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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – Quarantine Edition – April 27, 2020

April 27th was a great night to be home watching the Bindlestiff Open Stage Quarantine Edition Variety show. A wonderful lineup and so much talent on the screen. (Usually presented as a LIVE SHOW!)

Keith Nelson introduces the show and the evenings festivities.

Joe Barney performed a little ‘carny’ magic with 3 rubber frogs.

Olivia Porter performed a wonderful eccentric dance/mime performance piece with a beer bottle.

Catskill Kenny (Kenny Raskin) told a few corny jokes and then sang some wonderful songs with his ukulele. This song we could certainly enjoy now!

Dan Wasdahl performed several amazing stunts all at once. Juggling clubs, hula-hoop, spinning a ball on a mouth stick and Rolla-Bolla.

Host Keith Nelson introduced to the viewers an age-old stunt. The spinning top.

The Fleet Family 5 performed a straight jacket ‘mass-escape’ by the 3 boys. Put in the straight jackets and then into cardboard boxes and then taped shut! (they had flashlights!) They escaped quickly and with lots of ‘pizazz’.

Beth Beauary performed a beautiful aerial silk act.

Stephanie Monseu celestially invites the viewers to participate in an online survey.

Edge Szumowski performed a magical illuminated ‘chinese yoyo‘ act.

Adam Gertsakov performed the ‘The Barbie Oedipus”.

Keith attempts the Kendama-Blockhead stunt again! Maybe next week?

Gena Schvartsman Cristiani performed an amazing act with clubs, hats and balls.

Keith celebrated Ellia Bisker‘s birthday by playing ‘Happy Birthday’ on the nose flute.

And then (with the help of a confederate) gave Ellia a wonderful Bindlestiff tradition – Pie in the Face!

To make a donation (helps pay the performers who are currently our of work) please use the above modern methods of payment.

That’s all for now folks!

Tune in next Monday at 7:30 pm for another Bindlestiff Open Stage Quarantine Variety Show!

Thanks for viewing the show and for donating to the cause.

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Adam Gertsacov – “Buffoon Anonymous: 12 Steps to Inanity” – NY Clown Theatre Festival

The NY Clown Theatre Festival brochure read:

Buffoon Anonymous: 12 Steps to Inanity

“A fictional autobiographical  story about a clown who needs to quit – and can’t”

It was so much more!

Buffoon Anonymous: 12 Steps to Inanity

Written and performed by Adam G. Gertsacov

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizas – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

Gabriela Munoz performed the piece called Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizas.

Here is an interview I did with her at Goods Restaurant across the street from The Brick Theatre.

Interview with Gabriela Munoz of ClownMeIn from Jim Moore on Vimeo.

When the lights come up on the character in PERHAPS, PERHAPS, QUIZAS we see her dressed in a wedding gown eating away at a cake.

Alone and thinking about a relationship.

She rolls out a roll of toilet paper and has a carpet to pretend to ‘walk the aisle’.

She found the man of her dreams in a willing audience member. (Adam Gertsacov)

He is ready, willing and able but she isn’t sure..for sure!

She knew it was coming all along. The perfect dream sometimes does not come true.

Who will be the ‘lucky’ gal?

A wonderful performance by Gabriela Munoz. Hope to see her in NY again soon!