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Attack of The Slipper Room Movie Mondays!

Mon, March 5, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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Clown Comedy Dance Film Magic NY Clown Theater Festival 2014 Performing Arts Photography Physical Theater Pranks tinydangerousfun Variety Arts Video

2014 New York Clown Theatre Festival – ‘tinydangerous-popcorn’

Andy Sapora and John Leo hosted an evening of ‘clown short’ films. However they didn’t waste any time getting into their ‘tiny dangerous‘ fun!

2014.09.21_NYCTF_019John Leo and Andy Sapora start the show off with some eccentric dancing and stuff.


2014.09.21_NYCTF_045Andy Sapora juggles some razor pen knives for some ‘ooohs and aaahs’.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_058John Leo pierces this arm with a long needle and bleeds a little. (the ‘dangerous’ part of tiny dangerous’.)

2014.09.21_NYCTF_069Just before intermission Andy and John make an ‘offering’ to the audience of some really delicious cookies.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_071Three audience members accept the offering and are ‘drafted’ to make a short film during intermission.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_078After intermission and before screening the films Andy sets his arm on fire for a more ‘ooohs and aaahs’.

2014.09.21_NYCTF_079More ‘insane’ antics followed this but due to ‘R’ rated website I am not able to post the photos.

Here are links to the films that were screened.

Hilary Chaplain – “Happy Hour

Noah Diamond – A Vaudephone Presentation – “United Nations Song”

Trav S.D. – “Too Much Nutcracker

The Maestrosities – ‘Topeka Tomorrow

Wayne Wilson/Franco Dragone – “Willie Jones: Trouble with Love

Yang Miller – “Humor Seminar with Phillip Dunman”

Jeff Seal – “Lazer Katzenberg

Emily James -“Flag Crew

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Burlesque Cabaret Clown Dance Magic Music Performing Arts Photography Story Teller tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ – March 2014 @ Branded Saloon – Brooklyn

John Le0 and Andy Sapora at tinydangerousfun

we’re back y’all!

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Adina Ballerina does the entire Nutcracker (much abridged).

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2014.03.04_tinydanfun_020John Leo stands alone on stage as his friend and co-MC Andy Sapora shoots him head on.

John Leo reveals his trick 'blood splurting' device.John Leo reveals his trick blood splurting device or ‘squib’

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Andy Sapora and John Leo perform the 8 Plate spin.Andy Sapora and John Leo perform the 8 Plate spin.

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tiny dangerous fun at Branded Saloon

Jill Stoddard with a HILARIOUS true story that she made up.

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tiny dangerous fun at Branded Saloon

Penelope Labradoodle Rockefeller  performs an Inner Beauty Makeover.

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Gio presents a slideshow lesson on how to talk like his mother.

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The 13th Act at tinydangerous fun

The 13th Act!

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tinydangerous fun variety at Branded Saloon

Amy Virginia and Eben Hoffer perform sweet, sweet songs.

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Torkova mesmerizes the audience with his mentalism.

Torkova blows our minds again!

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Andy Sapora and John Leo reading the cue cards.

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Wonderwoman (Emily James) shows off her superpowers.Wonderwoman (Emily James) shows off her superpowers.

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For more information about attending or performing go to this LINK!

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IRT Theater Music Performing Arts Photography Physical Theater

Vagabond Inventions premiers “For The Sins I Can Remember” – IRT Theater – Oct 3rd thru Oct 20th

 Vagabond Inventions returns with the New York premiere of FOR THE SINS I CAN REMEMBER, devised and co-written by Donna Costello, Cynthia Polutanovich, and Jennifer Sargent and directed by Jennifer Sargent.

From the Press Release

Inspired by Maimie Pinzer and her collection of letters, The Maimie Papers, mixed with stories from other prostitutes in the red light districts around the US, FOR THE SINS I CAN REMEMBER is an absurdist portrait of women from the late 19th and early 20th centuries who chose to work as “soiled doves.” This tragi-comic Brechtian farce explores questions of morality, love, and femininity inside a storm of clownish Death Angels, Victorian etiquette lessons, and a looming Judgment Day. From fragments of history’s underside to a deconstructed present, FOR THE SINS I CAN REMEMBER captures our anti-heroine’s obstinate effort to survive her life—and death—with her personhood intact.

The cast features Donna CostelloDenni Dennis, Emily Jamesand Elisa Matula. The music director and pianist is Tony Melone.

Here are photographs from the dress/tech.


