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Vaudevisuals Bookshelf – “The Comic Mind” – Gerald Mast

Back Cover of The Comic Mind

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Table of Contents

Pt. I: Assumptions, Definitions, and Categories
1. Comic Structures
2. Comic Thought
3. Comic Films—Categories and Definitions
Pt. II: Primitives
4. Jests, Tricks, and the First Comic Personalities
5. Mack Sennett
Pt. III: Chaplin and Keaton
6. Chaplin: From Keystone to Mutual
7. Chaplin: First Nationals and Silent Features
8. Chaplin: Sound Films
9. Keaton
Pt. IV: Other Silent Clowns
10. Harold Lloyd
11. Harry Langdon
12. More Fun Shops
Pt. V: Sound Comedy
13. Sound and Structure
14. Ernst Lubitsch and René Clair
15. Jean Renoir
16. The Dialogue Tradition
17. The Clown Tradition
18. The Ironic Tradition
The Case for Comedy
Selective Bibliography
Appendix A: Distributors of Comic Films
Appendix B: Photo Credits

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“A great book by Gerald Mast on the art of comedy, the history of comedic actors and films. This is a must read for any film major, director or filmmaker looking to work in the genre of comedy. Plus it’s just a darn good read.”
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Clown Dance Dixon Place Mime NYDownTownClownRevue Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Jan. 2012 – New York Downtown Clown Revue at Dixon Place

The New York Downtown Clown Revue

Season 5, Show #57

Katherine M. Horejsi performs as the ‘clean up lady’ ~Cleaning up what the clowns leave behind~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hilary Chaplain

Hilary Chaplain performing a new piece at Dixon PlaceNot able to stand up with her shoe in her hand Hilary brings a new character to the show.

Hilary Chaplain performing her new piece at NY Downtown Clown RevueBagel with cream cheese is the food of choice for Hilary Chaplain’s new character.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ben Model

Playing piano for a silent film excerpt of Harry Langdon “Remember When”.

Ben Model prepares to play for the silent film 'Remember When'.Ben Model talks to the audience about the silent film star Harry Langdon.

Still of Title Card from Harry Langdon’s silent film “Remember When”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christopher Lueck helping his assistant (played by Katherine Horejsi) prepare for next act

Christopher Lueck checks with his assistant for the next act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kiki, featuring Special Guest

Kiki the clown performing at the New York Downtown Clown RevueKiki (Aya Tucker) prepares to play the glasses with her spoon.

Kiki plays the glasses at Dixon PlaceKiki performs finally while the ‘special guest’ looks on!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Game

The Downtown Clown RevueChristopher Lueck introduces ‘The Game” which happens at every Revue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Amy Larimer

Amy Larimer performs at The Downtown Clown RevueAmy Larimer tells a story using cryptic images and movement.

Amy Larimer performs her piece at Dixon PlaceUsing the drawing sharpies and easel she draws out her character’s personal saga.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joel Jeske

Joel Jeske performs a new piece at Dixon PlaceJoel Jeske opens his piece – I have seen over 16 midgets today and its only Monday -by yelling the title at the audience.

Joel Jeske performs a piece about a rotten apple at Dixon Place Joel Jeske eats a ‘rotten’ apple in – This is a Really Bad Apple– using his hysterical mime skills.

Joel Jeske hugs audience member Amy Virginia Buchanan during his piece – A Desperate Hug.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Curtain call at Dixon Place for the Downtown Clown RevueCurtain call for the performers at tonight’s Downtown Clown Revue.

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All Photographs © 2012 Jim Moore