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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – Quarantine Edition – June 1st, 2020

Host Keith Nelson opens the show with an introduction of the acts.

The Bindlestiff Open Stage introduced a ‘new’ camera angle.

Steve Langley performed a wonderful ‘bubble’ production act.

Steve created a ‘bubble’ merry-go-round with his equipment.

Pinkie Special performed a wild ‘hula-hoop’ act.

Bruke had his hands full with a delightfully agile hat juggling act.

Professor DR Schreober took us back in time with some fun period magic.

Larry Vee did the rolla-bolla, hula-hoop, spinning a ball and juggling another.

Stephanie Monseu encouraged the viewers to take the survey.

Chase Culp performed with musical cow bells and played them well.

Hovey Burgess talked about the ‘shot from canon’ act that was in the circus for so many years.

Marcus Monroe juggled illuminated and regular clubs and told some ‘one-liners.

Kyla performed a beautiful aerial act.

The Coronel Sisters from Peru had the most amazing balancing skills on the balls.

Tune in Next Monday for another Bindlestiff Open Stage show!

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Canal Park Playhouse Clown Magic Performing Arts Photography

Avner the Eccentric – “Exceptions to Gravity” – Canal Park Playhouse – March 2013


I hadn’t seen Avner the Eccentric perform in quite a long time. I think it was June 1983 at the First New York Clown Theatre Festival. His show was delightfully simple and very funny! At close range (Canal Park Playhouse is a very intimate theatre) Avner was able to relate to the audience in a very unique and personal way.

Avner the Eccentric at Canal Park PlayhouseAvner enchants the audience with his charm.

Avner balancing a featherBalancing a feather never looked so easy.

Avner trying to work with a ladder in the show.Working with a ladder in the show never looked so difficult but very funny.

Avner looks at the audience with a question.Avner looks at the audience with a question in his mind and his ears bend over.

Avner and his famous napkin eating routine.Avner salutes the audience while enjoying a plate full of napkins.

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Avner the Eccentric’s show “Exceptions to Gravitiy” is full of surprises. Lots of fun for any age or intellectual capacity.




Go here for more information and ticket info

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