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Trav SD’s American Vaudeville Theatre @The Slipper Room – April 16th, 2019

Trav SD’s American Vaudeville Theater – 10th Year Celebration

Trav SD heads up the evenings festivities! 

Jonathan M.Smith performs a wonderful version of Georgie Jessel

Betsy Propane performing a lovely Sophie Tuckeresque song.

Bob Greenberg performs his wonderful version of Jackie Gleason and Oliver Hardy.

Lady Von Tramp (Daniela Paiewonsky) turned up the heat at The Slipper Room with her lovely act.

Dana Friedman crossed a few lines with her very moving stand up routine.

Closing the show was the deliriously handsome Wilfredo with his delightfully funny songs.

The curtain call once again called out the entire cast for a bow!

Jonathan Smith and Charley Layton before the show backstage.

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“The Wild Party’s Over” – at The Tank – Jennifer Harder and the 3 Gentleman


Directed by Chris Rozzi, Produced by Jennifer Harder

Program made possible, in part, by support from The Tank, Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc. and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Opening Scene – (Left to Right – Mr. Black – Charley Layton, Queenie – Jennifer Harder, Jackie – Natti Vogel and Burrs –  Stephen Heskett)

Jackie (Natti Vogel)  introduces Queenie (Jennifer Harder) to the audience.

Queenie and her two escorts.

Queenie on her knees in front of Burrs (Stephen Heskett)

Jackie steps out in front of the ‘shadow show’ of other activity in the show while Mr. Black (Charley Layton) plays in the foreground.

Mr. Black (Charley Layton) plays solemnly while the show goes on.

Burrs reading and playing tambourine while Jackie is on keyboards and Mr. Black play guitar.

Queenie looks on as Burrs reads the newspaper.

With eyes closed, Jackie smirks at the events going on.

Jackie consoles Burrs while he is drinking.

Burrs and Queenie laugh it up while drinking.

Queenie sings her heart out.

 Mr. Black dances up a storm with Queenie.

Cast (left to right) Charley Layton, Jennifer Harder, Stephen Heskett and Natti Vogel applaud director Chris Rozzi.

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Bathtub Jen and The Henchman – A Vaudephone Presentation

Bringing back the Vaudephone series one more time! Here is Bathtub Jen and the Henchman.

Vaudephone is a co-production of and the American Vaudeville Theatre/Travalanche

Recorded at Brooklyn Lyceum on January 29th, 2014

For more information on Bathtub Jen and The Henchman:

Clown Frigid Festival Music Performing Arts Photography

Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen @ The Frigid Festival – March 2013

Bathtub Jen and The Henchmen

Glen Heroy, Charley Layton and Jennifer Harder performing at The Frigid Festival.

Jennifer Harder sings and plays the trumpet.Jennifer Harder plays the trumpet and sings a few songs in the show.

Glen Heroy tries to find paradise.Glen Heroy tries to find paradise with a tool of the trade and Jen is enjoying every minute.

Charley Layton looks up in disbelief at the bear.Charley Layton looks up at the height of the bear in disbelief.

Glen Heroy is hysterical as the police man.Glen Heroy is hysterical as the police man.

Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen was a riot of laughter.Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen was a riot of laughter.

Written by Jennifer Harder, Glen Heroy, Charley Layton, and David Rosen.

Directed by the Ensemble, Fight Choreography by Adam Swiderski

Bathtub Jen is based on Bathtub Jen, a character originally created by Chris Van Strander

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