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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – Quarantine Edition – April 13, 2020

The second week of The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – Quarantine Edition was so much fun. Now we get to see all this great talent every Monday instead of waiting for a whole month. Of course, I miss the LIVE performance at Dixon Place but in the meantime, this is so special! Screengrabs are certainly not a good replacement for good quality camera files but we have to live with what we have at the moment. Here goes week #2!

Keith Nelson opened the show with his ‘Chinese yoyo‘ act. Here is the wonderful top spinning meditation. How long could you look at a top spinning?

Book Kennison juggled with a ceiling secured camera so the viewers had a curious angle to view his juggling routine. Original music and unique viewing angle.

Filling in for another act Michael Rosman performs a rather complicated stunt. Lighting a gasoline-soaked marshmallow that’s sitting on his shoe with his flaming ukelele and then kicking the marshmallow up to be caught by the Nutella spread on a graham cracker he is holding in his mouth. It all worked out well! Thanks for that Michael!

Tyler West is one of my favorite performers. He always gives his show 100% no matter what. Tonight he performed a ‘pantomime’ with an Eric Satie soundtrack. It was surreal and lovely. Great skills mixed with emotion and joy.

Cardone performed a wonderful array of great card manipulations. A master card trick magician (among other great magic skills) and ventriloquist.

Rachel Hipszer balanced on her hands (did an amazing one-arm planche) and many other amazingly beautiful acrobatic skills.

Keith Nelson never stops amazing me with all of his skills. Always learning new routines and doing them so wonderfully. Here he balances 4 delicate glasses on a 3 layer pyramid.

Pinch and Squeal (Jason and Danielle Tilk) performed a lovely duet singing and playing the banjolele (cross between a ukulele and banjo) and accordion.

Paprika Leaverton performed some lovely hat tricks and magic for the viewers.

Coney Island Chris (Chris Alison) stunned the viewers with his strange ‘eating glass’ stunt. Chewing on a GE light bulb and swallowing the glass particles was both strange and funny. He claims to have learned his skills in a ‘How-to internet Sideshow course’.

The entire production of The Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show – Quarantine Edition depends on donations from the fans viewing the show. Here are the methods you can use to help make this wonderful tradition continue weekly during this quarantined time!

If YOU want to participate as a PERFORMER in this show contact Keith at the email address above. Always open to new acts from all over the world!

Elizabeth Munn performed a hysterical romp singing and dancing in her narrow hallway. Performing upside down on a chinning bar and all the time keeping up her song.

Here is Elizabeth in the last moments of her song!

Thanks to all of the folks that made this wonderful show possible!

Next Monday at 7:30pm! The show must go on no matter what!

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Cardone’s ‘Spook Show’ Comes to Dixon Place

~  The House Of Ghostly Haunts ~

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Just in time for Halloween, Dixon Place and Vaudevisuals present legendary punk rock magician Cardone in his vintage spookshow The House of Ghostly Haunts. The show will be performed for one night only on October 30, 2018.

A master magician with remarkable sideshow flair, Cardone moves seamlessly from magic to mentalism to ventriloquism, offering an unforgettable evening of astonishing illusions and a few spine-tingling scares. The show revives the spookshows of yesteryear for a 21st century audience, with Cardone swallowing razor blades, escaping from a strait jacket, and performing dangerous feats and astounding acts of prestidigitation before unleashing a parade of poltergeists in a spooktacular blackout finale.

Begun in the 1930s by the magician Elwin-Charles Peck, early spookshows turned spiritualism into and evening of entertainment. Instead of a serious attempt to communicate with dead loved ones, the illusions associated with spiritualism were presented as eerie tricks and harmless scares. Later, spookshows moved to movie theatres and started riffing off of B horror films and monster movies. Spiritualist hosts were replaced by mad scientists and spookshows became more gruesome with decapitations, limb severing, and impalement. By the 1960s the gimmicky tricks of the spookshow started to seem quaint, and after The Exorcist, the nature of horror movies changed dramatically. Audiences disappeared and spookshows vanished from popular entertainment.

Bringing back the spookshow tradition with The House of Ghostly Haunts, Cardone serves up a madcap night of macabre illusions. A hybrid of magic, horror, and sideshow banter, The House of Ghostly Haunts is a family-friendly interactive show full of chuckles and chills.


~ ~ ~

Cardone is an award winning magician, escape artist, and ventriloquist. The first person to perform the deadly Milk Can Escape at Coney Island USA, he was inducted in the prestigious “Order of Merlin” from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

An artistic incubator since 1986, Dixon Place is a Bessie and Obie Award-winning non-profit institution committed to supporting the creative process by presenting original works of theater, dance, music, puppetry, circus arts, literature & visual art at all stages of development. celebrates the eccentric performance arts and is led by Jim Moore an American photographer who has documented the variety arts since the 1970s. His photographs helped Philippe Petit plan his tightrope-walking stunt between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974 and were prominently featured in the Oscar-winning film Man on Wire. In November, “”, the chronicle of ‘eccentric’ performing arts will be 9 years old.

