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Tom Murrin’s play “Son of Cock-Strong” – A Reading by Peculiar Works Project


Tom Murrin‘s play “Son of Cock-Strong” (1970) was performed as a work-in-progress at The Club @ La Mama on April 26th, 2014.

Here are a few photographs from the evening’s reading with captions by Peculiar Works Project.

Ralph Lewis led Peculiar Works troupers on a wild ride to the top in Son of Cock-Strong. This non-sequel sequel (originally directed in 1970 by La MaMa bad boy John Vaccaro) follows Arthur Cock-Strong Jr.’s rise to power in a ridiculous musical with new compositions by Spencer Katzman.

Son of Cock-Strong at LaMama etc.The Son of Cock-Strong, Kevin Percival wins a musical motorcycle race as Mick Hilgers’ villain peddles on.

Son of Cock-Strong at laMama etc.Mick Hilgers lost the race but is good sport enough to join Kevin’s Cock-Strong, Jr. in a soulful duet, played by Spencer Katzman, Rob Gaines and Rob Mitzner.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_099Sylvia Milo’s flight attendant gives the boarding announcements—yes, Tom’s play takes a wild turn the airport.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_109A little girl (Caiti Lattimer) is stalked by a nefarious walkie-talkie puppet.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_118Arthur Cock-Strong, Jr. (Kevin Percival) pleads his case to Tim Cusack’s evil doctor.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_134Catherine Porter’s televangelist, St. Love, clowns for the congregation.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_159The congregation gets whipped into a joyful frenzy by Spencer Katzman’s original music with (l-to-r) Megan Cooper, Rachel Naar, Denis Gawley, Gabriele Schafer and Caiti Lattimer.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_177Kevin’s Arthur Jr. thinks we hit it on the nose, but St. Love’s hand-me-down protuberance is not long for this world.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_191Arthur Sr. and Mom died in their sleep, but Stan Baker and Megan Cooper brought them back to life.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_208In this peculiar play, one character starts as a make-up artist and ends as the President’s exercise instructor – and Joyce Miller made it work.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_213Cristi Castro as Aphasia struggles to recall the lyrics to a song she can’t sing.

2014.04.26_SonOfCkStrg_220Uncle Charlie sends everyone home happy (Gabriele Schafer, under all the hair, make-up, and Angela Harner’s costume)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Director: Ralph Lewis

Producer: Barry Rowell

Composer: Spencer Katzman

Musical Director: Megan Cooper

Projection Designer: King Man Ho

Magic Consultant: Tom Klem

Interactivity Consultant: Jeff Wirth

Performers: Stan Baker, Cristi Castro, Megan Cooper, Tim Cusack, Rob Gaines, Denis Gawley, Mick Hilgers, King Man Ho, Spencer Katzman, Caiti Lattimer,Joyce Miller, Sylvia Milo, Rachel Naar, Kevin Percival, Catherine Porter, Gabriele Schafer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom Murrin (1939–2012) was best known as a pioneering performance artist of the East Village scene, turning trash into treasure in his uniquely entertaining shows. But he began as one of the first generation of La MaMa playwrights and continued to write and present plays throughout his life. His influence on generations of artists spanning theater, performance art, and dance was profound and continues today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  The OBIE award-winning Peculiar Works Project creates, develops and presents original multi-disciplinary performances that are accessible and fun for diverse audiences. Since 1993, we’ve performed in unconventional spaces because we believe unique sites impact our work, the work in turn impacts the site, and audiences then experience both in surprising new ways. We encourage collaboration, experimentation and a rebel spirit in artists by providing them with the tools and opportunities necessary to develop new alternative performances. We have presented site-specific productions in landmark buildings, gutted storefronts and other peculiar sites throughout NYC.

James A Farley Post Office Performing Arts Photography

Peculiar Works Project – ‘MANNA-HATA’ – Performed in spaces throughout THE JAMES A. FARLEY POST OFFICE

The James A Farley Post Officein NYC“What is the city but the people?” – William Shakespeare, Coriolanus

Walk into this massive structure to mail a letter, buy stamps or send a package. Pick up from your PO Box or get a passport application.

I walked in and went to the 3rd floor. Obviously I had never set  eyes on this space upper level floor.

