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Photographs from IN/SIGHTS – Julie Goell

 Julie Goell

Julie Goell

“As Lena, an old-world urchin, I audition for the legendary Mr. Big Time in my one-woman show, Woman in a Suitcase.”

~ ~ Julie Goell

Photographed at The New York Clown Theater Festival (circa 1983)

Here is a link to Julie’s wonderful book “Life in a Clown House“.

Life in a Clown House

“Written with an improviser’s freedom, a clown’s humility and a poet’s potency, Life in a Clown House is a deeply life-affirming invitation to move and to be moved. In “The Manual” Julie outlines a series of valuable exercises to prime performers for play, discovery and transformation. In “The Memoir” she reminds us to all to embrace the game, especially as the rules change.”
AMANDA HUOTARI, Artistic Director, Celebration Barn Theater

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Celebration Barn – “Summer Finale” show. August 30th, 2013

Great night of original material created at Celebration Barn during the summer months.Fritz Grobe host the Summer Finale show at Celebration BarnFritz Grobe hosted the SUMMER FINALE show with a ‘clenched fist’.

Amanda Huotari performs her 'melodrama' at Celebration Barn .Amanda Huotari performs her ‘melodrama’ character DOLCE inviting an audience member to join her on stage.

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.040DOLCE (Amanda Huotari) caresses the audience member during the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.080Hilary Chaplain performs her piece “Classically Trained Musician” at the Summer Finale show.

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.088Talking to a ‘close friend’ during the performance of her piece. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.107Daniel Gaines performs his mime piece “Under the Big Top”

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.115Opening the mouth of the lion to insert his head as a lion trainer in his piece

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.119Aaron Tucker  performs an improv  “The Birthday Party” that was hysterical and surreal.

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.126In “The Birthday Party”  Aaron discovers a long hair in his piece of cake and is rather repulsed by the idea.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hilary Chaplain performing at the Celebration Barn Summer Finale ShowHilary Chaplain performing her “Classically Trained Singer” piece.

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.141Chaos breaks out for the singer when her shoe heel breaks. Just the beginning of bedlam for her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

David Gaines performs his SEVEN SUMURAI piece.David Gaines performs his SEVEN SUMURAI piece.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hilary Chaplain in her Snow White piece.Hilary Chaplain performed a new piece about the myth of Snow White.

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.184After the umbilical cord breaks the baby is alone with Snow White.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rene Johnson performs a very personal piece.Rene Johnson performs a new and very personal piece.

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.211After donning a new pair of heels Rene tells a story that is strong and vulnerable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.233Amanda Huotari requests the help of audience member Deborah Monlux to play the villain and tie her hands up while wearing a beard.

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.250Dolce (Amanda Huotari) and audience volunteer help shoot the bearded villain.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.259Fritz Grobe and Hilary Chaplain in “World’s Greatest Squeezers”.

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.266Hilary gets another chance to ‘squeeze’ a very sensitive part of Fritz.

2013.08.30_CeleBrn.283Fritz and Hilary rollick on the floor ‘squeezing’ one another in the final piece of the show.

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2013.08.30_CeleBrn.288Cast Curtain Call at Season Finale at Celebration Barn 2013.

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For more information on workshops and upcoming performances visit their website here.

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“The Fabulous Problemas” at Celebration Barn Theater – South Paris, Maine

It’s a criminal comedy featuring Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia and Aaron Tucker. Three squirtgun-slinging desperadoes swindle and seduce their way into the greatest heist of all time.

A very funny show spoofing the heist and criminal movies. Here are some visual highlights from Friday’s show at Celebration Barn.

Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia and Aaron Tucker in The Fabulous Problemas.Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia and Aaron Tucker in disguise (of course) opens the show.

Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia and Aaron TuckerAaron Tucker(top) Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia getting too close for comfort.

Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia feeling the real thing.After much involvement together these two find time to reflect on what is happening.

Aaron Tucker (with banana) Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia.Aaron Tucker (with banana) Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia in a moment of true surreal comedy.

Aaron Tucker (with banana) Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia.Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia and Aaron Tucker toking their water pistols.

Aaron Tucker , Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia.Aaron Tucker holds his imaginary pistol while his two cohorts ignore the real issues at hand and kiss one another.

Daniel Orrantia.(in flight) Aaron Tucker, Amanda Huotari, Daniel Orrantia.(in flight) Aaron Tucker, Amanda Huotari.

The show closes as it disquise.The show closes as it begins…in disquise.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Fabulous Problemas was directed by Davis Robinson

For more information about The Celebration Barn shows or workshops go here.