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“The Spook Show” – At the Canal Park Playhouse – Every Tues at 7pm

“Dont’ Worry – Cardone will give you a chance to leave before the most frightening final 10 minutes!”

Printed on the front of the Canal Park Playhouse production of THE SPOOK SHOW with CARDONE!

If you haven’t ever wondered over to the west end of Canal Street you are missing one of the most charming ‘little theaters’ in NYC.

A National Landmark and a Bed and Breakfast with a great little kitchen that makes the most delicious WAFFLES in Lower Manhattan.




CARDONE is a very talented and experienced performer. Not sure if I can label him since he does so many different disciplines so well!



Escape Artist

Dime Museum Curator

Flea Circus Proprietor

Ghost Master

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The evening starts off with Cardone swallowing 3 razor blades and then …

Many moments in the show were ‘amazing’ and Cardone thought they were too!

Here is an audience member assisting Cardone levitate a small table containing the sunglasses of Elvis!

Hypnotizing the audience with the ‘magic spinning wheel’ was great

Cardone fans a deck of cards in front of an audience member so he can pick one!

After revealing the ‘chosen card’ from an envelope he thanks the heavens for another successful trick.

There were so many well done magic tricks in the show I am not sure where to begin listing them

I suggest you see the show INSTEAD!

A young audience member named Kennedy volunteered to go into the ‘time machine’ and his faced aged in front of the audience.

Another audience member helps Cardone get into the ‘straight jacket’ so he can then get out of it!

The evening was filled with fun, magic and surprises. I won’t devulge the ending as it is too much fun not to experience it!

For more information go HERE!

Canal Park Playhouse, 508 Canal Street, New York BY 10013

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Showboat Shazzam!

Every Sunday at 1pm and 4pm on a historical restored waterfront barge there is a show! WOW! What a show!

Ring Mistress and Artistic Director Karen E. Gersch

It is called Showboat Shazzam and every week there are new performers doing their amazing acts!

Pictured here is ballerina Lea McGowan and acrobat Rudi Macaggi.

You have a view of the Statue of Liberty and see an amazing show. Great for families and adults.

Here is a photograph and video from Will Shaw’s very funny act. He performed last weekend.

There are two more weekends to go in June. Make sure you go and see it before it ends for the year.

Upcoming acts include a trained flea circus, handbalancing act, jugglers, silk aerial act, comedy slack wire, contortion, magic and more!!

For more information and tickets go here:

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