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Performance Space New York – Grand Re-Opening Celebration


East Village Series!

Sunday Night – Feb. 18th from 6 pm till 9 pm

The OPENING of the PS122 building after years of renovation proved to be worth the wait!

The two new spaces – Derek Lloyd stage and Neilma Sidney Theatre – were utilized for the OPENING NIGHT ‘Avant-Garde-Arama.’

Here are my images and video from the AGA Extravaganza on this night!

Opening the show in the Derek Lloyd Stage was Pat Oleszko and her beautiful inflatables.

The theater was packed for the AGA show in the Derek Lloyd theater.

Salley May and the ensemble players bust open the place with a great song and dance exorcism.

Performer list:

Mediums: Jacqueline Zahora, Pedro J. Rosado Jr.
Pure Evil: Salley May and Tony Stinkmetal
Kid Evil-Slayers: Louise May, Annabel Sexton-Daldry, Graham Greene, Lois Houck, and Logan Martinez.
Ghosts:  Heidi Dorow, Laurie Berg, Agosto Machado, Nicky Paraiso, Annie Lanzillotto, Simba Yangala, Audrey Kindred, Jodi Bender, Sarah Trignano, Diana Y Greiner, Ed Boland, Jessie Weiner, Lizzie Donahue, Julian Fleisher, David Thorpe, and Sam Zalutsky
 invoking the ghosts of
Ethyl Eichelberger
Tom Murrin
Diane Torr
Fred Ho
Blondell Cummings
Frank Maya
Billy Swindler
John Bernd
Fred Holland
Derek Lloyd
Gerard Little / Mr. Fashion
Laurie Carlos
Huck Snyder
Jim Neu
Ruth Maleczech
Peter Rose
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Spiderwoman Theater (Muriel Miguel & Gloria Miguel) had some stories to tell.

In the other space – Neilma Sidner Theatre – I walked in on Cornelius Loy playing the theremin.

 Murray Hill was on hand hob-nobbing with the crowd in the hallway.

Lois Weaver and Holly Hughes having a drink together.

Hanging out near the bar before the performance was Patti Spliff.

James Godwin (performing in the Neilma Sidney Theater) and Gary Ray.

The sound and lighting crew did a great job running the shows in both theaters.

The upcoming shows already scheduled go here!

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3 Thereminist in Concert – At The Slipper Room – 4/9/2017

Just in Case you don’t know!

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The New York Theremin Society


3 Thereminist in Concert


The Slipper Room

Dorit Chrysler

Charles Hobbs

Cornelius Loy

& Surprise Guests!

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Invented 1919 by Russian electro-physicist Lev Sergejewitch Termen, the Theremin is the only instrument that generates sound without being touched. Notoriously hard to play, it is one of the first electronic instruments that inspired the creation of synthesizers in future generations. Historically, the theremin is one of the earliest electronic instruments, introduced to audiences at the beginning of the 20th century. Subsequently, it served as the basis from which electronic musical instruments of the 20th century were later developed. Although originally intended for classical music performance, the theremin instead found its success supplying ‘eerie’ background music for countless motion pictures. Whether that it is due to its unusual frequency and vibrato effects, or the challenge posed upon the player to master its technique, the theremin has never been a widely played instrument.

Today, among fields of electronic musicians, much more are rediscovering the potential of the theremin and exploring its complex and expressive sounds, pitches, movements, and gestures through various styles and media. In 1966 the Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson put the Theremin to work in “Good Vibrations.” In 1967 Theremins showed up on Captain Beefheart‘s landmark “Safe as Milk” and in 1969, Led Zeppelin anthem “Whole Lotta Love” featured a Theremin. Today artists such as Jon Spencer, Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, Elvis Costello, Trey Anastasio, and Simon & Garfunkel have put the instrument to use.

Leon Theremin emigrated to New York City in late 1927, quickly establishing a laboratory dedicated to the scientific study of electronic sound; in April of 1930, a Ten Piece Theremin Orchestra premiered on the stage of Carnegie Hall to enthusiastic response. A decade later, Theremin was whisked back to the Soviet Union (involuntarily, some have said) and placed in Butyrka prison, eventually working in a Soviet think-tank to develop a covert listening device for the Soviet government. Following Theremin’s abrupt departure and reassignment, his instrument inspired a handful of virtuosos, most notably Clara Rockmore and Samuel J. Hoffman, but ultimately fell into obscurity until…


For more information/tickets click on this link!

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Avant_Garde_Arama Performing Arts Photography PS122 Puppetry

PS122 – “Avant-Garde-Arama” @ Abrons Arts Center – Day 1 – Friday, April 12, 2013

Last night was the first night of two ‘Avant-Garde-Arama‘ presented at the lovely Abrons Arts Center in the Lower East Side.

A Tribute to the late downtown luminary performance artist Tom Murrin, aka Alien Comic, in celebreation of his 28 years of performing in Avant-Garde-Arama.

Co-hosted by Dynasty Handbag and Jonathan Ames.

The lineup was amazing!

Elevator Repair Service

David Leslie

James Godwin

Alice Klugherz

Cornelius Loy

Brave Nude World Study #1: Etude en Nude -Directed by Lulie Atlas Muz

Dynasty Handbag

Here are some images from the evenings festivities.

Salley May witjh Louise May and Annabel Sexton Daldry

Salley May with Louise Belle Ethyl May and Annabel Clare Sexton Daldry.

Jonathan Ames

CoHost Jonathan Ames does one of his ‘hairy calls’.

Jibz Cameron cohost the show

Dynasty Handbag cohosted the show with Jonathan Ames.

Mat Fraser sings a beautiful song.

Starting off the “Brave Nude World Study” piece was Mat Fraser singing an amazingly beautiful song.

Julie Atlas Muiz on stage photograpjhing the Etude en Nude dancers.

Julie Atlas Muiz on stage photographing the ‘Etude en Nude’ dancers.

Alice lugherz performing on stage.

Alice Klugherz performing on stage in a monolog followed by dance.

Dynasty Handbag had the audience in laughter.

Dynasty Handbag had the audience in laughter with her wild dance improv.

Cornelius Loy mesmerized the audience with his therimin and hypnotic stare.

Cornelius Loy mesmerized the audience with his therimin music and hypnotic stare.

David Leslie dances in a space suit as Tom looks on from the moon.

David Leslie dances in a space suit as Tom looks on from the moon.

Salley May host the '40seondStreet' segment of the show.

Avant-Garde-Arama curator Salley May host the ’40seondStreet’ segment of the show.

Audience member dances for himself with audience watching but not hearing the music.

Audience member dances for himself with audience watching but not hearing the music.

James Godwin performs a 'bunraku' style puppet piece.

James Godwin performs a ‘bunraku’ style puppet piece.

Elevator Repair Service curtain call after their play

Elevator Repair Service curtain call after their play.

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Avant-Garde-Arama curator Salley May (with Louise Belle Ethyl May and Annabel Clare Sexton Daldry) and a host of other wonderful fans of Tom Murrin get together and dance to celebrate his legacy and performance work at "Avant-Garde-Arama'.
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