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Revisiting Jeff Sheridan Conjurer/inventor/magician

A few years ago I went to Frankfurt to visit magician Jeff Sheridan. He was working on some art collages and new magic illusions which were very amazing. Recently I spoke to him on the phone and he mentioned the Youtube video that he made in 2005. I have attached it below. Also, I created this slide show from photographs I have taken of Jeff Sheridan performing in Central Park and images taken from book covers and magazines where he was featured.

It was projected during Jeff’s performance at Monday Night Magic in 2005 which was hosted by Todd Robbins.
During the past several decades, Jeff has made Frankfurt his home and during this time he has performed at the legendary variety club Tiger Palast as well as many private engagements (Mercedes, Deutsch bank, etc). He has created many pieces of art/collages during his time in Frankfurt as well as invent many new magic illusions for Milton Bradley Magic Works, Japanese company Tenyo, and Viking Magic.

He authored the 1977 book, Street Magic, An Illustrated History of Wandering Magicians and Their Conjuring Arts. The book was co-authored by Edward Claflin.

Jeff Sheridan also authored in 1982 ‘Nothings Impossible, Stunts to Entertain and Amaze’ published by Lothrop Lee and Shepard. The book was illustrated with photographs by me.

His film “Jeff Sheridan – Hand to Mind” has been seen by over 24 thousand viewers on You Tube.

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Jeff Sheridan – Magical Artist


Jeff Sheridan is currently in Frankfurt creating works of art and new magic!

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The Most Imitated Magician in New York:

Jeff Sheridan

In the 1970’s, Jeff Sheridan‘s ubiquitous, sui-generis, Public Space performances captured the praise and delight of New Yorkers and out of town visitors alike; also instantantiously inspiring legions of wanna-be Jeff Sheridans who soon came to (over) populate the Manhattan Streetscape during the ‘fun city’ era of Mayor John Lindsay.

Sheridan’s incomparable fusion of mime skill and magicianship won him his especial popularity and, among other honors, an award from the august Municipal Arts Society recognizing his direct contribution toward the enhancement of urban life for the city’s people. [ of this same period, Sheridan with two other conjuring colleagues, ‘went indoors’, on record for having presented the First-ever Magic Show at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.]

Montague Chadbourne

Jeff Sheridan performing for the crowd at Federal Hall on Wall Street.   Circa 1977

Jeff Sheridan performing for the Sunday crowd on Literary Walk in Central Park. Circa 1986

This spot was where anyone and everyone could find Sheridan on a Sunday afternoon.

He stood on the Walter Scott Statue for many years entertaining many who passed by his stage.

His book STREET MAGIC written with Edward Claflin is still available online here.

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