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“CHASE: What Matters Most?” – Animals Performance Group @ Dixon Place

CHASE: What Matters Most?

Six low-level employees of an anonymous bank, all of whom are named Chase, refuse to take the apocalypse seriously. Each of them on their own metaphysical journey, they intersect to share their findings. Studying nightmares, foreign wars, corporate personhood, climate change, epidemics, environmental catastrophes, loneliness, the singularity & other harbingers of doom, the six Chases try and fail to behold the world’s terrible face, unmasked. (From the show description)

Photographs from the dress/tech rehearsal. 

Mike Mikos directs the actors during the dress/tech rech.Mike Mikos directs the actors during the dress/tech rehearsal.

2015.10.09_Animals.014Jase (Nikki Calonge) defends the bank from possible intruders.

2015.10.09_Animals.051Jasse (Zoe Geltman), Jazz(Brighid Greene) and Jase (Nikki Calonge) do their morning calisthenics.

2015.10.09_Animals.054Chazz (Akira Fukui) warming up.

2015.10.09_Animals.055Jasse (Zoe Geltman) training Jesse (Nikaury Rodriquez).

2015.10.09_Animals.081Jazz (Brighid Greene) thinking about her life.

2015.10.09_Animals.090Jasse (Zoe Geltman) working on her model.

2015.10.09_Animals.161Chazz (Akira Fukui) inspires the team.

2015.10.09_Animals.131A stranger tells her story. (Nikaury Rodriguez, Nikki Calonge, Eva Peskin, Akira Fukui, Brighid Greene)

Performers: nikki calonge, akira fukui, zoë geltman, brighid greene, eva peskin, nikaury rodriguez

eh-den perlove

eric shethar

michael mcgee

blake palmer

bobby andres

rosie rittenberry

janet o’sullivan

ben gullard

eva peskin

stephanie saywell

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A wildly hybrid performance ensemble, ANIMALS are known for their edgy and hilarious use of performance, dance, video, puppetry, crafted objects & interactive media to serve elements of surprise, cultural exchange and irreverence to create moment that question the flexibility of the world and the nature of humans through instinct, ability and play. The group core members are  Nikki Calonge, Michael De Angelis and Mike Mikos. Their work has been performed at the Bushwick Starr, Invisible Dog, Dixon Place, JACK, Three Legged Dog Art and Technology Center and Incubator Arts Project.

In 2013, they were the first recipients of Dixon Place’s annual

Tom Murrin Performance Award.

FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS, Oct 16, 17,23,24,30,31 @7:30pm


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Dixon Place Performing Arts Photography PS122 Tom/FEST

The Tom Murrin Performance Award @ Dixon Place – April 27th – Andrew Schneider

The Tommy Award has been established to honor Tom Murrin’s life & work by offering a transformative career opportunity to an outstanding artist or company.

Andrew Schneider won the 2nd Annual Tom Murrin Award this month at Dixon Place.

Andrew Schneider received The Tommy Award.Mike Mikos, Nikki Calonge and Michael De Angelis (Animals) pass the Award over the Andrew Schneider.

Animals performance group

The Animals did a wonderful piece for the event. (LtoR: Brighid Greene, Nikki Calonge, Madison Krekel, Mike Mikos,, Eva Peskin.)

Michael De Angelis wasn’t on stage but coordinated production aspects of the piece.

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“The Baroness is the Future” – The Animals Performance Group @ Dixon Place

Tom Murrin Performance Award Winners THE ANIMALS PERFORMANCE GROUP is presenting

“The Baroness is the Future”

A visual/poem performance piece dedicated to the art/words of Dadaist Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven.

Mesmerizing, hypnotic and delightful dance/word/projection work.

Here are some images from the piece

Baroness is the Future are Dixon Place

Linda Mancini as The Baroness with dancers behind her.

Lucy Kaminsky in The Baroness is The FutureLucy Kaminsky performing in “The Baroness is the Future”.

Brighid Greene performing in The Baroness is the FutureBrighid Greene convulses in a pool of her own hair meditating on the Baroness’s words.

Madison Krekel flings up her arms in a passionate moment in front of the Baroness looking on.Madison Krekel flings up her arms in a passionate moment in front of the Baroness.

The Baroness is the Future at Dixon PlaceThe panel of woman discuss the many aspects of ‘fund raising, insurance, salary’ in the arts today!

The Baroness is the Future at Dixon PlaceLinda Mancini as ‘The Baroness’ with cast behind her collapsed over the divider.

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Performers include: Brighid Greene, Lucy Kaminsky, Madison Krekel, Linda Mancini, Eva Peskin and Nikki Calonge.

Costume design: Wendy Yang Bailey

Lighting Design: Joe Cantalupo

Scenic Design: Joel V. Melton

Stage Manager: Jamie McGonagill

Produced by: Ben Gansky

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For more information on the Animals Performance work go here

ANIMALS performance group are Nikki Calonge, Michael De Angelis and Mike Mikos.

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For TICKETS and more information about the show go here.