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The many faces of Joel Jeske – A review….of sorts~

I have had the ultimate pleasure of photographing and videotaping  Joel Jeske in many shows and moods in many venues over the past several years. I will attempt to post here a collection of images and such to reflect his incredible talents and charm.

Currently, he appears in the Big Apple Circus show “The Grand Tour” at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

But wait…he does not only appear on the show but he also Wrote and Created the show with direction by Parallel Exit’s Mark Lonergan.

Also, the clown material for this show was created by Joel Jeske. He performs the material along with the delightful Brent McBeth.

(these are not chronological)

First. Here is my Clown Un_Mask shot of Joel.

Joel Jeske in the Clown Un_Mask series.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.11.54 PMNext is a still from a video I did of Joel talking about ‘what is funny‘ in Sept 2011.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joel Jeske at Dixon PlaceJoel Jeske performing at the New York Downtown Clown Review at Dixon Place in Sept. 2012.

Joel Jeske opens his piece – “I have seen over 16 midgets today and it’s only Monday” by yelling the title at the audience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.14.12 PMJoel Jeske performing at the AMUSE BOUCHE Festival at The Brick in Sept. 2011

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Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.09.32 PMParallel Exit’s “MOVE IT” show at Canal Park Playhouse in April 2013

Joel Jeske reads from his index cards all the qualities of his likes and dislikes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

JOELCLOWNJESKEJoel is performing at the New York Downtown Clown Revue at Under St. Marks Place in 2011.

JOEL_Rm17bJESKE Joel Jeske performing in the hysterically funny and successful Parallel Exit show “Room 17b”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.16.10 PMJoel Jeske and Mark Lonergan of Parallel Exit talk about their upcoming physical comedy workshop in this video.

March 2013 workshop video here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.03.23 PMBrent McBeth and Joel Jeske in a scene from the current Big Apple Circus show “The Grand Tour”.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.02.26 PM Joel Jeske and ringmaster John Kennedy Kane perform the ‘Red Nose Transplant’.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.04.45 PMJoel Jeske looks quite disturbed in this fantastic version of musical chairs with audience members.

Brent McBeth is seen behind Joel directing the Big Apple Circus Band. Did Joel lose this contest?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I expect to experience much more mirth and joy from Joel Jeske and hope to have to photograph it as well.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do yourself a favor and see Joel Jeske perform live at The Big Apple Circus. Now till Jan 10th, 2016

Clown Performing Arts Photography The Clown Un_Mask Variety Arts

The Clown Un_Mask – Mark Gindick

Mark Gindick sitting in my hallway after our long discussion about Clowns.

Mark Gindick playing an ‘air guitar’ during his one man show ‘WINGMAN’ recently performed at “Amuse Bouche 2011”.

Mark had his own idea about how to find romance in his one man show “WINGMAN”.

Mark dancing up a storm in the Big Apple Circus production of “Dance On”.

Mark has appeared in films, one-man shows and taught. Click here to find out all the goodies!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Clown Performing Arts Photography The Clown Un_Mask Variety Arts

The Clown Un_Mask – Hew Parham

Hew Parham visiting Brooklyn from Australia.

Hew Parham performing his one-man show “Odyssey Schmodyssey” at The New York Clown Theatre Festival.

His show involves many characters and emotions all performed like a great abstract impressionist painting.

The show was part of the ‘Amuse Bouche 2011’ series at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The show was conceived and performed by Hew Parham and Directed by Tina Mitchell.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Dance Mime Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

2011 – Joel Jeske’s I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE – Amuse Bouche

A Clown Experiment  of High Risk and Humiliation

Joel Jeske greeted the audience from behind his suitcase with title cards.

When the audience didn’t respond to his ‘Title Card” vocally he directed them to do so.

Joel handed out clip boards and pens to the audience members (Mask Maker Stanley Allan Sherman) and proceeded to time them.

An audience member (Triskelion Executive Director Abby Bender) helps Joel Jeske gets his balloons in his suit.

He certainly hasn’t done this before!


With helmut and glasses he is ready to take to the skies.

Singing a uke song with assistance from the audience holding his song book.

Joel Jeske is certainly a very funny man!

Grabbing another audience member by demonstratively pointing them out.

The show ended on a high note with a ‘pillow fight’ between audience members.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is Joel performing “I Will Survive” at the Amuse Bouche.

2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

2011 – Channel One – Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith – Amuse Bouche

A warm and welcoming duo meet and greet the audience.

Ishah Janssen-Faith acting up in a character like fashion.

Emily James loves to blow bubbles at the audience in the “Bubble Buster’ piece.

Ishah Janssen-Faith as the sexy and delirious game show host ‘Monica’.

Emily James plays her ‘disconnected’ assistant.

When Monica gets going on her show you better watch out!

Emily James performs her wild and crazy accordion wielding Love Songstress.

Emily James performs her ‘mystic’ exorcist medium.

If you need a good laugh you should try and catch these two when they perform near you!


Written and performed by Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith

Creative Adviser: Richard Crawford

Writing Adviser: Elena Zucker

Lighting Designer: John Wilder

Seamstress: Elya Yerushalmy

Set Designers: Billy Schultz and Mike Campbell

Jingle Mix: Dewey Caddell

Title Card Artist: Marisa Manso

You can always find them here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

“What is Funny” A commentary by clown, physical comedian Joel Jeske

Joel Jeske will be performing his one man show I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE at the Amuse Bouche: NY Clown Theatre Festival presented at The Brick Theater. Tickets can be purchased here.

