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First Ever Rock & Roll Circus Benefit ~ Thursday 4/29

What an amazing LINEUP!

Tickets are on sale now for our 2021 Spring Virtual Gala on Thursday, April 29th at 7pm, ET! A Night of High-Voltage Entertainment Produced in Cooperation with @jessemalin, @theboweryelectric and @rollinglivestudios!
The gala will feature a line-up of East Village and Coney Island personalities performing songs, spoken word, burlesque, and sideshow feats.
Tickets are $20. Donations made during the broadcast go directly to Coney Island USA, your Non-Profit Arts Organization at the beach!
Get all of the details at our event page! Invite your friends and thanks for your support!

For More information and tickets!

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Loose Caboose Vaudeville Revue Variety Arts

12/28/2012 – Loose Caboose Variety Show – @ Casa Mescal, NYC

One of the last post for the year is this amazing monthly variety show which mixes the disciplines of burlesque, comedy and skilled variety performers.

This month was no exception. Located at the charming basement theater of Casa Mezcal on Orchard St. in NYC’s Lower East Side.

The host of Loose Caboose was the talented Scott Baker.The night was hosted by the wild, talented Coney Island great Scott Baker.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kyle Peterson juggles in the Loose Caboose Variety ShowKyle Peterson juggles and makes great fun for the audience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Milango style of Tango is danced by Nico and Azul.

The Milango style of Tango is danced by Nico and Azul with grace and style.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

GiGi Bon Bon performs at the Loose Caboose Variety Show.Beautiful GiGi BonBon lit up the stage with her burlesque act.

GiGi Bon Bon sheds some attire for the cheering crowd.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Scott Baker promotes one of the Raffle prizes – Dube Juggling Balls.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Scott Baker performs a magic wiener trick with audience member Matthew.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tina Cicone in a sexy dance routine at Loose Caboose Variety Show.

Tina Cione has some skills that capture the audience by surprise.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rob Lathan gets the audience rillied up as Jeff Foxworth’s brother.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kelsey Strauch doing a split at the Loose Caboose Variety ShowKelsey Strauch performs wonderful feats of jugging and dare.

Kelsey Strauch performing in a mod 1960's costune at Loose Caboose.Kelsey Strauch performs in a 1960’s attire that just works.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MC Scott Baker and stage kitten Tawdry Owl pick the raffle winner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dangrr Doll finished the night with a sultry burlesque.Dangrr Doll finished the night with a sultry burlesque.

Dangrr Doll heats up the house with a smile and style.Dangrr Doll heats up the house with a smile and style.

Dangrr Doll in a ‘Marilyn pose’ in this b&w retro photograph.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on upcoming shows go to the Facebook page here.