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Vaudevisuals Bookshelf – “How Sweet It Is” – Jackie Gleason

This is one ‘helluva’ funny book!

 Inside book jacket flaps.

Back Cover of the book.

This book is great! If you like The Honeymooners and any of Jackie Gleason’s TV Specials over the years you will enjoy reading these stories about his wonderful life. There is one that I remember very well. When he stayed at the St. Regis Hotel he frequented the in-house King Cole Bar   and sat next to  Salvador Dali. This drinking companion ended up drawing an album cover for his music album “The Romantic Moods of Jackie Gleason“.

The rest of the book is equally hysterical and so enjoyable!

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Clown Mime Performing Arts Photography

Jim’s Archive Book Shelf

I found some more books in storage last week. I think they might be of interest to anyone in eccentric performing arts.

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The Great Clowns of American Television

By Karin Adir

Here is a promo piece about this wonderful book.

Available here in paperback

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I have 3 photographs in this book. One of Marcel Marceau performing in the street and 2 studio shots of Carlo Mazzone Clementi.

Published in 1985 by Fairleigh Dickinson university Press.

I worked with Mira on two other book projects over the years. A dedicated author and teacher.

Available here in hard cover.

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