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Vaudevisuals Bookshelf – “Juggling – From Antiquity to the Middle Ages”

“Juggling – From Antiquity to the Middle Ages” – the forgotten history of throwing and catching

by Thom Wall

This is a very comprehensive book on juggling. Written with humor and great research. Here is a quote from the book!

The book sites a historical time line along with my illustrations and photographs. This is one/half of the chart published in the book. Don’t want to give away too much!

Great read for jugglers and fans of juggling alike!

Thom Wall sets the standard for future work by circademics… I predict that [this] book will become the textbook on juggling history. – Richard Kennison, CircusTalk

Juggling: From Antiquity to the Middle Ages is an incredible resource to anyone interested in the history of juggling. Thom Wall has filled in many gaps to the documented history of the art.This is the juggling history book that I’ve been waiting for. – David Cain, Curator, Museum of Juggling History

Here is an interview I did with Thom recently.

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You can find the book here!

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Jeff Seal and Chris Manley – Jeff and Buttons Show

Jeff Seal and Chris Manley (referred to as Buttons in this show) are performing a new show at the 2014 NY Clown Theatre Festival. Here they talk about the show and how they created it.

The dates for the show are Sept 12th and 24th at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.36.32 PM

Cabaret Comedy Photography

Juggler Archive – Fall 1990 – “Juggler’s World Magazine” featuring Mark Nizer

Mark Nizer on cover of Juggler's World



These photographs were taken at my studio in Manhattan for this article on Mark Nizer which appeared in Juggler’s World Fall 1990 issue.

Mark Nizer is an amazing performer and juggler. See him if he perfoms in your area.

Check out his NEW promo video for MARK NIZER 4D show.

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In the mean time make sure you attend the upcoming JUGGLE THIS festival.

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