Maimie Pinzer (Elisa Matula) wrapped in fabric with Donna Costello in the back.

2013.10.03.Sins.Jenny_531Elisa Matula(l) with Denni Dennis and Emily James(standing)


2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.102Donna Costello(l), Elisa Matula(center) with Denni Dennis and Emily James

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.204Elisa Matula with Donna Costello

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.219Denni Dennis with Elisa Matula.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.244Elisa Matula(l) with Emily James and Denni Dennis.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.266Donna Costello(l), Elisa Matula(c) with Emily James and Denni Dennis.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.282Elisa Matula reads and Donna Costello looks on!

2013.10.03.Sins.Jenny_557Elisa Matula dewigs Denni Dennis with Emily James looking on in shock.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.463(Left to Right)Cynthia Polutanovich, Denni Dennis,Emily James, Donna Costello, Elisa Matula, Jenny Sargent(Director),Tony Melone (Music Director)

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Denni Dennis will be conducting a 2 day ‘Clown Workshop” titled “Play the Game” on Oct 19-20th at IRT Theater. For information go here!

Clown Music Performing Arts Photography The Ridiculous Romantic Variety Arts Video

“The Ridiculous Romantic” A Silent Film Experiment WINS Coney Island Film Festival Award!

Directed by Jim R Moore

Thanks to all the made this film possible.

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It will be screened on Sept 28th at The New York Clown Theatre Festival 10pm Cabaret

Clown Mask NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012 Performing Arts Photography The Brick Variety Arts

2012 New York Clown Theatre Festival – Clown Cabaret – Sept 13th, 2012

Hosted by Fantasy Grandma

Fantasy Grandma hosts the NY Clown Theatre Festival CABARET

Summer Shapiro dances with audience volunteer in excerpt from IN THE BOUDOIR

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Billy Schultz performing as Gooper Junior in the “Re-enactments of Country Life”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Karim Muasher and Carrie Brown perform in the “Vindlevoss Family Circus”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Z Smith performs as Pepito in ‘Pepito’s Big Date’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fontaine and Bernie are Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith in “We’re Not Here”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mona Ray performing an excerpt from her one-woman show “Don’t Run, RUSH!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mister & Missus Clown perform in “Blind Love”.

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Check out the upccoming shows and Cabarets at The New York Clown Theatre Festival.


Clown Film Juggling Mask Mime NYDownTownClownRevue Performing Arts Variety Arts

March 2012 – New York Downtown Clown Revue at Dixon Place

The New York Downtown Clown Revue

Season 5, Show #58

Christopher Lueck hosting the Downtown Clown Revue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Will Shaw

Will Shaw performs a new piece of business which includes a dry wit and dazzling skills.

Will Shaw spins a top on top of his cigar box structure.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Ridiculous Romantic

Kevin C. Carr and Carol Sirugo in a still from the film “The Ridiculous Romantic”.

Directed by Jim Moore, edited by David Katz, with Kevin C. Carr, Peter Daniel Straus, Kenwyn Dapo, Carol Sirugo, Emily James, Ishah Janssen-Faith, Emily Season, Music Score by Polygraph Lounge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Matthew “Phineas” Lish

Matthew ‘Phineas’ Lish juggles 9 balls all at once!

Matthew ‘Phineas’ Lish juggles 3 machete knives.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christopher Lueck prepares the audience for the next act by reading the cue cards.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Everybody Nose It’s My Birthday

A series of short vignettes about dating and family life.

An offer from the audience to ‘marry’ the on stage actress.

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No Reservations

Billy Schultz takes Audrey Crabtree out on a date in ‘No Reservations’.

This piece gets wilder as it goes along but I will leave that to you when you see it!

This new piece is being directed by John Towsen.

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Clown Magic Music Performing Arts Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ – January 31st, 2012

The evening was wonderful! Brave performers taking big risks!

Andy Sapora and John Leo hosting the 'tinydangerousfun' show.Andy Sapora and John Leo start the show with a ‘new’ musical number.

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Emily James

Emily James performs a new piece at 'tinydangerousfun' Variety show.

Emily James performs a new piece at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Emily stroked something in her sleeping bag.

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Gustavo Pace

First show of the New Year at 'tinydangerousfun' at Sycamore Bar

Gustavo Pace performing at Sycamore Bar's 'tinydangerousfun'.