It was a performance ready to begin titled MANNA-HATA, produced by The Peculiar Works Project.

The playwright Barry Rowell states his case like this!

“I wanted MANNA-HATA to offer a little taste of some of the more interesting stories I have found and to celebrate some of the less well-known (or in some cases unknown) people that have made contributions large and small to creating our home. Our goal was to make the production an experience rather than a story because I think that New York is an experience. You walk on the street and there is an amazing amount of sensory data coming at you from every direction, touching on all five of your senses simultaneously: first-time visitors often exclaim how overwhelming the City is. And yet most of us take it all for granted: it’s just home—and for those of us who grew up somewhere else, it’s the home we chose for ourselves.”

It was indeed ‘an experience’ like the one you encounter on the streets of NYC. But here you got a bit of New York’s history in the making during your walk.

A tour group assembles during the performance of MANNA-HATAOscar Castillo greeting his tour group as Easanques.

Everett Quinton running down the hall during the performance of MANNA-HATA (l-r in center) Everett Quinton and Kelly Salvadore as W. Parker Chase III and W. Parker Chase II

Cherrye J Davis and Eric C Bailey in Manna-HataCherrye J. Davis as Shirley Chisholm and Eric C. Bailey as W. Parker Chase I.

The Ensemble performs in MANNA-HATAThe Ensemble perform a pedestrian ballet: (left wall) Jimmy Brooks, Lorna Hampson, Cristi Castro, Kevin Drouillard, Jennae Alexa Ruiz Santos; (center) Precious Sipin, Ashleigh Awusie, Grace Phelan, Katey Parker; (right wall) Hank Lin, Dionisio Flores García

Catherine Porter as Jane Jacobs in Manna-HataCatherine Porter as Jane Jacobs (seated on Dionisio Flores García).

2013.06.23_MataHatta.041(l-r) Precious Sipin and Cristi Castro; Cherrye J. Davis as Shirley Chisholm; Katey Parker and Grace Phelan

2013.06.23_MataHatta.044 (l-r) Katey Parker; Cherrye J. Davis as Shirley Chisholm and Everett Quinton as W. Parker Chase III; Grace Phelan and Precious Sipin

 Oscar Castillo as Easanques with video projection by Myrel ChernickOscar Castillo as Easanques with video projection by Myrel Chernick

49: Audience entering the Big Room—Manna-Hata before the EuropeansAudience entering the Big Room—Manna-Hata before the Europeans

Jenna Alexa Ruiz Santos; Kevin Drouillard (background)Jenna Alexa Ruiz Santos; Kevin Drouillard (background)

The Big Room playing area (formerly a mail sorting room in the post office); lighting by David CastanedaThe Big Room playing area (formerly a mail sorting room in the post office); lighting by David Castaneda

2013.06.23_MataHatta.122The audience takes the first walk across the newly completed Brooklyn Bridge

2013.06.23_MataHatta.139Bradley Wells (center) as Robert Moses flanked by Kelly Salvadore, Everett Quinton and Eric C. Bailey as the W. Parker Chases

 Grace Phelan as Edna St. Vincent Millay at Chumley's Grace Phelan as Edna St. Vincent Millay at Chumley’s

2013.06.23_MataHatta.161 The Algonquins: (l-r) Katey Parker as Dorothy Parker, Precious Sipin as Edna Ferber, Hank Lin as Alexander Woollcott and Oscar Castillo as New Yorker editor Harold Ross

 Jimmy Brooks and Jennae Alexa Ruiz Santos at a Rent Party in Harlem Jimmy Brooks and Jennae Alexa Ruiz Santos at a Rent Party in Harlem

2013.06.23_MataHatta.166Cherrye J. Davis as Shirley Chisholm announcing her candidacy for the Democratic Presidential Nomination in 1972

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was an amazing ‘experience’ walking through the James A Farley Post Office and finding myself at so many different times in NY’s history.

I especially liked revisiting Chumleys when it was a speakeasy and being part of the crowd that got ‘raided’ during the  poetry reading by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Great fun! I hope Peculiar Works is developing another such delightful theatrical experience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This project was performed from June 8th thru 23rd, 2013.

For information on this or other Peculiar Works Projects go here!