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New York Variety All Stars – @ Coney Island USA – July 17th, 2013

What great chemistry this trio has! Talent, charm and pizazz!

Cardone kick starts the show with his 'energy'.Cardone kick starts the show with his ‘energy’.

Kryssy Kocktail performs the 'human blockhead' as a show opener!Kryssy Kocktail performs the ‘human blockhead’ as a show opener!

The New York Variety All Stars request that an audience member remove the nails from all their noses.The New York Variety All Stars request that an audience member remove the nails from all their noses.

Adam Realman swallows a few lit cigarettes for the audience.Adam Realman swallows a few lit cigarettes for the audience.

Adam Realman and Kryssy Kocktail swallow swords together.Adam Realman and Kryssy Kocktail swallow swords together.

Sultry Kryssy Kocktail swallows her second balloon with expertise.Sultry Kryssy Kocktail swallows her second balloon with expertise.

Cardone does a wonderful Elvis illusion.Cardone does a wonderful Elvis illusion.

The NY AllStars Cardone and Adam Realman blow fire while Kryssy  looks on!

2013.07.17_AllStars.383Curtain Call for a great show!


More information on the New York Variety All Stars go here.

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TOPSY TURVY – Coney Island Artists and the Amusement Utopia @ Deutsche Bank

Marie A Robert's painting. "Circus Sideshow"Here is a photograph I took of the painting by Marie A. Roberts.  This is the first piece of art you see as you enter the hallway.

Marie A Robert’s painting. “Circus Sideshow”

My visit to the lower level Gallery at the Deutsche Bank building at 60 Wall Street was a far reach from Coney Island!

However, there was a lovely exhibit by some of Coney Island artists on display for this ‘special’ showing last night.

On hand were The New York Variety All Stars to entertain the exhibit viewers.

Adam Realman struggles to bend a large thick nail bare handed.Adam Realman struggles to bend a large thick nail bare handed.

Adam Realman shows off the bent nail.Adam Realman shows off the bent nail.

Cardone mystifies the audience of viewers with his amazing card trick.Cardone mystifies the audience of viewers with his amazing card trick.

I got there too late to get pictures of the other member of the trio Kryssy Kocktail

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The artists being exhibited are as follows: (Click on the link for more information on these artists)

Bambi the Mermaid / Aaron Beebe / Zoe Beloff / Coney Island Hysterical Society / Homer Croy / Richard Egan

William F. Mangels / Philomena Marano / Steve Powers / Marie A. Roberts / Dick D. Zigun

The exhibit can be viewed by Collectors and Curators. Contact Aaron Beebe here. Curator of the Exhibit.

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“The Spook Show” – At the Canal Park Playhouse – Every Tues at 7pm

“Dont’ Worry – Cardone will give you a chance to leave before the most frightening final 10 minutes!”

Printed on the front of the Canal Park Playhouse production of THE SPOOK SHOW with CARDONE!

If you haven’t ever wondered over to the west end of Canal Street you are missing one of the most charming ‘little theaters’ in NYC.

A National Landmark and a Bed and Breakfast with a great little kitchen that makes the most delicious WAFFLES in Lower Manhattan.




CARDONE is a very talented and experienced performer. Not sure if I can label him since he does so many different disciplines so well!



Escape Artist

Dime Museum Curator

Flea Circus Proprietor

Ghost Master

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The evening starts off with Cardone swallowing 3 razor blades and then …

Many moments in the show were ‘amazing’ and Cardone thought they were too!

Here is an audience member assisting Cardone levitate a small table containing the sunglasses of Elvis!

Hypnotizing the audience with the ‘magic spinning wheel’ was great

Cardone fans a deck of cards in front of an audience member so he can pick one!

After revealing the ‘chosen card’ from an envelope he thanks the heavens for another successful trick.

There were so many well done magic tricks in the show I am not sure where to begin listing them

I suggest you see the show INSTEAD!

A young audience member named Kennedy volunteered to go into the ‘time machine’ and his faced aged in front of the audience.

Another audience member helps Cardone get into the ‘straight jacket’ so he can then get out of it!

The evening was filled with fun, magic and surprises. I won’t devulge the ending as it is too much fun not to experience it!

For more information go HERE!

Canal Park Playhouse, 508 Canal Street, New York BY 10013

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Magician “Cardone”.

Originally posted in June 2012!

Cardone was someone I had heard about through my friends in the magic community. I had met him briefly at several events but never saw him perform.

I wanted to speak with him about his work in magic and what inspired him to ‘get into’ magic.

He had accomplished quite a bit in this world and besides performing as a magician, he also performs in a rock band.

He has written a book “The Haunted House Magic Show” (illustrated by fellow magician Stuart Palm).

Here is the interview I did with him at my home in Brooklyn.

Here is a link to his blog and here is a link to his website.

The promotional postcard for his show THE SPOOK SHOW at Canal Park Playhouse.