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Dixon Place Donor Dinner – Sept 20th, 2015


honoring James Lecesne, Virginia Louloudes and Emily Morgan

What is Dixon Place?

Dixon Place, an artistic incubator since 1986, is a non-profit institution committed to supporting the creative process by presenting original works of theater, dance, music, puppetry, circus arts, literature & visual art at all stages of development. Presenting over 1000 creators a year, this local haven inspires & encourages diverse artists of all stripes & callings to take risks, generate new ideas & consummate new practices.

The artist’s experience is given top priority through our professional atmosphere and remuneration, and their process is enhanced through the reaction of our adventurous audiences. Dixon Place is a local haven for creativity as well as an international model for the open exploration of the process of creation. If you have work that would be appropriate for Dixon Place, please read our open submissions policy.

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On Sept 20th Dixon Place organized an evening to end all evenings. Entertainment, great food and amazing dessert!

The Dixon Place Donor Dinner is an Annual Event that helps support Dixon Place. With an Auction, dinner, dessert and entertainment.

Here are some photographs from the evening’s festivities.

Master of Ceremonies: Keith Nelson

Performances by:


Monstah Black

David Cale

Nancy Giles

Victor Morales

Shye Sales


* * * * *

Food Creation by:

Michael Howett and Richard Bach

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While walking down the stairs from the Lounge to the Theater I passed the studio which was occupied with the most amazing site.

The Dessert Table!

The Dessetrt Talble at Dixon Place Donor DinnerThe Dixon Place Donor Dinner had ample ‘desserts’ for the audience that attended.

The Auction tables had many items to bid on. Vacations in France, Upstate weekend getaways, Original art work, jewely etc.

Dixon Place Donor Dinner Auction tables.Auction items are previewed in the Lounge before the show.

Ellie Covan at Dixon Place Donor DinnerDixon Place founder and Artistic Director Ellie Covan introduces the evening.

Stew and David Cale sing a duet at Dixon Place Donor DinnerStew and David Cale sing a duet at the beginning of an amazing evening of entertainment.

Nancy Giles performs a piece from her personal experiences.Nancy Giles performs a hysterically funny piece from her personal experiences.

Keith Nelson MC the show and performed some wonderful classic vaudeville routines.Keith Nelson MC’ed the show and performed some wonderful classic vaudeville routines.

David Cale at Dixon Place Donor DiinnerDavid Cale performs a wonderful story about his days working in a record store in the UK.

James Lecesne at Dixon Place Donor DinnerJames Lecesne receives the Dixon Place Honor Award.

Virginia Louloudes at Dixon Place Donor DinnerVirginia Louloudes receives the Dixon Place Honor Award.

Emile Morgan speaks after receiving the Honor Award.Emily Morgan speaks after receiving the Dixon Place Honor Award.

Monstah Black performs a wild costumed piece.Monstah Black performs a wild costumed piece.

Shye Sales performs a beautiful love rap poem.Shye Sales performs a beautiful love rap poem.

2015.09.20_DP.245Dixon Place Board Member Eric Jensen celebrates his birthday with a lineup of candles to blow out.

A solo performance from ANIMALS with an excerpt from their upcoming show “CHASE: What Matters Most”.

2015.09.20_DP.253The cake at my table was so delicious! It was created by Dixon Place’s own Michael Griffith.

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For more information on or to contribute to Dixon Place please visit their website HERE! 

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PS122 – “AVANT-GARDE-ARAMA” @ Abrons Arts Center – Fri/Sat, May 1st,2nd, 2015

On May 1st and 2nd Abrons Arts Center hosted the ever so popular PS122 show Avant-Garde-Arama. Curated by Salley May and featuring numerous downtown performance artist. Friday night was hosted by Erin Markey and Penny Arcade and Sat night was hosted by Erin Markey and Carmelita Tropicana. The list of performers is as follows:
Friday night: Jennifer Miller & John Jasperse, Animals, niv Acosta, Theodora Skipitares, Rebecca Patek, The Ballez by Katy Pyle, Ismael Houston-Jones.
Sat night: John Fleck, Uzi Parnes and Ela Troyano, Half Straddle, Martha Wilson, Travis Chamberlain (for Jennifer Monsoon) Holly Hughes, Jack Ferver, Yin Yue Dance and the Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure.
This video is the OPENING sequence of both nights!


