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The Clown UnMasked Series – A Comprehensive List 2010 – 2016

The Clown UnMasked

In 2010 I had a concept in my head one day that I should photograph my favorite subjects (Clowns) without their performance costume and makeup and match it with a performance shot. The ‘Unmask’ shot would be black and white and the performance shot in color.  I decided to call it The Clown UnMask. I began shooting in Feb. 2010 with one of the funniest clowns I know and admire. Glen Heroy.

I followed up with many more (almost 50) until I stopped shooting the series in 2016. Here is a comprehensive list of the performers (with links to the original posts) I documented in my ‘hallway’ studio. In the order in which I photographed them. Full post are reached by using the links. Some portrait are provided for visual excitement!

(The wall came down in 2016 so the series was discontinued)

Matt Mitler

Clowns ExMachina

John Leo

Eric Davis

Hilary Chaplain

Audrey Crabtree

Keith Nelson

Ambrose Martos

Joel Jeske

Amy Gordon

Rob Torres

Patrick de Valette

Tiffany Riley

Dick Monday

Julie Ferrier

Fred Blin

Tanya Elchuk

Nina Levine

Hew Parham

Mark Gindick

Peter Daniel Straus

Kevin C. Carr

Jeff Hess

Chris Allison

Drew Richardson

Lilli Sukula Lindblom

Mona Ray

Thom Monckton

Sampo Kurppa

Jenny Lee Mitchell

Michael Trautman

Jennifer Sargent

Maja Bieler

Helen Donnelly

James Godwin

Avner Eisenberg

Summer Shapiro

Neil Arthur James

Gustavo Pace

Didi Sanchezco

Kenny Raskin

Mooky Cornish

Adam Kuchler

Barry Lubin

Daniel Passer

Angela Delfini

Armitage Shanks

Matt Roper

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Aerial Acts American Circus Big Apple Circus Circus Clown Comedy Juggling Music Photography Tent Show

Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center – 2017/18 Season

Ringmaster Tyron “Ty” McFarlan


Barry Lubin – Grandma
Joel Jeske – Clown

Jenny Vidbel and her horses.

Gamal Garcia Tuniziani – Juggler
The Flying Tunizianis Troupe – Trapeze
Jan Damm – Rolla Bolla
Wallenda Seven-Person Pyramid – Highwire

The show also featured Elayne Kramer/Contortionist and The Anastanini Brothers.

What a wonderful show this year! All the acts were amazing and the direction was brilliant! So happy to see The Big Apple Circus Back in town!

Today and tomorrow ONLY!

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Big Apple Circus Circus Clown Comedy Performing Arts Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals interview with Mark Lonergan & Joel Jeske – Big Apple Circus

Last week I visited the Big Apple Circus tent and interviewed Joel Jeske and Mark Lonergan. (Actually, Karen Jenson did the interview for Vaudevisuals. I did the video camera!)

Mark and Joel are very excited to be part of the BAC again! They have contributed to the 38th Season and now the 40th season. It is a wonderful show celebrating the uniqueness of The Big Apple Circus!

Here is a short video of The Wallendas performing at The Big Apple Circus! Amazing…

For more information/Schedule/Tickets go HERE!

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Big Apple Circus Circus Performing Arts Photography

Grandma and Bello at The Big Apple Circus

2009’s BIG APPLE CIRCUS show at Lincoln Center was one of the best I seen in a long time. Bello and Grandma have a great time together and the talent is stunning. With a new ring design and great music it was a wonderfully entertaining show.

The acts consisted of Horses with Christine Zerbini and Sultan Kumisbayev, Aerial Silks with Regina Dobrovitskaya, Hand Balancing Duet with Curtola Brothers and Wheel of Wonder with David Martens. The second act  had a great trampoline act with The Aniskin Troupe and a dog act with talented Regina Dobrovitskaya and Audrey Mantchev, an asian contortion team called The Long Twins, amazing juggling act with Picaso Jr. and the flying trapeze with the Aniskin Troupe.

Bello and Grandma pose for me after the show ©2009 Jim Moore
Bello on the Wheel of Wonder ©2009 Jim Moore
Circus Clown NY Clown Theater Festival 2014 Performing Arts Photography Physical Theater The Brick The Clown Un_Mask

The Clown Un_Mask – Barry Lubin

Barry Lubin in the Clown Un_Mask seriesBarry Lubin poses for the Clown Un_Mask series.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 2.10.36 PMGrandma dancing ringside with a young fan from the Big Apple Circus audience.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 2.13.41 PMBarry Lubin getting on his ‘Grandma’ makeup backstage at Big Apple Circus season #23.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 2.13.52 PMGrandma gets a ride in NYC taxi. Photograph part of the series “Grandma in NY”.

2014.09.28_NYCTF_346Grandma douces Mark Gindick in the ‘Singing in The Rain’ routine that they performed at The 2014 NY Clown Theatre Festival.

Barry and I have had a long friendship and I have been so fortunate to have been there to photograph him during so many wonderful moments.

To keep up with what Barry and Grandma are doing go here.

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Circus Clown Performing Arts Photography Tent Show

Farewell to Grandma (aka Barry Lubin)

As he walks into the sunset and begins a new life Barry Lubin will be missed by many Big Apple Circus spectators!

I was fortunate enough to have captured some wonderful moments of Barry in the last several years.

Here they are!

Dancing Ringside with GRANDMA

Barry Lubin doing makeup for GRANDMA at the Big Apple Circus backstage

Still taken from a book project about GRANDMA in New York City

GRANDMA says “Always throw away your coffee cup tops”.

