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Interview with Slava Polunin – Russian Clown

In 1984 I was the photographer in residence for International Clown Theatre Festival in Philadelphia. At the time Slava Polunin had come to the festival from Leningrad and was performing with his clown company Litsedei. I documented them and here are a few photographs from that show. Now he has his own show and it is on Broadway!  SLAVA'S SNOW SHOW What a success it has been too! A Must See Show! The Slava Snow Show is currently on Broadway! Don't Miss It! # # # # # Continue reading...
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Vaudevisuals interview with Patti Bradshaw

fools in plein air: fermented rain Inspired by folk tales and the natural world, fools in plein air: fermented rain employs puppets, objects, projections, movement, and six performers to dissolve the boundaries between mind/body and sleep/wakefulness. In this commission, Swiss writer Robert Walser walks through the dreamscapes of artist Marc Chagall, revealing human interconnectedness, the porousness of boundaries and the illusion of human dominance. About the Artist Patti Bradshaw is a director, Continue reading...
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Vaudevisuals Interview with A.J.Silver

"A Cowboy from the Bronx" I have been a big fan of A.J.Silver for many years. I ask him for an interview a few years ago and his schedule didn't permit it then. This week we got a chance to find out about his 'new' solo show. Listen in and find out about the origin of the show and come see it for sure! Angelo is a 'gifted' performer with many great skills and a wonderful stage persona that is truly him. This show will be a treat for all that attend. I guarantee you!  DIXON PLACE - MAY Continue reading...
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Vaudevisuals interview with Thom Wall – Juggler

Thom Wall was coming to Brooklyn in between gigs and I got a chance to interview him. He is currently performing with Cirque du Soleil show 'Totem'. Here is Thom's personal site with video and more information. And here is more of Thom performing his wonderful 'vaudeville' style juggling. # # # # # Continue reading...
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Cardone – A Vaudevisuals interview – “SPOOK SHOW”

Cardone has an evening of magical things waiting for those folks that attend the "Spook Show" happening at Dixon Place on Devil's Night - Oct 30th for One-Night-Only! Tickets/More Information! Continue reading...
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Vaudevisuals interview with Rachel Resnick

I have photographed Rachel many times performing. Her comedy/physical antics are delightful. Now she has a one-woman show "Grown Ass Woman".  Here is the interview I did with her yesterday! ONE NIGHT ONLY! Monday Oct 8th @The Pit You can buy tickets here! # # # # # Continue reading...
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Vaudevisuals interview with Shannon Plumb – Filmmaker/Actress

Shannon Plumb makes funny movies. Usually with her in the leading role. You call them 'personal art films'. They are in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art as well as in Private Collections. Here is the interview I did with her in Prospect Park. (Planes flying over, baseball practice and wind competing with my sound!) Her work is very 'low-fi' so I decided to shot the interview in that style.  I attended her screening at MOMA's New Directors/New Films series and was very moved by her Continue reading...
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Vaudevisuals interview with Steve Massa – ‘Slapstick Divas’

"Slapstick Divas" SLAPSTICK DIVAS by Steve Massa Click on Image for Kickstarter Campaign for Alice Howell DVD ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Other Books by Steve Massa Marcel Perez - The International Mirth-Maker by Steve Massa Lame Brains & Lunaticks/The Good, Bad and The Forgotten by Steve Massa For anyone interested in silent films and their stars these books are invaluable! # # # # # You Can Get the Book Here! Continue reading...
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Vaudevisuals interview with Patricia Nicholson – Vision Festival

Vision Festival - Jazz for a Free World "Disciplined disregard for traditional boundaries" OK. Here is the direct link to tickets. VISION FESTIVAL # # # # # Continue reading...
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The Last Word: Edward Albee – From the New York Times

Edward Albee is one of my favorite playwrights. I attended the original production of "The Zoo Story" and "The Sandbox" as a high school student (at the wonderful Cherry Lane Theater) wanting so bad to be a playwright. I was fortunate to meet him before he passed away. He was very kind with his words and manner. ~The Following Text is From Wikipedia~ Edward Albee was born in 1928. He was placed for adoption two weeks later and taken to Larchmont in Westchester County, New York, where he grew Continue reading...