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Vaudevisuals interview with BoxCutter Collective

From the Boxcutter Website:

The BoxCutter Collective is made up of a group of puppeteers, bartenders, union organizers, carpenters, musicians, painters, and general trouble makers who have been working together in various forms for the last 10-15 years. Include puppeteers from Bread & Puppet, People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall St., Better than Never Theater, RPM Puppet Conspiracy, Great Small Works, The Rude Mechanical Orchestra and many others…

Video Excerpt from “Exploding Electric Bath”

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May 23rd- American Can Factory, Gowanus, Brooklyn – “Exploding Electric Bath” 8PM

May 31st – “Everything is Fine” –  Jalopy Music Theatre

June 22nd – Coney Island USA Mermaid Parade

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Vaudevisuals interview with Adam Burnett & Lisa Nevada – “T.B. Sheets”

T.B. Sheets – About The Show

Set in a tuberculosis sanatorium on a remote mountainside (not unlike Magic Mountain), a community of terminally ill Ones transcend to an order of living saints and build a spaceship to escape their physical ailments. This dizzying and iconoclastic new work celebrates the power and beauty of the fragile body and the multiplicity and fluidity of identity.

About the Artists

Written by Adam R. Burnett
Co-directed by Lisa Nevada & Adam R. Burnett
Choreography by Lisa Nevada
Original sound & music by Broken Chord
Scenic design by Nicholas Kostner
Lighting, video & puppetry design by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew & Masha Tsimring
Assistant lighting design by Tomas Del Valle
Assistant video design by Katie Pedro
Costume design by Baille Younkman
Production management by Katy Einerson
Stage management by Kathryn Sykes *

Featuring Brady Blevins, Danny Brave, Maybe Burke, Nehassaiu deGannes, Yuki Kawahisa, Daniel Nelson, Colleen O’Neill, Lori Parquet, Tina Shepard, and Moira Stone

Buran Theatre is an NYC-based ensemble of disparate multidisciplinary and intergenerational artists who joyfully and anarchically reconfigure narrative, form, genre, gender, and design to develop and present new performance works. Past productions include The House of Fitzcarraldo, Meile be Akcento, Nightmares: a demonstration of the sublime, Magic Bullets, and Mammoth, among others.

Performance space for this production was subsidized by the A.R.T./New York Theatres Rental Subsidy Fund, a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York).

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For more information and tickets go here!

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“The Wild Party’s Over” – at The Tank – Jennifer Harder and the 3 Gentleman


Directed by Chris Rozzi, Produced by Jennifer Harder

Program made possible, in part, by support from The Tank, Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc. and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

Opening Scene – (Left to Right – Mr. Black – Charley Layton, Queenie – Jennifer Harder, Jackie – Natti Vogel and Burrs –  Stephen Heskett)

Jackie (Natti Vogel)  introduces Queenie (Jennifer Harder) to the audience.

Queenie and her two escorts.

Queenie on her knees in front of Burrs (Stephen Heskett)

Jackie steps out in front of the ‘shadow show’ of other activity in the show while Mr. Black (Charley Layton) plays in the foreground.

Mr. Black (Charley Layton) plays solemnly while the show goes on.

Burrs reading and playing tambourine while Jackie is on keyboards and Mr. Black play guitar.

Queenie looks on as Burrs reads the newspaper.

With eyes closed, Jackie smirks at the events going on.

Jackie consoles Burrs while he is drinking.

Burrs and Queenie laugh it up while drinking.

Queenie sings her heart out.

 Mr. Black dances up a storm with Queenie.

Cast (left to right) Charley Layton, Jennifer Harder, Stephen Heskett and Natti Vogel applaud director Chris Rozzi.

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For written description on this project check out Trav SD’s blog post HERE!

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Check out Vaudevisuals – Review – September 2016

Vaudevisuals Year in ReviewVaudevisuals Year in Review – September 2016

September is always a great month for theater and variety arts. This month I interviewed ‘Collapsing Horse Theater‘ from Dublin, funny man Joel Jeske and magic man Nelson Lugo, teacher/performer Carlos Garcia Estevez, Josh Aviner, Lyndsay Magid, and puppet master Kevin Augustine. A special tribute to performance artist and poet/writer Frank Maya, and the Clown Cabaret at 2016 Clown Theater Festival as well as photographs I took of legendary modern dancer Phoebe Neville. A full length version of Rod Serling‘s “Requiem for a Heavyweight” from it’s original ‘Playhouse 90‘ broadcast in  1956.











