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American Vaudeville Theatre – August 18th, 2011 Show

Who ever wants to see Vaudeville better take this opportunity to get over to 45 Bleecker St. Theatre soon!

Only 3 more shows to go!

SUNDAY August 21st, 2011

WEDNESDAY August 24th, 2011

FRIDAY August 26th, 2011

The Last American Vaudeville Show in NYC (for awhile)

For tix and info go to or call 866-468-7619

Here are some photographs from the August 18th show~ What a blast it was!

The host for the evening TRAV S.D.

The Gentlemen of the Company(?)

Becky Byers and her FIVE SIZZLING FAJITAS keeping the energy level really high!

The delightfully funny and seriously entertaining Juliet Jeske as ‘Princess Sunshine‘.

Interlude:  Don Travo, ‘One Ball Juggler’ (played by Trav S.D.)

Juggling skulls while reciting HAMLET is the juggling pro KEITH LEAF.

American Vaudeville Theatre 15th Anniversary ExTRAVaganza

Strega Nona is telling fortunes with spagetti and finding truth. (Sarah Engelke)

Trav S.D. tries to keep Juliet Jeske from Strega Nona as two female accordion players are too much for one stage!

The uke toting Scotsman claims to be the ‘producer’ of the AVT and also happens to be Josh Hartung.

Jenny Lee Mitchell sings up a storm as the ‘diva’ who ‘loses her cool’.

Assisted by the brilliant talent of Glen Heroy, Jenny Lee Mitchell has an emotional moment.

Emotional and seriously demented ‘diva’ (Jenny Lee Mitchell) goes for the gun and makes the audience shiver.

Dancing to the ‘NY is a Patriotic Town‘ song (penned by none other than Trav.S.D.), Colin Pritchard leads the cast in the curtain call.


Don’t forget!  Only 3 shows to go!

Tickets HERE!


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American Vaudeville Theatre at Fringe NYC – Opening Day

Trav S.D. does about the most a person can do to keep the vaudeville tradition alive in New York City.

Besides writing a blog about American Vaudeville (Travalanche) also presents some of NY’s finest variety performers in his AMERICAN VAUDEVILLE THEATRE.

This year he has outdone himself by hosting, writing and performing skits in all the 5 shows he is producing at 45 Bleecker St. as part of the FRINGE NY Festival.

I was there for the OPENING night show (which was actually afternoon on the 13th) and documented the evenings performers.

Opening the show with a nice dance number TRAV S.D. gets the ball rolling.

Becky Byers and her FIVE SIZZLING FAJITAS entertain the audience with delightful dancing.

The company of comedians assist Trav S.D. with his stilt walking.

Ching Chong Song perform with male dance accompanist.

Interlude – Don Travo – ‘One Ball Juggler’ (played by Trav S.D.)

The AMAZING AMY – Contortionist Act – Truly Amazing!

Interlude – ‘The Crime of the Rhyme’ – A Sketch by the Gentlemen of the Company

Nelson Lugo – Magician – A great ease with his hands and a deck of cards. Watch him closely!

Something Special by Mr.Patrick Thomas Cann

A scottish yuke player who claims to be the producer!

Killy (Mockster) Dwyer performing her ‘shock-mock-rock’ performance art.

Trav S.D. in the ‘spotlight’ thanking all the cast members of the show.

“New York’s a Patriotic Town” sung by Mr. Colin Pritchard with cast members joining in.

TRAV S.D. waving to the audience ‘until next time’.

The Company of Comedians are: Patrick Thomas Cann, Josh Hartung, Michael Lester, Colin Pritchard, C.L. Weatherstone.

Becky Byers and her  FIVE SIZZLING FAJITAS are: Tory Dube, Shiloh Kline, Stephanie Willing, Candice Aye Yoshioka.

There are still many shows for you to attend and get your share of the American Vaudeville Theatre.

Wed. Aug 17th 9pm

Sun. Aug 21st 5:30pm

Wed. Aug 24th 4:15pm

Fri. Aug 26th 7:30pm

For tix and info go to, or call 866-468-7619