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Vaudevisuals interview with Kevin Augustine – “Body Concert”

Visited Kevin Augustine at his Lone Wolf Tribe studio yesterday. We did an interview about his new show titled “Body Concert”. (A work-in-progress)

Here is the interview about the new solo-show.

Kevin will be performing an ‘excerpt’ from his new solo-show at Dixon Place on June 10th as part of the Little Theatre series.

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Vaudevisuals Interview with James Ortiz and Claire Karpen – “The Woodsman”.

Strangemen & Company are performing their new show "The Woodsman" at 59E59 Theaters. I caught up with the artistic director James Ortiz and co-director Claire Karpen and they talked about the show and it's creation.

For more information about Strangemen & Co.

For tickets and more information on the show.