GRANDMA performing in the “Dream Big” Edition of Big Apple Circus 12/2011

I am currently editing an interview I did with Barry in 2009 about his work in the Big Apple Circus and clown.

Stay Tuned for the screening here at Vaudevisuals.

Thank You Barry for all the laughs, fun and performances!

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Circus Clown Magic Performing Arts Photography

“Dream Big” – The Big Apple Circus 2011 Show

This is a wonderful show with lots of talent and a ‘Dream Big’ theme!

GRANDMA (Barry Lubin) assists the comedy magic team SCOTT & MURIEL.

Scott & Muriel perform wonderful magic and are also hysterically funny.

Comedy magic at it’s best. It is funny and very magicial!

Jenna Robinson is delightful as the Ring Mistress at the Big Apple Circus.

Anna Volodko performs aerial rope. Beginning in Russia she is beautiful in her act.

She flies thru the air on her rope and doesn’t seem to stop.

Grandma spits water in the ring with a spotlight on her.

Audience member and Grandma compete with the ‘spitting water’ contest.

Jenny Vidbel is an amazing animal trainer and has been for many years.

Jenny with her beautiful trained dog. She has trained many exotic animals over the years.

Here is Jenny with her trained African Porcupine on a runway.

Here is Muriel Brugman playing the saw in center ring.

Shandong Acrobatic Troupe performing amazing physical acts.

Wonderful costumes accentuate the great physical acts of wonder.

Dimitry Chernov juggling in a almost Sci-Fi costume.

Melanie Chy has amazing balance and poise in this beautiful act.

Melanie Chy in her amazing balance and strength act.

Muriel Brugman (Scott & Muriel) in an amazing display of a large production magic act in full view of the audience. AMAZING!

The Flying Cortes Trapeze act was so terrific. Many members fly and do somersaults.

Ysabella Wallenda-Cortes is the youngest member of the act at 10 years old.

Andrey Mantchev not pictured here. A vital member of the BAC ‘DREAM BIG’ Cast.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Big Apple Circus ‘Dream Big’ Creative Team

Renaud Doucet, Andre Barbe, Guest Director/Choreographer, Set and Costume Director

Guillaume Dufresnoy – Artistic Director

Barry Lubin – Consultant

JP Perrueaux – Sound Designer

Mathals Ruegg -Composer

Guy Simard – Lighting Designer

Rob Slowik – Musical Director

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For tickets go to this site. TICKETS

For more information or schedule go to this site. INFORMATION.

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © 2011 Jim Moore

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Circus Clown Music NYGoofs Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

An interview with Dick Monday – Clown, educator, cofounder NYGoofs

I was very interested in hearing the history of the NYGoofs. I had seen the name around for years and knew a few performers that worked with them. Finally a few years ago I began documenting their shows.

(Thanks to original Goofs member Hilary Chaplain)

Located at the Flea Theater in Lower Manhattan, the NYGoofs held a ‘Clown School‘ that lasted between one and two weeks two times a year.

Many aspiring clowns, comedians, actors and other physically trained movement performers take these classes. The second year I photographed the workshops they had Avner The Eccentric teaching as well as Dick Monday and his wife Tiffany Riley, Hovey Burgess, Barry Lubin, Jay Stewart, Hilary Chaplain and many others.

This year I wanted to get more information about the origins of the group and hear what Dick Monday had to say about this ‘clown venture’ that has lasted quite a few years!

Here is an interview that covers all that and more. I enjoyed working with Dick, Tiffany, Chet and Lily as well as the entire cast of performers that did the

WATER FOR CLOWNS show this year. Go here for photographs and more information on that show.

Dick Monday Interview


Recently Dick and Tiffany sat for me to do a portrait for my Clown Un_Mask series.

This video can NOT be Embedded to play on other sites!

Circus Clown Performing Arts Photography Video

Excerpt – A video interview with Dick Monday – NY Goofs cofounder.

I had a chance to do a video interview with NYGOOFS co-founder Dick Monday at the Flea Theatre while he was preparing for the WATER FOR CLOWNS show.

I haven’t finished editing the whole 20 minutes but wanted to put up an excerpt.



Circus Clown Performing Arts Photography The Clown Un_Mask Variety Arts

The Clown Un_Mask – Dick Monday

Dick Monday founded The New York Goofs with wife Tiffany Riley.

Dick Monday in one of his eccentric moments juggling cigar boxes in the NY Goofs show.

Dick Monday performed with GRANDMA (Barry Lubin) as his partner when they both were with Ringling Brothers Circus.

Here is a video clip (Thanks to Pat Cashin’s Clown Alley blog) of Dick and Barry performing together in 1986.

During the years 1994 to 1998 Dick was the Director of Clown College for The Feld Entertainment Company.

He recruited, trained and created clowns to perform with The Greatest Show on Earth.

Dick and Tiffany split their time between Dallas and New York. (Mostly Dallas!) Between bring up two children and performing in hospitals and other venues in Dallas they are quite busy!

I just finished doing a video interview with Dick Monday about the NY Goofs and it’s history.

Coming SOON!

While researching for this post I found a quote from Dick that I thought was great!

“Utilizing the power of laughter to uplift the spirits of humanity is a huge responsibility and one that historically has been left to the clown. As a clown, I gladly accept this challenge and will strive to parody the power and enlighten the people where ever and when ever it is called for. This is what I do for a living. I’m also good at Ping Pong.”   –  Dick Monday