Contemporary Puppet Theater

Curator: Michal Gamily

Moderator: Cheryl Henson

Panelists: Ralph Lee, Roman Paska, Lake Simons and Amy Trompetter

Examining the contemporary puppet theater from 1970’s to present.

2015.11.21_Puppetry.004Cheryl Henson introduces the evening’s agenda to the audience.

Federico Restrepo talks about his show and the excerpt presented.Federico Restrepo talks to the audience about his show “Undefined Fraction”. 

Lake Simon performs an excerpt from "Wind Set Up".Lake Simons performs an excerpt from “Wind Set Up”.

2015.11.21_Puppetry.015Amy Trompetter talks to the audience about her history performing political theater with puppets.

Roman Paska talks about his work and the 1970's and it;s influeinces.Roman Paska talks about his work and the 1970’s and it’s influences

2015.11.21_Puppetry.033Coffehouse Chronicles #129 participants: L to R – Amy Trompetter, Arthur Adair, Roman Paska, Lake Simons, Michal Gamily, Cheryl Henson, Jane Catherine Shaw, Ralph Lee.


Here are 2 videos which include much of the afternoon’s discussions and videos shown.
Part 1 and Part 2

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