but not least is Scott talking about Passion and Vision.

Performing Arts Variety Arts Video

Keith Nelson Completes the Kendama Blockhead at Bindlestiff Variety Revue

After years of attempts to complete the Kendama Blockhead Keith Nelson successfully landed the ball in the cup!. FINALLY! Performed at the Bindlestiff Variety Revue on Monday August 2, 2010. Over 2 years of failed attempts at Sideshow and Juggling Conventions. Keith Nelson is the MC for the Bindlestiff Variety Revue which occupies the Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo the first Monday of Every Month. Only $5. gets you in to see an assortment of variety, burlesque, comedy, dance, sideshow and other type acts.
A deal that can’t be BEAT! See you next Month I hope.
Video © 2010 by Jim Moore –

Kendama Blockhead Completed by Keith Nelson from Jim Moore.


Performing Arts Variety Arts Video

Keith Bindlestiff Tries Again!

On the first Monday of the every month BINDLESTIFF VARIETY SHOW is held at Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The host Keith Bindlestiff attempted to complete the Kendama Blockhead this past Monday. I have been videotaping all his attempts all the way back to youAugust ’09. I am sure he will get it one day!

Here is a video where he provides the unknowing audience members with a short education on what the ‘Human Blockhead‘ is and then attempts the Kendama Blockhead.

The variety show is a mix of acts ranging from singing to burlesque to trapeze and back to Kendama Blockhead. All for $5.00. Well worth the visit and time. This show included the likes of Baby Seals,

Jan Manke, Kitty Cockpit, Coney Island Chris,

Magic Brian, Zero Boy, The Maestrocities, and Mika.