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Vaudevisuals interview with Chloe Somers Wall

Chloe Somers Wall is an outstanding example of the ‘nouveau vaudeville’ that seems to be all around us. I saw her perform at The Cutting Room in NYC (Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret) where she walked on the tops of about 12 bottles. She then performed on a trapeze and stunned the audience with her poise and skill. Then performed a ‘hula-hoop’ act. She is feisty, comedic and delightful.

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Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret @The Cutting Room

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret @The Cutting Room

What a treat! The Bindlestiff Family Circus Cabaret put together an ‘all-star’ lineup of talent for this show!

Directed by Michelle Matlock.

I was in the 2nd row so I didn’t get the best shots from that seat but I will share a few decent ones with you.

The Bindlestiff Family Circus band was so ‘on-point’ for all the acts. Great addition to the show. Live music makes a difference.

Eric Biondo and Robert Cowie.

(Sorry Eric and Robert- Could capture any shots of you from my seat)

Bindlestiff Co-founder Keith Nelson introduced the audience to the show’s lineup.

Multi-talented Chloe Somers opened the show with a beautiful aerial act.

The Great Kaplan (David Kaplan) mesmerized the audience with his magic.

After magically producing a candle it mistakenly (on purpose) caught his suit carnation on fire.

His credits are so long I will just link you to his webpage. A master indeed! Hysterical and very skilled.

After The Great Kaplan’s grandfather’s uke gets destroyed by a rogue bowling ball he gets consolation from Bindlestiff’s Co-Founder and stage manager Stephanie Monseu.

Keith Nelson entertained the audience with 2 classic vaudeville glass balancing stunts.

Chloe Somers returned to the stage by balancing  and walking on Champagne bottles

She then rearranged them in a different order/line and balanced/walked on them again.

Chloe Somers was fantastic in her skills.

The Great Kaplan returned to the stage playing a ‘turkey baster’.

Evan Ruggiero played the guitar brilliantly and tap danced with his peg-leg. 

Chloe Somers showed her multiple skill set by returning to the stage with her hula-hoop act.

Chloe Somers worked the hula-hoops with such charm and personality.

Keith Nelson performed his 8 spinning plate act.

Keith was successful in keeping all 8 plates spinning and catching the spoons in the glasses.

Mr. & Mrs. G finished off the show with their ‘crossbow’ act. Beautiful and daring indeed!

Mrs. G. (Naomi Brenkman) prepares her crossbow for shooting.

Both Mr. & Mrs. G. fired crossbows at one another in the act. Attempting to hit the target.

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One More show tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm!

For more information on Bindlestiff Family Cirkus and their upcoming events go here!

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Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret Circus Juggling Music Photography The Slipper Room

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus @ The Slipper Room March 13-17, 2013

What a wonderful show this was. I saw the Opening night and all of the following nights were to have ‘special’ guest performers.

The New York Times said of the BFC Cabaret:

“It’s old-fashioned variety entertainment of the sort Ed Sullivan so astutely scooped up, but with twists.”

Here is what I saw on Wednesday (Preview) Night.

Kinko The Clown performs @ The Slipper RoomKinko the Clown opened the show with a some ‘humor’ and skill.

Adam Kuchler as his "Bird" characterAdam Kuchler performing as an ‘exotic’ bird.

Stephanie Monseu MC's the show.Stephanie Monseu MC’s the show.

Adam Kuchler juggles the cigar boxesAdam Kuchler juggles the cigar boxes with ease.

Diamond Redd sings with a smooth voice.Diamond Redd sings for the audience with a voice of satin.

Kinko performs some amazing tricks.Kinko performs some amazing  diablo stunts.

Malia Walsh is magnificent with the Hula HoopsMalia Walsh is magnificent with the Hula Hoops.

Adam Kuchler does a funny hand balance act.Adam Kuchler does a funny hand balance act.

Stephanie Monseu performs a sideshow stunt climbing a machete ladder.Stephanie Monseu performs a sideshow stunt climbing a sharp machete ladder.

Adam Kuchler performs another funny act with balls.Adam Kuchler performs another funny act with balls.

Stephanie Monseu was decked out in many wonderful outfits.Stephanie Monseu was decked out in many wonderful outfits.

Diamond Redd sang another love song.Diamond Redd sang a beautiful love song.

Kendra Greaves did an amazing aerial act on the rope.Kendra Greaves did an amazing aerial act on the rope.

Peter Bufano create a wonderful atmosphere with his live music.Peter Bufano created a wonderful atmosphere for the show with his live music.

Keith Nelson did sword swallowing for the audience.Keith Nelson did sword swallowing for the audience.

Stephanie Monseu was a great MC for the evening's festivities.Stephanie Monseu was a great MC for the evening’s festivities.

2013.03.13_Bindlestiff.645The Cast of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus takes a well deserved ‘Curtain Call’.

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For more information and/or Tickets go here!

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret Circus Juggling Mime Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret – Dixon Place – March 8th, 2012

Kinko gets the show rolling by ‘begging’ to the audience for ‘food’ and other niceties.

Kinko the Clown (Keith Nelson) does some amazing tricks with the ‘diabolos’.

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Mark Hayward performing one of his many amazing top tricks.

Mark Hayward continued to amaze the audience with his top skills.

Mark Hayward had a really crazy finale with 4 different objects and things to do.

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Appearing out of a satin clam shell Ms. Ekaterina was a beautiful and skilled performer.

Amazing body control and gymnastic skills.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The King Charles Unicycle Troupe was great in their athletic control and the skills on the unicycle.

Two ropes and a unicycle jumping in the ropes..great skills are needed here for sure!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jeff Hess performed a very funny and startling strange piece of physical comedy.

Jeff Hess was able to contort his face in so many different ways.

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Stephanie Monseu was handling the sword pretty good for a Ring Mistress.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sabrina Chap performed as the evenings musical accompanist and was great!

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Mark Hayward made this contraption fling 3 juggling balls at him at the same to in order to juggle.

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Here is where Keith Nelson borrowed 2 bucks from me to cut in two pieces with his sword.

Keith Nelson swallowing a sword.

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Ms. Ekaterina performing a body bend while hanging from the ceiling on a silk.

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Stephanie Monseu was terrific as the hostess of the evening.

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The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus is performing EVERY THURSDAY this Month of March!

Next one is MARCH 15th! Come and enjoy a great Cirkus Experience!

Check HERE for the Schedule.