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Vaudevisuals interview with Joel Jeske and Nelson Lugo – “Circus Salon”

Circus Salon interview with Joel Jeske and Nelson Lugo

Joel Jeske and Nelson Lugo discuss the upcoming evening “Circus Salon” which is Sept 15th at The Tank!

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2013 – Highlights of the Year

Below is a list of ‘Highlights’ from the 2013 posts.

The categories are all here. Vaudevisuals Interviews, Clown UnMask, Performance documentation, Silent Movies etc.

November 2013 marked the 4th Year Anniversary of Looking forward to what 2014 will bring!


Tammy Faye Starlite @ Joe’s Pub

 Circus Panel Discussion – From Egypt to Eloise @ La Maison Francaise.

Vaudevisuals Interview with Glen Heroy – Talking about Santa

Vaudevisuals Interview with Phoebe Legere

Vaudevisuals Interview with storyteller Slash Coleman

1922 Max Fleischer Animation – Koko Bubbles

Vaudevisuals Interview with Ryan Landry – The Gold Dust Orphans

 Vaudevisuals Interview with Bushwick Starr Artistic Director – Noel Allain

 ‘tinydangerousfun’ at Cloud City

 Vaudevisuals Interview with Jeff Wirth – Interactive Acting

 Scandinavian Clown group ‘Member of our Limbs’ performs at Amuse Bouche

 ‘The Sister Rosettas’ perform at IRT Theater

 Vaudevisuals interview with Celebration Barn board member Fritz Grobe

 Vaudevisuals interview with Hilary Chaplain

 Vaudevisuals interview with actor Jeremy Crutchley and director Geoffrey Hyland

 Vaudevisuals interview with Josh Luxenberg – Co-founder of The Tank

Vaudevisuals Interview with Steven Samuels – ‘Magnetic Field Theater Company’

Kinematik Dance Company performs at The Fringe Festival

Vaudevisuals Interview with Lone Wolf Tribe Artistic Director Kevin Augustine

Vaudevisuals interview with Svea Schnider – Kinematik Dance Company

Vaudevisuals interview with ‘La Piara’ – Mexico City based Clown Troupe

Vaudevisuals Interview with Ben Model – Ernie Kovacs DVD Curator

Alfred Hitchcock’s films BLACKMAIL and EASY VIRTUE.

Vaudevisuals Interview with Clay McCleod Chapman

Charlie Chaplin’s first silent film “Making a Living”.

“Juggle This” – Miller Theater @ Columbia University

Vaudevisuals Interview with Gregg Mozgala – Apothetae Theater Company

“Strange for Hire” at Times Scare with Todd Robbins

Kawana Trio – Foot Jugglers circa 1919.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 4.14.55 PM

Tom Murrin Performance Awards @ Dixon Place

The Clown Un_Mask – Didi Sanchezco from Mexico

Vaudevisuals interview with Rob Drummond – Bullet Catch @ 59E59 Theaters

PS122 ‘Avant-Garde-Arama’ at Abrons Arts Center

Pierre Etaix films @ Film Forum

Vaudephone – Michael Townsend Wright performing ‘Smith and Dale’.

Vaudevisuals interview with Kendall Cornell – Oil of Ole’.

The Clown Un_Mask – Avner the Eccentric

Vaudevisuals interview with Armitage Shanks

Bill Irwin and David Shiner in “Old Hats” at Signature Theater

Marcel Marceau teaches at City Center – June 1999

Vaudevisuals interview with performance group ANIMALS.

Vaudevisuals interview with magician Albert Cadabra

PS 122 – COIL FESTIVAL – The Curator’s Piece -Video excerpt

Vaudevisuals interview with Nancy Giles

Peggy Shaw solo performance at Dixon Place – “RUFF”…

The Big Apple Circus _ LEGENDARIUM _ Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Josh Luxenberg – Curator at THE TANK NYC

Josh talks about his roll at THE TANK, the programs they run and what process artists should consider if wanting to perform there.

