Charles Ludlam – Political Theater Pioneer


Ludlam.3:90Poster for Ridiculous Theatrical Company production of Charles Ludlam play ‘Der Ring Gott Farblonjet‘.

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A wonderful article by Eric Bentley on Charles Ludlam from April 1990 magazine “Theater Week“.

img052NY Times article about Everett Quinton’s “Life After Ludlam“.

To see videos of Charles Ludlam’s work go here.

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Thanks for posting & re-posting Jim!

I first saw Charles Ludlam and his Ridiculous Theatre as they were rehearsing in Jenny Greenberg’s loft in SoHo. I was blown away. At that point I was still wet behind the ears as a 26-year-old actor from the southern prairie only 2 years in New York. Jenny and Albert cast me in Platanov and that was the beginning of my so-called career.
But Ludlam was doing something I had not thought of doing in Oklahoma.

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