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Vaudevisuals interview with Kate Owens and Lucy Shelby

“Kate and Ilyssa present The Best Ritual”

Vaudevisuals interview with Kate Owens and her director Lucy Shelby. Talking about the new show “Kate and Ilyssa Present: The Best Ritual”.

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Magic Performing Arts The Slipper Room Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals interview with Greg Dubin – “The Dubini Magic Hour” May 28, 29.

Wonderful interview with magic man Greg Dubin talking about his upcoming show.


May 28th & 29th 2019

The Slipper Room

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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue – Feb. 6th, 2017 @ Dixon Place


Hosting the evening’s entertainment was ‘Magic Brian‘.

First up was the ‘Amazing HouDino’ performing a wonderful card trick with his father Magic Brian.

HouDino carefully selected a card as audience volunteer looks on.

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Penelope the Clown carried a cinder block on stage. WOW..must have been heavy.

Albert Kirchner does some funny standup material.

Ellia Bisker and Adam Kuchler  perform a lovely duet with uke and bells.

The Flying Luango Brothers performed a musically accompanied escape/magic act.

Christie Cahill and Amy Schulster perform a wonderful aerial act.

Magic Brian places HouDino on the stage with his ‘straight jacket’ sweater ready to escape.

HouDino escapes the ‘straight jacket’ sweater with time to spare and a nice smile.

Magic Brian moves the show along with the classic ‘linking rings’ routine. 

Ambrose gets an audience member to ‘nose up’ and hands him a whip cream pie.

Ambrose gets the pie in the face as both he and the audience member laugh.

Carol Sirugo performs a solo piece about mountain ranger guide.

Greg Dubin performs the lovely classic magic routine ‘cups and balls‘.

Jerline Custa performs 3 ball juggling on the unicycle.

Lucy Shelby performs a ‘political’ piece with an audience member.

Maks and Skyttles perform an enchanting aerial drama.

Curtain call for the cast and MC of the Feb 2017 Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue.

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