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The Clown UnMasked Series – A Comprehensive List 2010 – 2016

The Clown UnMasked

In 2010 I had a concept in my head one day that I should photograph my favorite subjects (Clowns) without their performance costume and makeup and match it with a performance shot. The ‘Unmask’ shot would be black and white and the performance shot in color.  I decided to call it The Clown UnMask. I began shooting in Feb. 2010 with one of the funniest clowns I know and admire. Glen Heroy.

I followed up with many more (almost 50) until I stopped shooting the series in 2016. Here is a comprehensive list of the performers (with links to the original posts) I documented in my ‘hallway’ studio. In the order in which I photographed them. Full post are reached by using the links. Some portrait are provided for visual excitement!

(The wall came down in 2016 so the series was discontinued)

Matt Mitler

Clowns ExMachina

John Leo

Eric Davis

Hilary Chaplain

Audrey Crabtree

Keith Nelson

Ambrose Martos

Joel Jeske

Amy Gordon

Rob Torres

Patrick de Valette

Tiffany Riley

Dick Monday

Julie Ferrier

Fred Blin

Tanya Elchuk

Nina Levine

Hew Parham

Mark Gindick

Peter Daniel Straus

Kevin C. Carr

Jeff Hess

Chris Allison

Drew Richardson

Lilli Sukula Lindblom

Mona Ray

Thom Monckton

Sampo Kurppa

Jenny Lee Mitchell

Michael Trautman

Jennifer Sargent

Maja Bieler

Helen Donnelly

James Godwin

Avner Eisenberg

Summer Shapiro

Neil Arthur James

Gustavo Pace

Didi Sanchezco

Kenny Raskin

Mooky Cornish

Adam Kuchler

Barry Lubin

Daniel Passer

Angela Delfini

Armitage Shanks

Matt Roper

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Clown Performing Arts Photography The Clown Un_Mask Variety Arts

The Clown Un_Mask – Patrick de Valette

Patrick & Takumi de Valette

Patrick performing with The Rotten Plantains August 2010

Fred Blin and Patrick de Valette posing for my shot at The Rotten Plantains show last August.

Patrick and Fred are two of the performers that belong to Les Chiche Capon in Paris.

Patrick is a co-founder of Chiche Capon and has worked with them for 6 years and has performed with them all around the world.  He studied clown at the School le Samovar, founded by Frank Dinet. He has also worked on clown’s dramaturgy with Alain Gautré, one of the famous masters of clown in France and Europe.  He worked also with Philippe Découflé and Cirque du Soleil in ‘Banana Speel’ and for special events.

He is back in town with THE ROTTEN PLANTAIN for ONE NIGHT ONLY.


Monday, August 1 · 9:30pm – 11:00pm

Duo Multicultural Arts Center


62 East 4th Street

Get tickets here!



Clown Comedy Interview

Interview with Patrick de Valette and Fred Blin

Just before the show on August 26th I was able to get Patrick and Fred (who are performing in the wildly funny THE ROTTEN PLANTAINS) to sneak into a small alley near the 45 Bleecker St. Theatre (Where the show is presently playing) for a quick and brief interview. It was fun to get them on camera. The show THE ROTTEN PLANTAINS is probably one of the funniest clown ensemble shows I have seen is some time. Talented performers in the group include Claudia Carneiro, Julie Ferrier, Wayne Nelson, Daniel Passer along with Patrick and Fred. Using their skills in clown, mime and absurd theatre they combine to make a potpourri of madness, chaos, and funny hysteria for an evening of enjoyable theatre.

Interview with Patrick de Valette and Fred Blin by Jim Moore from Jim Moore on Vimeo.

Interview with Patrick de Valette and Fred Blin by Jim Moore from Jim Moore on Vimeo.