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Zero Hour 10 – Wednesday Oct, 11th, 2017

The Zero Hour 10

Casanova’s Great Escape!

A solo escapade in fun and adventure.
Vocal comics and…..
Casanova’s Great Escape! The ultimate adventurer, Casanova is legendary for scandalous sexcapades that surpass Hugh Hefner. But seducing his way through the erotic capitals of Europe was not all he was famous for. Vocal cartoonist Zero Boy riffs off Casanova’s 3,600-page memoir to bring you the world’s most famous lover in his daring escape from solitary confinement in Venice.
Entertainer and “vocal cartoonist” Zero Boy is an East Village icon renowned for his unique blend of sound and mime, the results being akin to a performed comic book. A prolific entertainer, his solo comedic routines have been featured throughout the U.S. and Europe in traditional theater, vaudeville, burlesque, festivals, stand-up comedy, television, radio, film, digital media/art as well as benefits and special events.
He has performed at Joe’s Pub, Town Hall, Cooper Union Hall, Slipper Room, and the NY Public Library with The Moth. On television, his vocal acrobatics were featured in Fox and His unique sound talents and character voices have led to performances on numerous radio shows. He regularly performed a special “Stump Zero Boy” segment on NPR’s The Next Big Thing, which gave listeners a chance to commission a short-form radio cartoon by emailing the station a one-sentence scenario.
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Wednesday, Oct. 11th
$12 at door
Doors open at 7 pm
Showtime 8 pm
167 Orchard St (Entrance on Stanton Street)
Between Rivington St & Stanton St
New York, NY 10002
Closest subway: 2nd Ave F train (1st Ave exit)
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Chris Rozzi’s “Outre Island” at The Slipper Room – June 1st

Thu, June 1, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Slipper Room

New York, NY

Outré Island is Chris Rozzi’s ongoing comedy saga of a lost civilization and its many unusual citizens. This is the island as you’ve never seen it before, including all sorts of treats, guests, and surprises. Featuring Anna Copa Cabana and Matt Roper.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh, by the way, these two wonderful folks will be joining Chris that evening!

For more information/tickets go here!

Check out Blond Thunder Presents Interview with Chris Rozzi on Radio Vaudeville – June 1st!

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“The Wild Party’s Over” – at The Tank – Jennifer Harder and the 3 Gentleman


Directed by Chris Rozzi, Produced by Jennifer Harder

Program made possible, in part, by support from The Tank, Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc. and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Opening Scene – (Left to Right – Mr. Black – Charley Layton, Queenie – Jennifer Harder, Jackie – Natti Vogel and Burrs –  Stephen Heskett)

Jackie (Natti Vogel)  introduces Queenie (Jennifer Harder) to the audience.

Queenie and her two escorts.

Queenie on her knees in front of Burrs (Stephen Heskett)

Jackie steps out in front of the ‘shadow show’ of other activity in the show while Mr. Black (Charley Layton) plays in the foreground.

Mr. Black (Charley Layton) plays solemnly while the show goes on.

Burrs reading and playing tambourine while Jackie is on keyboards and Mr. Black play guitar.

Queenie looks on as Burrs reads the newspaper.

With eyes closed, Jackie smirks at the events going on.

Jackie consoles Burrs while he is drinking.

Burrs and Queenie laugh it up while drinking.

Queenie sings her heart out.

 Mr. Black dances up a storm with Queenie.

Cast (left to right) Charley Layton, Jennifer Harder, Stephen Heskett and Natti Vogel applaud director Chris Rozzi.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For written description on this project check out Trav SD’s blog post HERE!

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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue @ Dixon Place – April 2014

Keith Nelson performing the Diablo at Dixon Place.Keith Nelson opens the show with a wonderful ‘diablo’ routine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Susan Voyticky and Matt Greenfield at Dixon Place.Susan Voyticky is suspended beautifully by Matt Greenfield in this lovely duet.

Keith Nelson performs with the Yoyo.Keith Nelson performs with the Yoyo while waiting for the next act.

Chris Rozzi performs at Dixon PlaceChris Rozzi performs as a ‘human internet’ and supplies audience members with topical information.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_111Mick Stone performs some wonderful ‘offbeat’ and startling magic.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_143This duo from Boston go by the name “FLY BY NIGHT” and performed a wildly funny ‘mock’ bull whip act.

Lee Sachs performs at Dixon PlaceLee Sachs performs a ‘beatnik’ style poem with music.

Matthew Baker performs comedy dance with straps.Matthew Baker performs a comedy dance piece with straps inspired by ‘Little Miss Muffet’.

Sean Blue performs at Dixon PlaceSean Blue performs a hoop balance on his head while moving thru the audience and then sitting.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_416The group “Your Rhythm Mix-Band” performed some very familiar songs.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_446Tanya Solomon performs an original magic trick using a can of soda and 3 cups.

2014.04.07_BindOpnStg_484Rebecca Collins performs a beautiful aerial act on a silk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue is every FIRST MONDAY of every Month at Dixon Place.

