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Vaudevisuals interview with Nigel Dunkley.

Today at 4 pm the second edition of Virtual Vaudeville we be broadcast on Instagram. This is LIVE entertainment folks! At least for now! Today I interviewed the very charming ventriloquist Nigel Dunkley who is performing in the upcoming ‘Virtual Vaudeville’ show. You can see his performance at the following times: 4:35  6:35 and 8:35. The show starts at 4 pm on Instagram – @phonograhdjmac (due to a technical glitch I didn’t get to record the questions so I posted them in text for viewers!)

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Cardone’s ‘Spook Show’ Comes to Dixon Place

~  The House Of Ghostly Haunts ~

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Just in time for Halloween, Dixon Place and Vaudevisuals present legendary punk rock magician Cardone in his vintage spookshow The House of Ghostly Haunts. The show will be performed for one night only on October 30, 2018.

A master magician with remarkable sideshow flair, Cardone moves seamlessly from magic to mentalism to ventriloquism, offering an unforgettable evening of astonishing illusions and a few spine-tingling scares. The show revives the spookshows of yesteryear for a 21st century audience, with Cardone swallowing razor blades, escaping from a strait jacket, and performing dangerous feats and astounding acts of prestidigitation before unleashing a parade of poltergeists in a spooktacular blackout finale.

Begun in the 1930s by the magician Elwin-Charles Peck, early spookshows turned spiritualism into and evening of entertainment. Instead of a serious attempt to communicate with dead loved ones, the illusions associated with spiritualism were presented as eerie tricks and harmless scares. Later, spookshows moved to movie theatres and started riffing off of B horror films and monster movies. Spiritualist hosts were replaced by mad scientists and spookshows became more gruesome with decapitations, limb severing, and impalement. By the 1960s the gimmicky tricks of the spookshow started to seem quaint, and after The Exorcist, the nature of horror movies changed dramatically. Audiences disappeared and spookshows vanished from popular entertainment.

Bringing back the spookshow tradition with The House of Ghostly Haunts, Cardone serves up a madcap night of macabre illusions. A hybrid of magic, horror, and sideshow banter, The House of Ghostly Haunts is a family-friendly interactive show full of chuckles and chills.


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Cardone is an award winning magician, escape artist, and ventriloquist. The first person to perform the deadly Milk Can Escape at Coney Island USA, he was inducted in the prestigious “Order of Merlin” from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

An artistic incubator since 1986, Dixon Place is a Bessie and Obie Award-winning non-profit institution committed to supporting the creative process by presenting original works of theater, dance, music, puppetry, circus arts, literature & visual art at all stages of development. celebrates the eccentric performance arts and is led by Jim Moore an American photographer who has documented the variety arts since the 1970s. His photographs helped Philippe Petit plan his tightrope-walking stunt between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974 and were prominently featured in the Oscar-winning film Man on Wire. In November, “”, the chronicle of ‘eccentric’ performing arts will be 9 years old.

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Michael Moschen: Abstract Sound with Simple Instruments

Michael Moschen

I photographed this brilliant innovative juggler back in the 1980’s when he was exploring the 3 balls juggling routines and what he could do to make it ‘his’. Many years later I saw his one-man show at BAM and was so delighted to see that he had moved forward in his ‘physics’ and juggling understanding that he was accomplishing feats that I considered impossible to do on this physical plane. Here is a lovely video where Michael explains his work and reasons for working the way he does.

MacArthur laureate Michael Moschen is considered to be the supreme juggling virtuoso of our time, and likely of all time. His creations have been seen on stage, screen and television as well as in leading theatre and dance festivals all over the world. For the past five years Michael has researched the historic commonalities of mathematics, physics and music. He is readying his first physical skill-based activity/game to be distributed worldwide.

“The concept of perfection…I wonder if we will see anything more beautiful than what Michael Moschen achieves with a ball of glass.”
London Times

“In Mr. Moschen’s hands juggling becomes a balletic art. The extraordinary beauty of Mr. Moschen’s performance: he animates crystal balls, rolling them over his palms, around his fingers, and then across his body until they seem to have a life of their own, draws a sign of admiration from the audience.”
Mel Gussow – The New York Times

“Michael Moschen’s performance is exhilarating, virtuoso entertainment…he gamely makes you privy to the secrets of the universe… the special relationship he attains with the inanimate fills objects with radiance. He honors them, gives them spiritual value, reveals their manna.”
The Village Voice

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“Words” by Chuck Workman – A 1987 Compilation of Hollywood Films

This short film, released by the Writers Guild Foundation in 1987, honors the craft of screenwriting and the writers behind our favorite lines and cinematic moments. Written and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Chuck Workman, it was screened at film festivals and college campuses around the country to inspire writers and celebrate the importance of the written word in entertainment.