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Vaudevisuals Bookshelf – “Juggling – From Antiquity to the Middle Ages”

“Juggling – From Antiquity to the Middle Ages” – the forgotten history of throwing and catching

by Thom Wall

This is a very comprehensive book on juggling. Written with humor and great research. Here is a quote from the book!

The book sites a historical time line along with my illustrations and photographs. This is one/half of the chart published in the book. Don’t want to give away too much!

Great read for jugglers and fans of juggling alike!

Thom Wall sets the standard for future work by circademics… I predict that [this] book will become the textbook on juggling history. – Richard Kennison, CircusTalk

Juggling: From Antiquity to the Middle Ages is an incredible resource to anyone interested in the history of juggling. Thom Wall has filled in many gaps to the documented history of the art.This is the juggling history book that I’ve been waiting for. – David Cain, Curator, Museum of Juggling History

Here is an interview I did with Thom recently.

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You can find the book here!

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The Loose Caboose – ‘un vaudeville spectale’ at Bowery Poetry Club – June 22, 2012

Hosted by the One and Only

The Legendary JOE FRANKLIN

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Great Evening for Vaudeville and Burlesque!

To open the show was the comedian and social commentator Nick Vatterott

Nick Vatterott performs comedy using character and social commentary.

A funny commentary on the cell phones and communication hit the audience’s funny bone!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Michael Richter performs many acts but tonight he spun some plates over the audience.

Michael Richter performs some amazing plate juggling.

Michael Richter balances a plate way above the stage.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Couples therapy with Shane Webb and Adam Wilson.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Titillating Tansy removes her gloves with her teeth in a most ‘titillating’ way.

That look of love from Titillating Tansy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~~

Mr Gorgeous performs in his new Superhero outfit.

Mr Gorgeous performs in his new Superhero outfit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Elizabeth Munn performs at the Aerial silk at LOOSE CABOOSE.

Elizabeth Munn performs above the audience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shelly Watson belts out a classic Dinah Shore song.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyle Peterson manipulates some cigar boxes with some ‘doubt’.

Kyle Peterson secures all the cigar boxes after this juggling act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Chi-Ciones heat up the room at LOOSE CABOOSE

3 Women who got the room really ‘cooking’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shane Webb and Joe Franklin pick the winner Raffle ticket.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shelly Watson clenches her fist after a great night of entertainment!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Loose Caboose Vaudeville Revue is every 4th Friday of the Month.

Click here for more information.

The evening’s entertainment is preceded by a selection from Tom Stathes’ Vintage Cartoon Collection.

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show Circus Clown Dance Dixon Place Juggling Magic Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – Feb. 6th, 2012 at Dixon Place

Keith “Bindlestiff” Nelson warms up the audience as the Opening Act.

Keith Nelson performs at the Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety show.Keith Nelson performs his lovely Diabolo act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyle Peterson

Kyle Petersen performs his Cigar Box juggling act at Bindlestiff Open Stage.Juggling Cigar boxes done wonderfully by Kyle Peterson.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Keith Nelson and his TOPS

Keith Nelson performs his spinning top act.Keith Nelson performs one of his wonderful spinning top tricks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Zero Boy

Zero Boy performs his new work at Bindlestiff Open Stage VarietyZero Boy performing his new “Astronaut” piece using his unique sound FX voice!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Rocking Reverend

'The Rocking Reverand' sings for the crowd at Dixon PlaceSinging all his ‘satirical’ songs of protest is ‘Rocking Reverand’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Torkova performs his magic wonderfully for Dixon Place audience.Audience participation was an important part of Torkova‘s magic act.

Torkova performs magic by producing a few dozen oranges in a plastic bowl.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Keith Nelson Balances Glasses

Keith Nelson performs at Dixon Place in the Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show.Keith Nelson balances 4 glasses on a wooden spoon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Harold Moeller

Harold Moeller performs at Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety show.I was caught off guard with this hystereical routine. Almost missed this shot due to laughter.

Harold Moeller performs his funny comic faces at Dixon Place.Harold Moeller‘s face changed from one hysterical expression to another in seconds. Had me on the floor laughing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Good to Go Girls

The Good to Go Girls create lots of laughter at Dixon Place.The Good to Go Girls (Molly Merkler, Jessy Smith, and Jillian Hollis) perform their swimming routine.

The Good to Go Girls perform at Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety ShowLooking like aliens from another planet The Good to Go Girls make the audience hysterical.

The Good to Go girls perform at Dixon Place.The Good to Go Girls finish off the act with a beautiful finale!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Josh Bisker cleans up the floor after The Good to Go Girls

Josh Bisker cleans up the floor with his spats and style at Bindlestiff Open StageJosh Bisker mops the floor with spats and style after the Good to Go Girls swimming act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Keith Nelson gets his 5 Spinning Plates together!

Keith Nelson performs at Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety ShowKeith Nelson is ‘elated’ to have done the 5 spinning plates.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cobra Gold

Cobra Gold performing their wonderful original songs at Dixon PlaceCecil Water, John Waters and Josh Bisker make up the COBRA GOLD trio.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chi-ciones Burlesque Troupe

Burlesque at Dixon PlaceA drama unfolds on the stage with two dancers and one distraught woman.

Burlesque at Dixon PlaceThree beautiful women dance up a storm.

Burlesque at the Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety ShowThe Chi-Ciones Burlesque excite the audience and is great way to end the show!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

See The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show on the FIRST Monday of every Month at Dixon Place.

ONLY $5.