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First Ever Rock & Roll Circus Benefit ~ Thursday 4/29

What an amazing LINEUP!

Tickets are on sale now for our 2021 Spring Virtual Gala on Thursday, April 29th at 7pm, ET! A Night of High-Voltage Entertainment Produced in Cooperation with @jessemalin, @theboweryelectric and @rollinglivestudios!
The gala will feature a line-up of East Village and Coney Island personalities performing songs, spoken word, burlesque, and sideshow feats.
Tickets are $20. Donations made during the broadcast go directly to Coney Island USA, your Non-Profit Arts Organization at the beach!
Get all of the details at our event page! Invite your friends and thanks for your support!

For More information and tickets!

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Livestream Performing Arts Red Bull Theater Video Women Writer

Red Bull Theater ~ The Women Hater ~ Directed by Everett Quinton

So now you have most of the information about this wonderful upcoming event. If you are ready to purchase tickets go HERE!

If you prefer to see more information click this sentence!

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2019 – Vaudevisuals Year in Review

All together I posted 73 times in 2019! Over 1000 views per month. Pretty good for an ‘eccentric’ performing arts blog!

You can use the drop-down menu for Month to Month Archive viewing. I will list some of the highlights here.

Dec 2019 – Interview with Cirque Mechanics Chris Lashua ~ Interview with Coney Island’s own Dick Zigun – Sideshow Hall of Fame.

November 2019 – Corn Mo and The Love Show ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Hilary Chaplain ~ Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue ~ Karen Gersch Portfolio ~ Vaudevisuals Bookshelf ~ Martin Ewen’s ‘Panto Damascus’.

October 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Kevin Venardos.

September 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Noah Diamond & Amanda Sisk ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Adrienne Truscott.

August 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Tammy Faye Starlite ~ Ernie Kovacs Centennial Panel Discussion ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Dick Zigun – ‘Bloody Brains in the Juke Box’ ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Sarah the Bird Girl ~ The Seashore Variety Hour

July 2019 – Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Benefit ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Amber Martin ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Tyler West.

June 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with Trav SD ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Bill Bowers ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Mallory Catlett ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Ralph Lewis ~ Bindlestiff’s ‘brooklyn abridged’ show ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Kevin Augustine ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Everett Quinton. ‘Galas’.

May 2019 – A.J. Silver – A Cowboy from the Bronx ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Boxcutter Collective.

April 2019 – Congress of Curious People – James Taylor ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Greg Dubin ~ Vaudevisuals interview with A.J. Silver ~ Trav SD’s American Vaudeville Theatre.

March 2019 – Vaudevisuals interview with John Jesurun & Nicky Paraiso ~ Vaudevisuals interview with Coney Island Ritual Cabaret Festival.

February 2019 – Coffeehouse Chronicles: Ethyl Eichelberger ~ Bindlestiff Open Stage at Big Apple Circus ~ Lord Buckley by Heathcote Williams.

January 2019 – Vaudevisuals Bookshelf: ‘Atomic Clown’ by Sara Moore ~ Bindlestiff Open Stage ~ Tribute To Rob Torres.

~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2020 ~

Comedy Performing Arts Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals interview with Everett Quinton – “Galas”

 Theatre at St. John’s in Association with Yorick Theater Company



Charles Ludlam’s


Starring and Directed by

Everett Quinton


Vaudevisuals interviewed Ridiculous Theatrical Company member Everett Quinton. He discusses his revival of Charles Ludlam‘s ‘Critics Choice’ play “Galas” which is coming to Theater at St. John’s in Greenwich Village for a Limited Run.

June 13-28th, 2019.

(Originally produced in 1983 to rave reviews ‘One of the 10 Best Plays of the Year’. New York Times and Time Magazine)

The playing schedule for GALAS is as follows: Monday through Sunday evenings at 8pm, with official opening scheduled for Sunday, June 16th. There is an additional matinee performance on Sunday, June 16th at 3pm. There will be no performances on Tuesday, June 18th; Monday, June 24th; and Thursday, June 27th. Tickets are $25 and are available online HERE!

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Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and celebrating World Pride!

Comedy Music Performing Arts Photography Physical Theater

Charles Ludlam – Political Theater Pioneer


Ludlam.3:90Poster for Ridiculous Theatrical Company production of Charles Ludlam play ‘Der Ring Gott Farblonjet‘.

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A wonderful article by Eric Bentley on Charles Ludlam from April 1990 magazine “Theater Week“.

img052NY Times article about Everett Quinton’s “Life After Ludlam“.