Gustavo was married without knowing he was married…

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T.J. performs at the Sycamore Bar's 'tinydangerousfun' Variety Show

T.J. performs his new piece 'Blink' at the Sycamore Bar

TJ with a meditation on love entitled Blink.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tanya Solomon

Tanya Solomon performs at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Tanya Solomon performs at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Tanya Solomon escapes in her Wonder Minute!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co-hosts Andy Sapora and John Leo fighting over who hosts the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miz Sharky

Miz Sharky entertains the audience at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Miz Sharky performs with a sword at 'tinydangerousfun'

Lust and Limerence, with Sword.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

13th Act

John Leo gets the cookies ready for the audience at 'tinydangerousfun'.Cookies are gotten for the upcoming contestants of the 13th Act.

Andy Sapora shows off the prop for the 13th Act at 'tinydangerousfun'

Reading the book was part of the 13th Act at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Cerveza Modelo Especiale perform their newly formed act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Co-hosts of 'tinydangerousfun' John Leo and Andy Sapora show off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eliza Ladd

Eliza Ladd at 'tinydangerousfun' performing her Needle Hang piece.

Eliza Ladd performing at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Needle Hang an absurd /physical / clown piece.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ukelele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn

Three Mothers of Ten perform a sweet rendition of Killing me Softly…Caitlin Davis, Elizabeth May and Emma Reaves.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bathtub Jen

Bathtub Jen performs at 'tinydangerousfun

Bathtub Jen shows off her stuff at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Jennifer Harder as Bathtub Jen, a Steampunk bootlegger.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Mollena tells great stories at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Mollena tells her stories to the audience at 'tinydangerousfun'.

Mollena confesses to a series of accidental pet murders.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

tinyDANGEROUSfun! is the last TUESDAY of every month at Sycamore Bar, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

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Clown Dance Music Performing Arts Photography Puppetry Triskelion Arts Variety Arts

The 5th Annual ‘Cirque Off’ – Triskelion Arts – Jan. 21st, 2012

The last night of the series!

Performers included:

Carol Lee Sirugo and Honey Goodenough

Audrey Crabtree and Billy Dee Bedlam

Hilary Chaplain

Cloris Flap (Tanya Solomon)

James and JF (Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith)

Groundgrippers Dance Company

The Maestrocities

Music by Cirque This: Jason Leinwand, Ethan Leinwand, Andy Dickerson, Lauri Berritta, Perry Gavin

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Carol Lee Sirugo and Honey Goodenough in “Gwendolyn Rosa Lee performs Little Lamb”

Cirque Off performance by Carol Lee SirugoCarol Lee Sirugo performing ‘Little Lamb’ with Honey Goodenough

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Audrey Crabtree and Billy Dee Bedlam in “No Reservations”.

Billy Dee Bedlam (Billy Schultz) and Audrey Crabtree in “No Reservations”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Triskelion Cleanup Squad in between Acts

Triskelion ‘Cirque Off’ stage hands prepare stage for next act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

James and JF

Emily James covers her partner Ishah Janssen-Faith (Channel One) in their new piece.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andy Sapora

The remote control cat has Andy Sapora in a frenzy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hilary Chaplain

Hilary Chaplain performs her new piece at Cirque Off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Groundgrippers Dance Company

The Groundgrippers Dance Company let loose at the Cirque Off show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Maestrosities

The Maestrosities performing their unique form of comedic music.

The Maestrosities: The Coolest Band Ever!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tanya Solomon

Tanya Solomon (Cloris Flap)  performing her pop-break dancing piece.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Curtain Call

Curtain Call for the Final Night of Cirque Off

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All Photographs © 2012 Jim Moore

2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

2011 – Channel One – Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith – Amuse Bouche

A warm and welcoming duo meet and greet the audience.

Ishah Janssen-Faith acting up in a character like fashion.

Emily James loves to blow bubbles at the audience in the “Bubble Buster’ piece.

Ishah Janssen-Faith as the sexy and delirious game show host ‘Monica’.

Emily James plays her ‘disconnected’ assistant.

When Monica gets going on her show you better watch out!

Emily James performs her wild and crazy accordion wielding Love Songstress.

Emily James performs her ‘mystic’ exorcist medium.

If you need a good laugh you should try and catch these two when they perform near you!


Written and performed by Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith

Creative Adviser: Richard Crawford

Writing Adviser: Elena Zucker

Lighting Designer: John Wilder

Seamstress: Elya Yerushalmy

Set Designers: Billy Schultz and Mike Campbell

Jingle Mix: Dewey Caddell

Title Card Artist: Marisa Manso

You can always find them here

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