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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue – Feb. 6th, 2017 @ Dixon Place


Hosting the evening’s entertainment was ‘Magic Brian‘.

First up was the ‘Amazing HouDino’ performing a wonderful card trick with his father Magic Brian.

HouDino carefully selected a card as audience volunteer looks on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Penelope the Clown carried a cinder block on stage. WOW..must have been heavy.

Albert Kirchner does some funny standup material.

Ellia Bisker and Adam Kuchler  perform a lovely duet with uke and bells.

The Flying Luango Brothers performed a musically accompanied escape/magic act.

Christie Cahill and Amy Schulster perform a wonderful aerial act.

Magic Brian places HouDino on the stage with his ‘straight jacket’ sweater ready to escape.

HouDino escapes the ‘straight jacket’ sweater with time to spare and a nice smile.

Magic Brian moves the show along with the classic ‘linking rings’ routine. 

Ambrose gets an audience member to ‘nose up’ and hands him a whip cream pie.

Ambrose gets the pie in the face as both he and the audience member laugh.

Carol Sirugo performs a solo piece about mountain ranger guide.

Greg Dubin performs the lovely classic magic routine ‘cups and balls‘.

Jerline Custa performs 3 ball juggling on the unicycle.

Lucy Shelby performs a ‘political’ piece with an audience member.

Maks and Skyttles perform an enchanting aerial drama.

Curtain call for the cast and MC of the Feb 2017 Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Revue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dance Dixon Place Juggling Music No Hold Barred Variety Show Photography

‘No Holds Barred Variety Show” – Dixon Place – Sept 30th, 2013

What a great show!

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.024Opening musical number was an original song “No Holds Barred” with entire cast singing.

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.030Curated and hosted by Cody Schreger

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.047Andrew Foster was first to present his piece. Mixed media projection with aerial acrobatics. ( He is actually a photographer)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.091Karen A. Fuhrman and her daughter Phoenix share the stage in a wonderful performance piece.

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.074Phoenix leads the audience in an overwhelming applause for her and her Mom Karen’s  performance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Master manipulator/juggler Sean Blue always shows new work and astounds the audience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_023Lisa Natoli performed a beautiful ‘improv’ for the audience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.209Amy Schulster held the audience spell bound with her graceful trapeze work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_073Joseph Mulholland performed original poems like an actor in a play

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_082Wendy Reinert performed her act with a dancer’s grace on the rope.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_052Monika Smith performed an original dance that was hypnotic.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.270Eli Bridges (Bodhi on percussion)sang a few wonderful original songs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.30._NoHldsBrd.258Australian singer Stephanie  does original song.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.09.30.NoHldsBrd_146Cody Schreger and Aidan O’Shea performed on the ‘tippy lyra’ in a sexy and very skilled piece.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on NO HOLDS BARRED go here.