2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

2011 – Tivo la Resistance! – Logic Limited, Ltd’s at the NY Clown Theater Festival

Enter the theatre and a trio of performers greet you with Dunkin Donut ‘Munchkins’ and lemonade. They take your name and immediately affix a name tag on your clothing. A lovely greeting to be a member of the ‘Underground’ meeting soon to take place.

Philip (Chris Arruda) offers an audience member some lemonade upon entering the theatre.

Karen (Sandi Carroll) Philip, and Stuart(Brad Fraizier) facing off with the audience after an amazing rolling chair routine by Stuart.

Suddenly a ‘TOP SECRET’ box is lowered down to the stage from the skies mysteriously.

Out of the box Karen finds a ‘TOP SECRET’ tape. The other members look on.

Philip O’Hara (Chris Arruda) points to a member of the audience.

Karen (Sandi Carroll) practices some ordinary facial disguises for the audience to see.

The members try and hang a banner and it turns out to be not so easy.

Karen tries to recruit a new member into the group with not much luck.

In the dark with only helmut flashlights they search the stage for clues.

They take the well deserved ‘curtain call’.

This show was a wonderful change of pace for the festival.

Performed my Chris Arruda, Sandi Carroll and Brad Fraizer.

With additional direction by Jane Nichols and Matt Steiner.




2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

2011 “Morro and Jasp GONE WILD – NY Clown Theater Festival

Toronto duo Morro and Jasp are BACK!

And they are going WILD!

The show is a roller coaster ride for both the performers and the audience.

HIgh energy clown trip for spring break. One can only imagine what can happen?

I have illustrated the evening activities with a few choice photographs to give you an idea.

Using a frisbee as her steering wheel they begin their journey to the other side of reality.

A cell phone call sets Morro off.

Jasp looks for help when she realizes her traveling partner Morro has died. (so she thinks!)

Jasp tries to explain to the audience about her new found understanding of Maslow.

Morro demonstrates to Jasp her erotic love of Barbie.

Jasp tries to contain Morro’s wild energy bursts.

The audience has no time to rest as Jasp sits in an audience members lap.

Morro douces the tank tops with beer. Audience member stands by trying to stay dry.

Morro decides to enter a ‘wet t-shirt’ contest.

After all is said and done (the adventure finally ends!) it is comforting to know you have a good friend.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The NY Clown Theater Festival is held at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Mask Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts Video

2011 ‘Odyssey Schmodyssey’ – Hew Parham at the NY Clown Theater Festival

Hew Parham in one of his many incarnations on stage during his ‘Odyssey Schmodyssey’.

Schmoo is born and has to deal with his loneliness, insecurities and demons.

Schmoo has a talk with his beloved ‘Petal’ on the deserted island.

Schmoo has trouble dealing with the idols, fears, beliefs and insecurities of being alone.

An audience member awards Schmoo (Hew Parham) with a ‘I Love NY’ T shirt.

2011 'Amuse Bouche' NY Clown Theatre Festival Clown Dance Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts

Amuse Bouche: The NY Clown Theatre Festival – Clown Cabaret 9/14/11

Hosted by the hilarously entertaining DONOVAN ENSEMBLE. (L Johnnie Niel R. Joe Kolbow)

Starting the evening off was The Donovan Ensemble’s  7 minutes version of Madam Butterfly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emily Carragher

Trying to get a ‘head start’ on dancing. She picks an audience member to experiment her new found skills.

A great dance partner is one that can save you from the world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With charm, charisma and a great sense of timing Joe Kolbow moves the show along nicely.

Johnnie Niel (Donovan Ensemble) does a little interpretive dance to liven up the crowd.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vincenzo Tortorici

A delightful interpretation of Brecht‘s “Baden Lehrst” or Mr. Smith and Friends by Vincenzo Tortorici.

A dismal attempt by the puppet to end his worries of discomfort and concern.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Name that Year! An Audience Participation Game

Joe Kolbow asks audience member Sophia Nimmannit to answer the question. “What year was this song popular?”

Johnnie Niel helps Sophie by dancing a ‘cheerleader’ number but with gravity defying skill.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Morro and Jasp

An excerpt from their upcoming show ‘Morro and Jasp Gone Wild‘.

Gone Wild is certainly an appropiate title for their new show!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hilary Chaplain

In her new piece ‘Fred Goes Fishing’ Hilary Chaplain finds Fred without a meal he had counted on.

Fred catches a fish but he seems to befriend it is more his style than to eat it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lynn Berg

As Lynn Berg‘s daredevil character ‘Awful Knofel’ a can of beer is certainly not out of place!

Awful Knofel finds a place in his heart for America’s #1 sweetheart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another hysterical ‘disco’ dance number by Johnnie Niel.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Leo and  Jay Dunn

‘Handshake Uppercut’ is the name of this movement piece by John Leo and Jay Dunn.

Jay Dunn lurking at the audience as John Leo follows behind.

John Leo eats an apple from an audience member’s hand.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Donovan Ensemble closing the show with a lovely show tune.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Curtain call for the entire cast of performers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next AMUSE BOUCHE CABARET is happening on Wed. Sept 21st at 8pm. Hosted by Audrey Crabtree and Robert Honeywell.

MAKE SURE YOU GET A SEAT! Buy a ticket here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS © 2011 Jim Moore