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Vaudevisuals Interview with Mexico City based clown company – La Piara

Visiting NY with their show GUERRA, La Piara speak about their clown company and their show GUERRA. Currently running at THE TANK in NYC. The company is: Artus Chavez, Fernando Cordova, and Madeleine Serra.
In this interview are Artus Chavez and Fernando Cordova.

For more information on the company:

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“Guerra” – A Clown Play performed by La Piara @ The Tank

They describe the show as follows:

“A military farce from Mexico with love”

It is a wonderfully funny show that combines slapstick, dance, bouffant and farce to tell the story of a military outpost desparate for recruits.

The company La Piara is Artus Chavez, Fernando Cordova and Madeleine Sierra Carrascal.  They are superb comics and actors.

Here are a few photographs from the show.

Guerra being performed at the TankFernando Cordova as the General’s assistant and Artus Chavez as the General in a surprise moment.

The General looks down at his assistant in Guerra.Fernando is looked down upon by The General (Artus Chavez) in many moments during the show.

The General is outraged by the phone call in GuerraThe General (Artus Chavez) is outraged by the Commanders phone call.

Madeleine Sierra Cassascal plays the audience member who gets drafted to fight.Madeleine Sierra Cassascal plays the audience member who gets drafted to fight.

La Piara company looks on surprised.La Piara company looks surprised by the sudden activity.

The General tries to convince the new recruit (Madeleine Sierra) to use the 'big' gun.The General tries to convince the new recruit (Madeleine Sierra) to use the ‘big’ gun.

During the war off stage the recruiit loses her mind and Fernando looks on in terror.Returning from the war off stage the recruit loses her mind and Fernando looks on in terror.

La Piara company dance a disco number during the show.La Piara company dance a military disco number during the show.

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The show is on from July 11th thru the 21st as part of the Flint & Tinder series at The Tank.

Sound Design: Nick Keenan

Costume Design: Mieka van der Ploeg

Graphic Design: Guram Lubaggi

Created by Seth Bockley, Devon de Mayo and La Piara

More information about this series at The Tank here.

More information about La Piara here.

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La Piara will be teaching a three day clown workshop at The Tank July 20-22.

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La Piara – “Guerra” – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

From Mexico City/Chicago, Illinois

La Piara Teatro


 Guerra: A Clown Play combines slapstick, clown, dance, bouffant, and farce to tell the story of a military outpost’s last stand. Created by a Mexican/U.S. collaborative team, Guerra is performed in three languages and features a trio of incompetent officers engaged in a struggle against a vast unseen enemy. Their epic yet intimate journey features a recruitment lottery, bloodthirsty nursery rhymes, and at least one aerial bombardment. Guerra blends bombast and camp with serious echoes of American and Mexican military realities to create an irreverent and darkly resonant satire.

 Created by La Piara with Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo

Performed by La Piara (Artús Chávez, Fernando Córdova, and Madeleine Sierra)

Directed by Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo

Artus Chavez is delightful as the leader of the group.

Artus Chavez, Fernando Cordova and Madeleine Sierra make up La Piara Teatro.

Artus Chavez comforts Madeleine Sierra in a war scene.

Madeleine Sierra shows off her battle wounds to the audience in GUERRA.

Fernando Cordova has some funny eyes and great scenes in GUERRA.

A humorous moment during the dressing of the Chief in camouflage garb.

Artus Chavez sings while the paper airplanes fly over head.Madeleine, Artus and Fernando take their bow at the end of a very funny show!

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NY Clown Theatre OPENING NIGHT Preview Cabaret – Sept 7th, 2012

At the end of the day (after the Clown Parade and Pie Fight) The New York Clown Theatre Festival hosted a PREVIEW CABARET with a sample selection of some of the upcoming shows scheduled for the Festival. Here is a few photographs taken at the PREVIEW CABARET!.

Audrey Crabtree and Robert Honeywell host the Opening Night Cabaret

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cirque This presented an excerpt from their MACHINATIONS show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Poe and Mathews perform a misadventure in the middle of nowhere.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nina Levine performs an excerpt from her show THE QUITTER.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emmet and Merril Garrick perform an excerpt from their show TO OPERA WITH LOVE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Denni Dennis and Kate Taylor perform an excerpt from UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff Seal and Chris Manley perform  an excerpt from their show NEON LIGHTS.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alan Fessenden performs an excerpt from WHAT IF I’M DEAD.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Company “LA PIARA” from Mexico City perform an excerpt from GUERRA.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summer Shapiro performs an excerpt from IN THE BOUDOIR.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Will Shaw performs and excerpt from his show DEADPAN ALLEY

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Small Matters Company from Edmonton, Canada performs FOOLS FOR LOVE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on these and other NY Clown Theatre Shows go here!