To see videos of Charles Ludlam’s work go here.

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LaMaMa etc Music Performing Arts Photography

Theatre Askew presents a play by Trav S.D. – ‘Horseplay: or, A Fickle Mistress, A Protean Picaresque’.

Horseplay: or, A Fickle Mistress, A Protean Picaresque by Trav S.D.

Photographing the dress/tech of a show can sometimes provide wonderful ‘candid’ shots of the actors at work. I was glad

to be at LaMama last night for this experience. Here are some shots from the dress/tech of the show that opens on Valentine’s day!

Tim Cusack inbetween moments during the rehearsal.Tim Cusack inbetween moments during the rehearsal.

untitled (27 of 123)Everett Quinton, Jan Leslie Harding, Tim Cusak, Chuck Montgomery and Tiffany Abercrombie in the midst of rehearsal.

untitled (94 of 123)Molly Pope with pipe in hand reads from the manuscript (prop).

Horseplay at LaMama(L to R) Tiffany Abercrombie, Chuck Montgomery look on at Molly Pope with Jan Leslie Harding and musician/composer William TN Hall.

untitled (65 of 123)Molly Pope is read to by Tim Cusack in a scene from the play. 

untitled (96 of 123)Mark St. Cyr sneaks a look at the audience during a scene with Molly Pope.

Jan Leslie Harding takes a moment to reflect.Jan Leslie Harding takes a moment to reflect inbetween scenes.

Tim Cusack looks down at Mollly Pope.Tim Cusack looks over Molly Pope as she gets into position for a lashing.

untitled (114 of 123)The cast about to begin a scene as the stage manager Haejin Jan gives notes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Written by Trav S.D.            

Directed by Elyse Singer

Original music and musical direction by William TN Hall    

With Molly Pope* as Adah Isaacs Menken

and Tiffany Abercrombie, Tim Cusack, Jan Leslie Harding*, Chuck Montgomery*, Everett Quinton*, Mark St. Cyr*

*Member Actors’ Equity Association


Choreography by Antonio Brown

Fight direction by Nathan DeCoux

Set by Liz Toonkel

Lights by Deborah Constantine

Costumes by Becky Hubbert

Sound by Marcelo Añez    

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Cabaret Comedy Magic Performing Arts Photography Puppetry Variety Arts Vaudevisuals Interview Ventriliquist Video

Vaudevisuals Interview with Steve Samuels – “Charles Ludlam & The Ridiculous Theatre Company”

Charles Ludlam portrait

During his visit to NY last year I was fortunate to interview Steve Samuels. I met Steve when he was the General Manager of The Ridiculous Theatrical Company which was created by the brilliant Charles Ludlam. (pictured above)

I was so lucky to have seen many of The Ridiculous Theatrical Companies productions including The Mystery of Irma Vep, The Ventriloquist’s Wife, Corn, Camille, Reverse Psychology, Salammbo, The Artificial Jungle.

Steve Samuels is now producing, directing and acting in productions of his company The Magnetic Theatre Company in Asheville, NC.

In this interview he talks about his time with The Ridiculous Theatrical Company and his ever changing relationship with Charles Ludlam.

“Theater is life itself—you give people two hours of your life, onstage. Time is all we have, and sharing that with people is different from just creating an object.” 

“What I do is not gay theater — it’s something much worse. I don’t ask to be tolerated. I don’t mind being intolerable.”

Charles Ludlam 4/12/43 – 5/28/87

Everett Quinton and Charles LudlamEverett Quinton (left) with Charles Ludlam in “The Mystery of Irma Vep”.

(Photograph Anita & Steve Shevell)

Charles Ludlam by Frank RichPosting in The New York Times by Frank Rich

(Samuel French Page of Charles Ludlam Plays)

Here is a wonderful write up on ‘Dangerous Minds‘ blog about the great and throughly researched book “Ridiculous!: The Theatrical Life and TImes of Charles Ludlam” by David Kaufman. There is also a video of Charles on the Madeline Kahn show performing in drag. Great piece of TV history.

Steve Samuels worked with David Kaufman on this book as well.


Click here!

BONUS: Here is a link to Charles Ludlam’s lost 16mm films. Part 1 or 9 parts on YouTube. Click HERE.


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James A Farley Post Office Performing Arts Photography

Peculiar Works Project – ‘MANNA-HATA’ – Performed in spaces throughout THE JAMES A. FARLEY POST OFFICE

The James A Farley Post Officein NYC“What is the city but the people?” – William Shakespeare, Coriolanus

Walk into this massive structure to mail a letter, buy stamps or send a package. Pick up from your PO Box or get a passport application.

