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Vaudevisuals Interview with author/actor/playwright Mike Albo – “The Junket”

Currently being performed at The Culture Project in New York City, "The Junket" is a work of non-fiction that was adapted to the stage. Written and performed my Mike Albo. Caught between the old and new media of conglomerates Mike Albo finds his life being compromised by gossip.
The play deals with many of life's current issues and how they relate to his journey as an artist/writer/performer.
"The Junket" is Directed by David Schweizer.
@The Culture Project -Lynn Redgrave Theater – 45 Bleecker St. – March 14th thru April 20th.

Clown Dixon Place Performing Arts Photography The Clown Un_Mask

The Clown Un_Mask – Gustavo Pace – Brazil/New York

Ever since early 2011 I have been photographing Gustavo in different venues all over New York, Brooklyn. He has been working hard at his career and now it is paying off.

Gustavo Pace posing for Clown Un_Mask series.

Gustavo Pace in "The Naked Brazlian".

Gustavo Pace in "The Naked Brazlian".

Gustavo Pace performing in his one-man show “The Naked Brazlian”. His one-night only performance of this show will be April 29th at 7:30pm.

For more information go here.

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“Naked Brazilian” A One-Man Show Written & Performed by Gustavo Pace

Naked Brazilian – Gustavo Pace

Gustavo Pace performing in his one-man show at the Culture Project.

Gustavo strips down for the beach in Rio. He takes the audience to many locations in his show.

Gustavo Pace finds ‘crisis’ in his life as presented in his one man show NAKED BRAZILIAN.

The show is written and performed by Gustavo Pace.

Directed by Lou Liberatore.

Presented at the Culture Project as part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festival

May 30th through June 24th.