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Keith Bindlestiff Tries Again!

On the first Monday of the every month BINDLESTIFF VARIETY SHOW is held at Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The host Keith Bindlestiff attempted to complete the Kendama Blockhead this past Monday. I have been videotaping all his attempts all the way back to youAugust ’09. I am sure he will get it one day!

Here is a video where he provides the unknowing audience members with a short education on what the ‘Human Blockhead‘ is and then attempts the Kendama Blockhead.

The variety show is a mix of acts ranging from singing to burlesque to trapeze and back to Kendama Blockhead. All for $5.00. Well worth the visit and time. This show included the likes of Baby Seals,

Jan Manke, Kitty Cockpit, Coney Island Chris,

Magic Brian, Zero Boy, The Maestrocities, and Mika.


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Coney Island Chris – A Very Funny Man!

One of the funniest acts I have seen and enjoyed is Chris Allison’s side show freak CONEY ISLAND CHRIS. He mixes the zany attitude of the likes of Jerry Lewis’ nutty professor and Pee Wee Herman with a glass eating, finger in a rat trap, silly costume and hysterical facial gestures Coney Island simple guy trying to learn the ropes of sideshowville. Coney Island Chris made it to the finalist on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.

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