Josh Luxenberg is Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Sinking Ship Productions and a Brooklyn-based writer and director. He wrote Powerhouse, which premiered at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2009 (FringeNYC Excellence Award for Outstanding Ensemble) and produced There Will Come Soft Rains at FringeNYC in 2008. With Sinking Ship, he is the recipient of an EST/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation commission for Flatland: a romance in multiple dimensions. His script for Powerhouse was a Finalist for the 2012 Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference. Josh has worked as the assistant director on several productions, including Paper Mill Playhouse’s The Importance of Being Earnest, with Lynn Redgrave, Tony Kushner’s Caroline, Or Change at Baltimore (Centerstage) and These Shining Lives (world premiere, Centerstage Baltimore), The Turn of the Screw (Everyman Theatre), CommComm (Page 73) and Frog Kiss (NYMF, Virginia Stage). He assisted Anne Washburn and Michael Friedman on a workshop of The Civilians' Mr. Burns at Playwrights Horizons. He has also worked in the writers office of HBO’s The Wire. Josh is an alum of the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he studied acting, and of Oberlin College.

Clown Performing Arts The Tank Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals Interview with Mexico City based clown company – La Piara

Visiting NY with their show GUERRA, La Piara speak about their clown company and their show GUERRA. Currently running at THE TANK in NYC. The company is: Artus Chavez, Fernando Cordova, and Madeleine Serra.
In this interview are Artus Chavez and Fernando Cordova.

For more information on the company:

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“Guerra” – A Clown Play performed by La Piara @ The Tank

They describe the show as follows:

“A military farce from Mexico with love”

It is a wonderfully funny show that combines slapstick, dance, bouffant and farce to tell the story of a military outpost desparate for recruits.

The company La Piara is Artus Chavez, Fernando Cordova and Madeleine Sierra Carrascal.  They are superb comics and actors.

Here are a few photographs from the show.

Guerra being performed at the TankFernando Cordova as the General’s assistant and Artus Chavez as the General in a surprise moment.

The General looks down at his assistant in Guerra.Fernando is looked down upon by The General (Artus Chavez) in many moments during the show.

The General is outraged by the phone call in GuerraThe General (Artus Chavez) is outraged by the Commanders phone call.

Madeleine Sierra Cassascal plays the audience member who gets drafted to fight.Madeleine Sierra Cassascal plays the audience member who gets drafted to fight.

La Piara company looks on surprised.La Piara company looks surprised by the sudden activity.

The General tries to convince the new recruit (Madeleine Sierra) to use the 'big' gun.The General tries to convince the new recruit (Madeleine Sierra) to use the ‘big’ gun.

During the war off stage the recruiit loses her mind and Fernando looks on in terror.Returning from the war off stage the recruit loses her mind and Fernando looks on in terror.

La Piara company dance a disco number during the show.La Piara company dance a military disco number during the show.

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The show is on from July 11th thru the 21st as part of the Flint & Tinder series at The Tank.

Sound Design: Nick Keenan

Costume Design: Mieka van der Ploeg

Graphic Design: Guram Lubaggi

Created by Seth Bockley, Devon de Mayo and La Piara

More information about this series at The Tank here.

More information about La Piara here.

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La Piara will be teaching a three day clown workshop at The Tank July 20-22.

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Summer Shapiro – “Kinds of Light” presented at The Tank – May 2nd thru May 18th, 2013


Created and performed by Summer Shapiro

Summer Shapiro in "Kind of Light" at The Tank

Summer Shapiro summons the ANSWER from the Audience in her show "Kinds of Light"

Summer Shapiro summons the ANSWER from the Audience in her show “Kinds of Light”.

Summer Shapiro in "Kinds of Light" at The Tank

Summer Shapiro in "Kinds of Light" at The Tank

Summer Shapiro in "Kinds of Light" at The Tank


A lyrical, visual poem with comedy and absurdity.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sound and Music by Sean Brennan

Lighting by Simon Harding

Set by Mary Olin Geiger

Press Agent: Emily Owens

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Part of the Series “Flint and Tinder” at The Tank/A Curated series of exciting new independent theater showcasing feriously imaginative emerging artist making work that spans (and often flagrantly combines) physical theater, puppetry, dance, clowning, and more. Curated by Josh Luxenberg and Jon Levin of Sinking Ship Productions. Maggie Baker is the series coordinator.

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For tickets go here!