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2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

‘Bezinkule’ – Christopher Rozzi – NY Clown Theater Festival ‘Amuse Bouche’


Written and Performed by Christopher Rozzi

Directed by and developed with Tasha Gordon-Solmon

Ensemble and Board Operator  – Frank Campanella

Original song recordings by Pauline Miller

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A Description of the show!

Professor Lawrence Fishburne, head of research at the Institute for Abnormal Awareness and Non-Standard Knowledgement, ventures to another dimension to acquire the most magical treasure the world has ever known…the Bezinkule!

His adventure is told through a series of hologram diary entries for the woman he loves: Miss Lillian Treemont. Along the way, he meets a curious creature named Nump and a Shrimp Squirrel named Shrimple.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Great storytelling fun! Had me captivated all through the show.

2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Amuse Bouche: The NY Clown Theatre Festival – OPENING NIGHT CABARET

The Evening was hosted by The Leroy Sisters.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tivo la Resistance is back for more fun!

Wild and fun ventriloquist act with a never ending fake mustache.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘Haming it up’ for the camera, Hew Parham from Australia.

Hew Parham performs an excerpt from his show ‘Odessey Schodyssey’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mark Gindick performs a feat of ‘daredevil’ magnitude in an excerpt from his show ‘Wing-Man’.

Feeling a level of achievement Mark Gindick flails his arms after swallowing a mouthful of Pop-Rocks and drinking Coke!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff Seal(foreground) and Chris Manley looking on during an excerpt form their show ‘Neon Lights’.

Chris Manley reads am audience members palm as partner Jeff Seal looks on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Christopher Rozzi entertaining the audience in a scene from his one-man show ‘Bezinkule’.

In the spot light is Christopher Rozzi in a wonderful verbal-voyage to places we aren’t ever going to visit again!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joel Jeske performing a segment which will not be part of his one-man show ‘I Have Never Done This Before’.

Joel Jeske leading the audience members in a ‘Radio City Rockettes’ type line.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gabriela Munoz is performing a segment from her duet show ‘Flocked’. Along with:

Audrey Crabtree performing in the same show ‘Flocked‘. Opening Thursday night!

‘Flocked’ is directed by clown/director Hilary Chaplain.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The marvelously charming and funny duet ‘The Donovan Ensemble’ will be hosting the cabaret on Wed. Sept 14th 8pm.

Joe Kolbow and Johnnie Niel are the C0-Artistic Directors.

Also in the festival but not here are CHANNEL ONE with Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith and ‘Morro and Jasp GONE WILD.

Information about the festival can be had here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Clown Dance Music Photography tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ – ONE YEAR OLD! – June 28th, 2011 Show

The curtain in the basement of Sycamore Bar – ‘tinydangerousfun’ –  1st Birthday!

John Leo, tinydangerousfun’s curator, attempts to host without his usual cohost ANDY SAPORA (who is in London for the summer)…

…until John’s “sister” AUDREY CRABTREE shows up to save the show! 🙁

John playing 52 Pickup with Audrey.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gustavo Pace with an illogical but funny rant about yellow hands.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Audrey makes John do their Irish family tradition of bumps on the head for your birthday.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Cougar yoga: Raaawwrrr!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John and Audrey with their yoga.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jeff Seal with some funny jokes!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gotta love that bellydancer at the 1 year birthday party!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Redhot Pinky does Amelia Earhart

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The 13th Act

Audience members receive their assignment for…The 13th Act!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jane, Joe and Horn

Joe, Jane and Horn perform earnest folksie music.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mollena (Mo) Williams

Mo grabs us with an erotic bedtime story

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘Wait, sis, I’M the pinata?!

I don’t like being a pinata”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Chris Rozzi as a human video game

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brother and Sister dancing arm in arm (and butt in hand).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Curtain Call Finale

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you want to come and see this wonderful show the next one is JULY 26th, and will be hosted by


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The Laugh Firm of Crozzi,Bastard and Boy – Gershwin Hotel – Jan. 11th, 2011

What a delightful romp thru the minds of 3 of NY’s wildest performers.

The Red Bastard, William Shakespeare and Zero Boy

I must admit I was having trouble shooting the show. The laughter made it impossible!

Here is William Shakespeare (Chris Rozzi) making his entrance.

William Shakespeare informed the audience that he wasn’t only an author, director and poet but also a performer of monologs.

Here (Chris Rozzi) does a new ‘original’ science fiction story for the audience at the Gershwin Hotel.

Reading the ‘reviews’ got him worried for a minute.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Red Bastard (Eric Davis) had the audience in the palm of his hand as soon as he entered the room.

Gesturing in wildly choreographed moves he captivated all present with ‘instructions on life’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Zero Boy makes his mark by creating an audio track for your nightmares. (or his!)

We witness the Coney Island roller coaster, merry go round and a western movie thrown in for good measure.

His body contorts with his hands and rubber face as he covers the audience with an immense vocabulary of sound effects.

His talent to create sound effects is so convincing that it seems to take command of his body as he visualizes the experience for the audience to see.

A wonderful evening of fun, imagination and hilarity.

If you see any of these performers in your neighborhood – – – Go See Them!


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