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Knoxferatu V ~ Oct 20th ~ Silent Horror Streaming Online

Celebrating the classic silent horror films of yesteryear! Knoxferatu V ~ Streaming ~ Oct 20th Continue reading...
2018 NY Clown Theater Festival Clown Comedy Music

Vaudevisuals interview with “Clown Band”

Clown Band is Becca Bernard, Alex Ortwein, and Julia Register. They will be performing on Sept 20th at the NY Clown Theater Festival. An evening of Clown Cabaret. Here Alex and Becca talk about their work and music.

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Under the Radar – Festival of New Work

A premier launching pad for new and cutting-edge performance!
Check out the amazing lineup here!
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Clown Comedy Performing Arts Toronto Clown Festival

Jean-Paul Mullet & Eloise – A Duet

This song was performed at the ‘Clown Invasion Cabaret’. One of the events at The Toronto Festival of Clown. The festival is celebrating its 12th Year!

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