I walked in and went to the 3rd floor. Obviously I had never set  eyes on this space upper level floor.

It was a performance ready to begin titled MANNA-HATA, produced by The Peculiar Works Project.

The playwright Barry Rowell states his case like this!

“I wanted MANNA-HATA to offer a little taste of some of the more interesting stories I have found and to celebrate some of the less well-known (or in some cases unknown) people that have made contributions large and small to creating our home. Our goal was to make the production an experience rather than a story because I think that New York is an experience. You walk on the street and there is an amazing amount of sensory data coming at you from every direction, touching on all five of your senses simultaneously: first-time visitors often exclaim how overwhelming the City is. And yet most of us take it all for granted: it’s just home—and for those of us who grew up somewhere else, it’s the home we chose for ourselves.”

It was indeed ‘an experience’ like the one you encounter on the streets of NYC. But here you got a bit of New York’s history in the making during your walk.

A tour group assembles during the performance of MANNA-HATAOscar Castillo greeting his tour group as Easanques.

Everett Quinton running down the hall during the performance of MANNA-HATA (l-r in center) Everett Quinton and Kelly Salvadore as W. Parker Chase III and W. Parker Chase II

Cherrye J Davis and Eric C Bailey in Manna-HataCherrye J. Davis as Shirley Chisholm and Eric C. Bailey as W. Parker Chase I.

The Ensemble performs in MANNA-HATAThe Ensemble perform a pedestrian ballet: (left wall) Jimmy Brooks, Lorna Hampson, Cristi Castro, Kevin Drouillard, Jennae Alexa Ruiz Santos; (center) Precious Sipin, Ashleigh Awusie, Grace Phelan, Katey Parker; (right wall) Hank Lin, Dionisio Flores García

Catherine Porter as Jane Jacobs in Manna-HataCatherine Porter as Jane Jacobs (seated on Dionisio Flores García).

2013.06.23_MataHatta.041(l-r) Precious Sipin and Cristi Castro; Cherrye J. Davis as Shirley Chisholm; Katey Parker and Grace Phelan

2013.06.23_MataHatta.044 (l-r) Katey Parker; Cherrye J. Davis as Shirley Chisholm and Everett Quinton as W. Parker Chase III; Grace Phelan and Precious Sipin

 Oscar Castillo as Easanques with video projection by Myrel ChernickOscar Castillo as Easanques with video projection by Myrel Chernick

49: Audience entering the Big Room—Manna-Hata before the EuropeansAudience entering the Big Room—Manna-Hata before the Europeans

Jenna Alexa Ruiz Santos; Kevin Drouillard (background)Jenna Alexa Ruiz Santos; Kevin Drouillard (background)

The Big Room playing area (formerly a mail sorting room in the post office); lighting by David CastanedaThe Big Room playing area (formerly a mail sorting room in the post office); lighting by David Castaneda

2013.06.23_MataHatta.122The audience takes the first walk across the newly completed Brooklyn Bridge

2013.06.23_MataHatta.139Bradley Wells (center) as Robert Moses flanked by Kelly Salvadore, Everett Quinton and Eric C. Bailey as the W. Parker Chases

 Grace Phelan as Edna St. Vincent Millay at Chumley's Grace Phelan as Edna St. Vincent Millay at Chumley’s

2013.06.23_MataHatta.161 The Algonquins: (l-r) Katey Parker as Dorothy Parker, Precious Sipin as Edna Ferber, Hank Lin as Alexander Woollcott and Oscar Castillo as New Yorker editor Harold Ross

 Jimmy Brooks and Jennae Alexa Ruiz Santos at a Rent Party in Harlem Jimmy Brooks and Jennae Alexa Ruiz Santos at a Rent Party in Harlem

2013.06.23_MataHatta.166Cherrye J. Davis as Shirley Chisholm announcing her candidacy for the Democratic Presidential Nomination in 1972

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was an amazing ‘experience’ walking through the James A Farley Post Office and finding myself at so many different times in NY’s history.

I especially liked revisiting Chumleys when it was a speakeasy and being part of the crowd that got ‘raided’ during the  poetry reading by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Great fun! I hope Peculiar Works is developing another such delightful theatrical experience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This project was performed from June 8th thru 23rd, 2013.

For information on this or other Peculiar Works Projects go here!