 Here are some memorable images from both nights!

2015.05.01_AGA.033Salley May busts thru the “Social Reform” tissue and starts to cause havoc to society.

R2015.05.01_AGA.575Co-Hostesses Erin Markey and Penny Arcade start the show off right.

Representing ‘Movement Research’ – Jennifer Miller and John Jasperse in a dance duo.

2015.05.01_AGA.562Representing Dixon Place – ‘Animals’ performance group.

Representing PS122 – niv Acosta performed a ‘sing along’ with the audience.

2015.05.01_AGA.099Representing LaMama – Theodora Skipitares was projected on a video screen while 2 puppeteers performed on stage.

2015.05.01_AGA.147Representing BAX – The Ballez Dance duo with Katy Pyle

Representing Movement Research – Ishmael Houston-Jones dance a wonderful solo blindfolded.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2015.05.02_AGA.2.180Carmelita Tropicana and Erin Markey hosted the Saturday night show with Salley May pitching in.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.30.34 AMRepresenting LaMama – John Fleck performed a lovely solo with flashlight and courage.

Representing The Bushwick Starr – Emile Owens performed a solo on behalf of Half Straddle.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 2.36.01 AMxxxRepresenting Franklin Furnace – Martha Wilson performed as Tipper Gore.

2015.05.02_AGA.2.015Representing The New Museum – Travis Chamberlain (for Jennifer Monson) charmed the audience into moving in the theater.

2015.05.02_AGA.2.025Representing WOW – Holly Hughes performed a monolog.

2015.05.02_AGA.2.063Representing Abrons Arts Center – Jack Ferver with Reid Bartelme performed a ‘spoken word’ dance duo.

Representing Russell Projects – Yin Yue Dance company did a beautiful piece.

Also present in the show was:

Representing The Chocolate Factory – Rebecca Patek

Representing The Performing Garage/Wooster Group – The Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Video of John Fleck, Yin Yue Dance, Half Straddle, Jack Ferver and Martha Wilson to coming soon!


Cabaret Circus Comedy Dance Dixon Place Film Juggling Magic Mime Music Performing Arts Photography Physical Theater Variety Arts

Dixon Place – A Wonderful Place to see Art, Theater, Poetry, Circus, Aerial, etc.

DixonPlace6This is Dixon Place in 1989. A small store front on East 1st that was home to many performers and writers.

Tom Murrin and Jim TurnerTwo of Dixon Place’s regular performers were Tom Murrin (Alien Comic) and Jim Turner in 1989.

Jim Turner performing at Dixon Place in 1989.Jim Turner performing at Dixon Place in 1989.

Rae C Wright at Dixon PlaceRae C Wright performing at a Benefit for Dixon Place at DTW in 1989.

Reno at Dixon PlacePolitical comic and all around hysterical social commentator RENO at the Benefit for Dixon Place at DTW in 1989.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 5.58.43 PMAnd the new DIXON PLACE is so lovely. Located at 161 Chrystie St. in Lower Manhattan. Theater, Bar and Cabaret. Come visit!

Kevin Augustine at Dixon PlaceKevin Augustine performing in his original piece “Hobo Grunt Cycle” at Dixon Place this past Feb. This piece was a commission by Dixon Place.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 6.06.49 PMAmazing juggler Sean Blue performing at the “No Holds Barred” Variety Show at Dixon Place in June 2013.

The Animals Performance group at Dixon Place

A visual/poem performance piece dedicated to the art/words of Dadaist Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven performed by Animals Performance Group.

Gregg Mozgala performing at Dixon Place.Gregg Mozgala performing in an original adaptation of “THE PENALTY” by Clay Mcleod Chapman. Commissioned by Dixon Place.

Keith Nelson of Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety ShowAnd Keith Nelson of Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show that happens the first Monday of every Month at Dixon Place.

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Dixon Place, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1986 to provide a space for literary and performing artists to create and develop new works in front of a live audience. Our mission to support and nurture the development of new work and work in progress  from diverse artists and to build new audiences for the work.

More on Dixon Place’s Mission

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