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Philippe Petit’s Twin Towers Wire Walk Gets 3-D IMAX Treatment

Well..’Man on Wire‘ was a damn good movie. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

But now, Robert Zemeckis is creating some ‘artificial vertigo’ by making “THE WALK” and in 3D Imax.

Let’s see what comes of this million dollar extravaganza.
The movie, which is also based on Petit’s book, co-stars Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon, and James Badge Dale, and will be released in October of 2015.
Here is a sneak peak!

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40th Anniversary of Philippe Petit’s Highwire walk on the WTC

With the upcoming release of Robert Zemeckis’ 3D – IMAX film “THE WALK” I decided to repost this Anniversary post!
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Having spent many months with Philippe Petit taking photographs in preparation of the August 7th high wire walk I have put together a few images to celebrate the 40th Anniversary.

WTCFinalPetit and I rented a helicopter to photograph the towers from a higher prospective than being on the roof.

WTC2redoOn many occasions when Philippe would come to NYC we would ‘sneak up’ the back stairwell and climb the 110 flights. I was able to get a great shot looking down from the top of the WTC.

WTC4redoDuring our  visits to the top Philippe would make time to sit on the edge of the building and reflect on the distance and height that he would traverse on August 7th, 1974.

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Philippe Petit – TED Talks

Having been part of the ‘inner circle’ of friends that helped Philippe Petit accomplish the World Trade Center High Wire walk I am posting this

TED talk by Philippe about his career and ideas.