3LD Immersive Theater Vaudevisuals Interview

Vaudevisuals interview with Kevin Cunningham – 3LD

One of the great things about New York is that no matter how long you live here there are always surprises waiting for you just around the corner. I came across this amazing space through a few friends that have performed in it. 3LD ~ A technology oriented theatrical project space run by Kevin Cunningham. His experiences in the New York theater scene are bewildering. Blue Man Group, Richard Foreman, etc. But because of Kevin there is 3LD.

The current show “Not Knowing 1.0” is running through this week. It is an immersive theatrical experience with text by playwright Charles Mee. Here is my interview. But you should take yourself to 3LD and see for yourself what lies in the future of theater. NOW!

Vaudevisuals interview with founder/artistic director of 3LD Kevin Cunningham. Kevin discusses the “Not Knowing” workshop presentation that is currently being performed at the 3LD location at 80 Greenwich St. in Lower Manhattan.
Text by Charles Mee and conceived and directed by Kevin Cunningham.

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Coffeehouse Chronicles Dance LaMaMa etc

La MaMa | 57th Season

Being a big fan of LaMama I present to you the new promo video for their 57th Season!

Upcoming highlights include a session of Coffeehouse Chronicles dedicated to the work of Andrei Serban followed in November by a session on puppeteer genius Ralph Lee.

Also coming this season is the La MaMa Puppet Festival.

For more information on other great performances and events visit: LaMama

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Performing Arts Physical Theater The Public Theatre Women

Under the Radar – Festival of New Work

A premier launching pad for new and cutting-edge performance!

Check out the amazing lineup here!

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Coffeehouse Chronicles #132 – TALKING BAND – LaMama etc – March 12th, 2016

The Talking Band

The Talking Band has been making innovative and influential theater works in New York for 40 years. Collectively, the founders have earned 11 OBIE awards and numerous other honors. The company has performed at nearly all of New York’s celebrated downtown venues, including LaMama, PS 122, Theater for the New City, Dance Theater Workshop, The Ohio Theater, The Flea Theater, and HERE Arts Center. Nearly 50 of its original productions include The Golden Toad, Marcellus Shale, The Walk Across America for Mother Earth, Bitterroot, Radnevsky’s Real Magic, Painted Snake in a Painted Chair, Black Milk Quartet and The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol.

The Coffeehouse Chronicles #132 hosted founder Paul Zimet and other founding members for this special survey of their work which included slides, videos and panel discussion. Since the afternoon covered 40 years of work I captured some photographs and a few videos to represent the span of work that The Talking Band created.

Event Moderator: Morgan Jenness

Panelists: Tina Shepard, Ellen Maddow, Paul Zimet, Jack Wetherall, Harry Mann, Lizzie Olesker, Isaac Maddow-Zimet, and Anya Maddow-Zimet.

Paul Zimet talking about the Talking BandPaul Zimet – Director/Writer/Co-Founder of The Talking Band.

Jack Weatherall with The Talking BandJack Weatherall talking to the audience about his experiences with The Talking Band.

2016.03.12_LaMama.097Flyer for The Talking Band production of BIG MOUTH at LaMama in 1985

2016.03.12_LaMama.051Tina Shepard (Founding member) talks about her experience with The Talking Band since 1973.

2016.03.12_LaMama.117Harry Mann and Ellen Maddow participate in the panel discussion talking about their work with The Talking Band.

2016.03.12_LaMama.187Isaac Maddow-Zimet talks about his early memories of being on stage with The Talking Band.


2016.03.12_LaMama.197Paul Zimet and Ellen Maddow won OBIE awards in 2002-03 for their show.

Tina Shepard sings a song "What's Next",Tina Shepard singing “What’s Next?” from the show ‘The Golden Toad’.

2016.03.12_LaMama.255Group shot of the Panel and participants of the Talking Band event at LaMama. 

The following video has sound issues due to acoustics in the room it was recorded.

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Coffeehouse Chronicles #131 – Mabou Mines

The afternoon event was broken into several different segments.

The first segment was titled “Genesis” – Moderated by Bonnie Marranca with Lee Breuer.

The second segment was titled “Collaborative Hive, hosted by Greg Mehrten with Lee Breuer, Bill Raymond and Karen Kandel.

The third segment was an excerpt from the performance “Imagining the Imaginary Invalid” performed by Christianna Nelson and Clove Galilee.

The fourth segment was a panel discussion titled ‘Confederation of Warrior Ants’ moderated by Jessica Brater.

The panelist included  Sharon Fogarty, Karen Kandel, Lee Breuer, Maude Mitchell, David Neumann & Clove Galilee.

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2016.01.30_MabouMnes.13Bonnie Marranca with Lee Breuer during the Genesis Panel Discussion.

2016.01.30_MabouMnes.46Karen Kandel talking about her work with Mabou Mines during the second segment.

“Collaborative Hive”, with Karen Kandel, Bill Raymond and Lee Breuer and hosted by Greg Mehrten.

2016.01.30_MabouMnes.60“Imagining the Imaginary Invalid” live performance with Christianna Nelson and Clove Galilee.

2016.01.30_MabouMnes.84(Left to Right) Burke Brown, Christianna Nelson, Jenny Rogers, Clove Galilee and moderator Jessica Brater.

2016.01.30_MabouMnes.106(Left to Right) Lee Breuer, David Neumann, Clove Galilee, Karen Kandel, Maude Mitchell and Sharon Ann Fogerty.

Coffeehouse Chronicles Personel:
Series Director: Michael Gamily
Educational Outreach: Arthur Adair
Sound Design: Tim Schellenbaum
Sound Technician: Hao Bai
Videography: Culture Hub
Social Media Editor & Photographer: Ryan Leach

Book Shelf Comedy Photography

The Vaudevisuals Bookshelf – “Grove New American Theater”



A Good dose of downtown NYC theater!

Plays included in this volume are: Dasvedanya Mama, Ethyl Eichelberger; The Theory of Total Blame, Karen Finley; The Mysteries and What’s So Funny?, David Gordon; The American Plan, Richard Greenberg; Dead Mother, or Shirley Not All in Vain, David Greenspan; and Sincerity Forever, Mac Wellman.

Included are photographs from some of the productions including Karen Finley’s “The Theory of Total Blame”. Presented in 1989 at Pyramid Arts Center, Rochester, NY. The cast included Karen Finley, Tom Murrin, Carol McDowell, Gary Ray, Chazz Dean and Michael Owen. Photograph by Dona Ann McAdams

Cabaret Performing Arts Story Teller Theater for the New City Video Women

Vaudevisuals interview with Eva Dorrepaal – “Almost Mata Hari”


For more information and tickets go here!