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‘The Resistible Rise of JR Brinkley’ – United Theater Company No. 61

Written and directed by Edward Einhorn

The true story of a 1920’s con man (JR Brinkley) who made a fortune selling his impotence cure: surgically implanted goat testicles. He then became a radio star and a successful politician. A Brechtian parable about American Greatness, told with country music.John Blaylock was narrator, Blind Cowboy and Clyde Reed. Great performance!Minnie Brinkley (Jenny Lee Mitchell) and  JR Brinkley (Trav SD) broadcasting from his radio station

Julia Hoffman (Fishbein, Laura & others) back to back with Jenny Lee Mitchell.

 JR Brinkley (Trav SD) giving one of his heated political speeches.

Julia Hoffmann performing one of the other characters so played so well.

Jimmy (Craig Anderson) telling his story about the successful operation by JR.Brinkley.

JR Brinkley (Trav SD) and Fishbein (Julia Hoffman) go head to head about medical malpractice.

Jimmy (Craig Anderson) preaching on the radio show of Minnie(Jenny Lee Mitchell) and JR Brinkley.(Trav SD.)

Arrangements: Tom Berger
Music Direction: Richard Philbin
Costume Designer: Ramona Ponce
Lighting Designer : Jeff Nash
Scenic Artist: Eric Shanower
Stage Manager: Berit Johnson
Assistant Director: Becca Silbert
Graphic Design (image above): Clinton Corbett

“A fresh, energetic, biting satire that deconstructs the power of the con man and the charming story teller” Show Biz

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Chris McDaniel – “Ropes, Whips and Songs About Cows” at Canal Park Playhouse

This was originally posted in 2012 but Chris should be highlighted again since his act is so wonderful and unique. His show at the Canal Park Playhouse was terrific! (since then has closed its doors but remains a lovely Bed and Breakfast – The Canal Park Inn

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Chris McDaniel is one of the ‘rare’ Western Arts Showman that has charmed audiences worldwide with his trick roping, bull-whip and down-home classic singing.

Currently with a new show at the Canal Park Playhouse titled “Ropes, Whips, and Songs about Cows”.

I stopped by during this dress/tech rehearsal and got some photographs of this very original, delightful show.

“THIS is something!”
David Letterman,
The Late Show

Chris McDaniel talks about his favorite cowboy side kick Gabby Hays.

Chris McDaniel talks to the audience informally about the ‘whip’ and it’s safety precautions.

Chris cracks his whips in a demonstration for the audience.

Breaking a piece of hard pasta with his whip cracking.

Singing songs of the old wild west is something Chris McDaniel does really well.

A old fashion song deserves an old-fashioned look. Chris McDaniel sings the Coyote song.

“Mr. McDaniel is a man of immense charm…he’s a real artist”

NY Observer

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For more information on Chris McDaniel check out his website here!