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Vaudevisuals Interview with Kendall Cornell – “Oil of Ole! (Flamenco Girl’s Clown Tablao)

Kendall Cornell is performing a passionate, soul-filled, Spanish Clown piece!

Kendall talks about her new show “Oil of Ole!” and  about her training and mentors.

Kendall Cornell is performing this weekend at LaMama etc. Her show titled "Oil of Ole! (Flamenco Girl's Clown Tablao)
Here she discusses her show, teaching clown and her studies that lead her to clowning.

For more information on Kendall go here:

LaMama announcement for this show states as follows:

“This night of traditional flamenco spins out of control — and Lorca spins in his grave — as Flamenco Girl brings her own brand of comedy duende to the Tablao.   A dynamic mixture of cante, guitar, dance, surprises, jealousy, daggers, and astonishing absurdity, Oil of Olé! rocks the flamenco casa with dangerous laughter.”

For more information on this show and LaMama go here~

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“Under the Skiff” – A Clown Play with Maja Bieler and Jennifer Sargent – Red Room, NYC

Had a chance to photograph the ‘dress rehearsal’ for “Under the Skiff” at the Red Room at 85 East 4th St. NYC

Created by Maja Bieler, Audrey Lemarque and Jennifer Sargent.

Here is what the brochure says:

“In a barren immigration office, in a strange country, two native applicants wait (and wait..and wait) in hopes that their papers will be approved.

Maja Bieler and Jennifer Sargent first meeting in the immigrations office.

Maja Bieler waits for her number to be called in the line at the immigration office.

Jenny Sargent waits for her turn.

While waiting in line the two immigrants try and catch up on the newspaper.

Scared by the radical sounds in the office they find comfort atop a chair.

Jennifer Sargent is angry while her friends folds a newspaper into a hat.

Maja Bieler holds up her arm in the now very messy immigration office filled with applications and documents.

Jennifer Sargent and Maja Bieler await for the office to open once again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Under The Skiff is another…one of the best shows in the NY Clown Theatre of the festival.”

Stanley Allan Sherman, Mask maker, reviewer

“This is Clown taken to the level of poetry – the clown as poet, sage, and fellow traveler.”

Jane Nichols, Yale School of Drama

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The regular ticket price is $20. For tickets, call Brown Paper Tickets on 1-800-838-3006 or visit For more information, visit

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“In the Boudoir” – Summer Shapiro – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

From the 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival Brochure

“Matters of the heart can be messy and In The Boudoir delights in making a mess. San Francisco comedienne Summer Shapiro, returns to the New York Clown Theatre Festival for her fourth time with this deceptively simple story of a young female clown’s love life. Veering erratically and erotically between exactitude and befuddlement, control and rashness, beauty and broken, Shapiro plays with the consuming need to be liked and revels in the futility of such a hunger.”

Summer Shapiro upsets the scene with clown like absurdity.

Summer finds a volunteer audience member to partake in her festivities.

Summer Shapiro and volunteer enjoy dinner for two.

Summer Shapiro lets down the ‘bed’ to make the boudoir complete.

Pillow fight ensues as the couple gets upset.

Keith Nelson (a 2nd Volunteer) fights with the first volunteer for Summer’s love.

Keith Nelson and audience volunteer duel for the love of Summer.

Curtain call for the cast members.

Summer Shapiro takes a moment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information about Summer Shapiro go here!

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Clown Cabaret 9/27 – hosted by Billy and Audrey – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

Billy Schultz (Phil) and Audrey Crabtree (Maggie) attend an evening performance in the park.

While attending the performance in the park they host the cabaret.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Carol Sirugo and Jonathan Kaplan

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Will Shaw

Will Shaw gets the spinning top moving in space.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maggie and Phil get closer together on their date in the park.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Zero Boy

Zero Boy performans his magical voice sound effects.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pearl the Mime

Pearl the Mime arrives on stage with a beautiful white costume.

Pearl the Mime performs a lovely mime tale.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dante – The Magician

An amazing talent for magic and close up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff Seal and Buttons

Buttons and Jeff perform some funny comedy.

Jeff Seal and Buttons stir up the audience with laughter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sampo Kurppa

Sampo Kurppa entertains the audience with his ridiculous coat hang up.

Sampo Kurppa juggles with amazing finesse.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maggie and Phil get crazy when they get a bottle of wine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miguel Suero cleans up the mess as a janitor character.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Helen Donnelly

Helen Donnelly performs an excerpt from her ‘Foo Musical’.

Helen Donnelly is Foo in this delightful excerpt from ‘Saucisse. A Foo Musical.’

Helen Donnelly’s “Foo” strikes a pose for the photographer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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“Perhaps, Perhaps…” Gabriel Munoz – Mexico City – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

“Perhaps, Perhaps…Quizas”

(Description from the NY Clown Theatre Festival Brochure)

If at first you don’t succeed, try again … and again … and again. Perhaps, Perhaps … Quizás is a clown piece playing with the idea of loneliness, and waiting and hoping for the right man. In an era where nothing seems to impress anyone anymore and longing for “real love” seems to be the burden of our time, Greta, our protagonist, is a lonely woman who rehearses once a week for the arrival of the so-called “one.” Will she get lucky tonight? Perhaps, Perhaps … Quizás…

The wedding ceremony involved all audience members.

The newlyweds kiss at the end of the ceremony.

Carried across the ‘threshold’ with quite a strange look.

The ‘newlyweds’ try a little dance together.

Something isn’t right here!

Let’s see what I can do without him seeing me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~