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Vaudevisuals Bookshelf – “Street People” – by Janet Beller

Street People by Janet Beller

This book cover is a little beaten up from constantly looking up some of the most interesting people that walked the streets of New York.

Originally published in 1980 when characters were everywhere you walked in New York City. It was what New York was!

It’s People!

Here is the Forward by photographer Janet Beller.


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One of the ‘people’ that Janet Beller photographed in the streets of New York.

Jim Moore mime

Performing in front of the 42nd Street NY Public Library between the lions in 1980.

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Mime Music Performing Arts Video

NBC News coverage of Street Performing in NYC – July 1,1977

In 1977 the streets of New York City were buzzing with street performer activity. So much so that NBC thought it ‘newsworthy’.
Here is a short piece they did about the street performers on NYC and it includes a short segment with mime Jim Moore.

STREET PERFORMERS from Jim Moore on Vimeo.

Here is a clip from a News broadcast about the resurgence of street performing in NYC. It was broadcast on July 1, 1977.