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Vagabond Inventions premiers “For The Sins I Can Remember” – IRT Theater – Oct 3rd thru Oct 20th

 Vagabond Inventions returns with the New York premiere of FOR THE SINS I CAN REMEMBER, devised and co-written by Donna Costello, Cynthia Polutanovich, and Jennifer Sargent and directed by Jennifer Sargent.

From the Press Release

Inspired by Maimie Pinzer and her collection of letters, The Maimie Papers, mixed with stories from other prostitutes in the red light districts around the US, FOR THE SINS I CAN REMEMBER is an absurdist portrait of women from the late 19th and early 20th centuries who chose to work as “soiled doves.” This tragi-comic Brechtian farce explores questions of morality, love, and femininity inside a storm of clownish Death Angels, Victorian etiquette lessons, and a looming Judgment Day. From fragments of history’s underside to a deconstructed present, FOR THE SINS I CAN REMEMBER captures our anti-heroine’s obstinate effort to survive her life—and death—with her personhood intact.

The cast features Donna CostelloDenni Dennis, Emily Jamesand Elisa Matula. The music director and pianist is Tony Melone.

Here are photographs from the dress/tech.


Maimie Pinzer (Elisa Matula) wrapped in fabric with Donna Costello in the back.

2013.10.03.Sins.Jenny_531Elisa Matula(l) with Denni Dennis and Emily James(standing)


2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.102Donna Costello(l), Elisa Matula(center) with Denni Dennis and Emily James

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.204Elisa Matula with Donna Costello

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.219Denni Dennis with Elisa Matula.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.244Elisa Matula(l) with Emily James and Denni Dennis.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.266Donna Costello(l), Elisa Matula(c) with Emily James and Denni Dennis.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.282Elisa Matula reads and Donna Costello looks on!

2013.10.03.Sins.Jenny_557Elisa Matula dewigs Denni Dennis with Emily James looking on in shock.

2013.10.03._Sins.Jenny.463(Left to Right)Cynthia Polutanovich, Denni Dennis,Emily James, Donna Costello, Elisa Matula, Jenny Sargent(Director),Tony Melone (Music Director)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Denni Dennis will be conducting a 2 day ‘Clown Workshop” titled “Play the Game” on Oct 19-20th at IRT Theater. For information go here!

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2012 New York Clown Theatre Festival – “Unbearable Lightness” – Denni Dennis & Kate Taylor

Created and performed by Denni Dennis and Kate Taylor.

On assignment in New York, Screwtape and Wormwood have souls to corrupt. The Boss has given these poor devils the seemingly simple task of inflicting each of the seven deadly sins upon the unsuspecting folk of the City. With their wiles, suave tango moves, and even their pointe shoes, these fiends seduce the good people of NYC.

Will they succeed? Will you die laughing while they try? Nobody knows, but as unionized employees of Satan the devils get mandatory cigarette breaks. One day they listen to a local radio station and everything changes. Now these spawn of Satan meet their greatest challenge yet.

Denni Dennis  dressed in makeup and red clothes as ‘Wormwood”.
Dancing together seems to agree with both of them.
Denni Dennis (Wormwood) dances with an audience member.
Wormwood tries to entice the audience members with beer and chips.
Narrowing the candidates down to two Screwtape dances up a ‘disco’ storm.
In the final scene Kate (Screwtape) and Denni (Wormwood) are left alone in the quietness of solitude.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012 Photography Variety Arts

NY Clown Theatre OPENING NIGHT Preview Cabaret – Sept 7th, 2012

At the end of the day (after the Clown Parade and Pie Fight) The New York Clown Theatre Festival hosted a PREVIEW CABARET with a sample selection of some of the upcoming shows scheduled for the Festival. Here is a few photographs taken at the PREVIEW CABARET!.

Audrey Crabtree and Robert Honeywell host the Opening Night Cabaret

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cirque This presented an excerpt from their MACHINATIONS show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Poe and Mathews perform a misadventure in the middle of nowhere.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nina Levine performs an excerpt from her show THE QUITTER.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emmet and Merril Garrick perform an excerpt from their show TO OPERA WITH LOVE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Denni Dennis and Kate Taylor perform an excerpt from UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff Seal and Chris Manley perform  an excerpt from their show NEON LIGHTS.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alan Fessenden performs an excerpt from WHAT IF I’M DEAD.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Company “LA PIARA” from Mexico City perform an excerpt from GUERRA.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summer Shapiro performs an excerpt from IN THE BOUDOIR.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Will Shaw performs and excerpt from his show DEADPAN ALLEY

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Small Matters Company from Edmonton, Canada performs FOOLS FOR LOVE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on these and other NY Clown Theatre Shows go here!

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The LeRoy Sisters host Clown Theatre Festival Cabaret – Sept.16th!

The LeRoy Sisters

(Aimee German and Jennifer Sargent)


This rollicking variety cabaret had something for everyone. Let’s get goin to introduce you to the cast!


CHANNEL ONE (Ishah Janssen-Faith and Emily James)

Ishah Janssen-Faith and Emily James crack up with the audience.



Intelligence, satire, music and wit made up this delightful show.


HARLAN the MAGNIFICENT (Quince Marcum and Tanya Solomon.)

The chemistry between these two could  light a molotov cocktail.

Cloris Flap (Tanya Solomon) is beginning to learn the ropes of magic.



“Look at me…yea look…where is the love coming from? Huh?”

A challenge for anyone! Including her creator Nettie.



A little uke and lots of great words make up this show!

What can I see over there? Is it something new and exciting? Probably not!


MISERY IN B FLAT – Dreagn Foltz and Carol Lee Sirugo

Love prevails after many wild bouts of anger and physical acrobatics.


SEND IN THE ANGELS – Denni Dennis and Clare Parry-Jones

Actions speak louder than words especially in a pillow fight.


The wonderful hostesses The LeRoy Sisters

A message for the Audience to decide what change of clothes they should make.

Curtain call for a great line up of talent.


Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Send in the Angels – NY Clown Theatre Festival

SEND IN THE ANGELS is a show from the CddC Productions.

Denni Dennis and Clare Parry-Jones are two angels who have come to give comfort and relaxation to the audience.

About to come down to earth from the clouds.

Looking at all the new sites and people.

Comforting an audience member. (Zea Barker)

The two angels get an audience member to push the button.

Picking out who is next.

A phone call? What went wrong?

All packed up and ready to go back home!

(Denni and Clare are from Wales, UK)