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2016 NY Clown Theater Festival – “Clown Cabaret” – Sept 8, 2016


September 2 through 18th, 2016 at The Brick Theater


Hosted by ‘Fantasy Grandma‘.

Fantasy Grandma at the NY Clown Theater FestivalFantasy Grandma did a terrific job of hosting the evening’s performances. Rap song and psychedelic jello!

2016-09-08-clwnfest_312Mission: Implausible (Logic Limited Ltd) was one of the most technological pieces of the evening. 

Next up was a lovely film by Corinne Robkin titled “Twisted Business“.

Ambrose Martos at NY Clown Theater FestivalAmbrose Martos solicited audience members to be part of his ‘romantic interest’ for this piece.

Denis Camargo performs in the NY Clown Theater FestivalDirect from Brazil, BR S.A. Collective of Artists’ Denis Camargo performs.

2016-09-08-clwnfest_476Harold Todd Moeller and Rob Lok perform ‘Harry The Magnificent’.

2016-09-08-clwnfest_514Tut’Zanni Theatre presented ‘Beep & Bop’. A funny Commedia-del-Arte based piece.

2016-09-08-clwnfest_288Fantasy Grandma offers the audience some ‘home made’ jello. Later she mentioned it was ‘spiked’.

2016-09-08-clwnfest_539Playpen Theater presented ‘Chalk’, a delightful clown play based on a devasting breakup.

Amo Gulinello performs his a segment from 'Fastcar'.Amo Gulinello performs a segment from his one-man show ‘Fastcar’.

2016-09-08-clwnfest_331Ekaterina Pirogovskaya does striptease done ‘Mime Style’.

Marisol Soledad performs Princess MildredMarisol Soledad performs Princess Mildred from her show ‘Here At Home’.

Tabula Rasa perform with audience member John LeoTabula Rasa (Michael Bauer & Autumn Kioti) perform with recruited audience member John Leo.

Drew Richardson performs his funny "Drew the Dramatic Fool".Drew Richardson performs his funny “Drew the Dramatic Fool”.

Rob and Miss Jane perform at NY Clown Theater FestivalRob and Miss Jane knows that “It Takes Two” to make a thing go right!

The 2016 NY Clown Theater Festival continues all this week. Check out the shows!

At The Brick Theatre

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The Clown Un_Mask – Drew Richardson

Drew Richardson leans back for a moment during the portrait taking session.

Drew The Dramatic Fool in one of the scenes from his one man show “Help Help” at The Canal Park Playhouse.

His show has magic, juggling, puppetry, and all around hilarious clowning.

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Circus Clown Juggling Magic Music Performing Arts Photography Puppetry Variety Arts

Drew The Dramatic Fool – Help! Help! I Know This Title is Long But Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me

At The Canal Park Playhouse

Drew The Dramatic Fool is ever the Optimist in this delightful, funny and charming show.

Juggling 3 balls and Drew The Dramatic Fool still has that innocent look of amazement.

Drew is confused when he finds two helping hands in his mail box while trying to find the murderer.

What is going on behind this wall? Drew the Dramatic Fool looks on.

Drew is always a little scared because all night long he gets messages that he is ‘next’ to die!

Drew the Dramatic Fool strikes his ‘trademark’ pose for the audience even with a bucket foot.

Drew the Dramatic Fool conjures up a ‘lookalike’ puppet.

I have many more amazing shots of this great fun show but I suggest you just go see it!

TICKETS and more info HERE!

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