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“Ask Hovey” ~ A talk about midgets featuring Rose’s Royal Midgets book.

On Monday night I watched the wonderful Bindlestiff Open Stage Quarantine edition and was pleased to see the “Ask Hovey” segment (featuring circus historian/teacher/performer Hovey Burgess) where he talked about ‘Midgets’ and mentioned the Vaudevisuals Press book “Rose’s Royal Midgets and Other Little People of Vaudeville“. Here is the video excerpt from the show.

And if you want to read more about the book visit the great review from Circopedia‘s founder/director Dominique Jando here.

You can get Rose’s Royal book here!

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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – Quarantine Edition – June 1st, 2020

Host Keith Nelson opens the show with an introduction of the acts.

The Bindlestiff Open Stage introduced a ‘new’ camera angle.

Steve Langley performed a wonderful ‘bubble’ production act.

Steve created a ‘bubble’ merry-go-round with his equipment.

Pinkie Special performed a wild ‘hula-hoop’ act.

Bruke had his hands full with a delightfully agile hat juggling act.

Professor DR Schreober took us back in time with some fun period magic.

Larry Vee did the rolla-bolla, hula-hoop, spinning a ball and juggling another.

Stephanie Monseu encouraged the viewers to take the survey.

Chase Culp performed with musical cow bells and played them well.

Hovey Burgess talked about the ‘shot from canon’ act that was in the circus for so many years.

Marcus Monroe juggled illuminated and regular clubs and told some ‘one-liners.

Kyla performed a beautiful aerial act.

The Coronel Sisters from Peru had the most amazing balancing skills on the balls.

Tune in Next Monday for another Bindlestiff Open Stage show!

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Circus: From Egypt to Eloise – A Panel Discussion @ La Maison Francaise

Maria Soledad Skalte
Maria Soledad Sklate introduced the evening’s panelist.
Hovey Burgess
Hovey Burgess was the moderator.
Suzi Winson of Circus Warehouse
Suzi Winson of Circus Warehouse
Duncan Wall of Circus Now
Duncan Wall of Circus Now
Cecil MacKinnon of Circus Flora
Cecil MacKinnon of Circus Flora
Jean-Pierre Dion is the Cultural Attache of the Quebec Government Office
Jean-Pierre Dion is the Cultural Attache of the Quebec Government Office

On December 12, 2013 a panel discussion was held at La Maison Francaise at NYU in New York City.
The panelist included Jean-Pierre Dion (Cultural Attache – Quebec Government Office) Cecil MacKinnon (Theater Director, Circus Flora) Duncan Wall (National Director, Circus Now) and Suzi Winson (Director and Co-Founder of Circus Warehouse)
Moderated by Hovey Burgess (Master Teacher, Graduate Acting, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU)
Presented by the NYU Skirball Center
The video posted is an excerpt from the evening's discussion and commentary on the history of circus.
The evening was introduced by Maria Soledad Sklate (Education Associate at Skirball Center)

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