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“Ward Hall – King of the Sideshow” book launch party and talk.

WARD HALL is the man who for over 50 years has performed/produced and lived in the ‘sideshow’.

Last night we were honored to hear him talk about his life, his work and most of all about the people he met in the sideshow.

“WARD HALL – THE KING OF SIDESHOW” is a new book authored by Tim O’Brien. It tells the stories Ward shared with us last night as well as many more from his life.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.33.04 PM

The evening was chock full of ‘sideshow’ dignitaries.  Host by Todd Robbins and featuring Donny Vomit, Marlena Dee, Adam Realman and Harley Newman.

The music was provided by a wonderful group “The Bailsmen“.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The evening began at the lovely MORBID ANATOMY MUSEUM on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn.

Ward Hall talking about sidehsowAuthor Tim O’Brien (seated) and Ward Hall talk to a overflowing crowd of attendees in the basement during the talk by Ward.

2014.07.24_WardHall_067Ward Hall (84 years young) was very expressive about the people he worked with during his years in the sideshow.

2014.07.24_WardHall_049The Morbid Anatomy Museum has a basement equipped for talks and presentations of this kind. It was a FULL HOUSE!

Tim O'Brien autographs the new book.Author Tim O’Brien signs a book during the presentation for “Ward Hall -King of The Sideshow”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The evenings festivities moved to THE ROCKSHOP where the ‘Sideshow’ was going to start any minute.

The Bailsmen performing at The Rockshop.Opening the show was the wonderfully talented band The Bailsmen.

Todd Robbins certainly knows how to get someones attentionWhat better person to MC this amazing show that sideshow eccentric TODD ROBBINS.

Donny Vomit followed Todd by using a whip to break a noodle off his head.DONNY VOMIT followed Todd by using a whip to break a noodle off his head.

2014.07.24_WardHall_122DONNY VOMIT juggles two sharp machete knives and an apple. He was able to take bites out of the apple during his act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Marlena Dee swallows a coat hanger.The lovely Marlena Dee was up next on stage. A rather talented young lady with looks to match. Swallow a coat hanger? Sure!

Marlena Dee swallows a sword while doing a split!Marlena Dee swallows a sword while doing a split!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coney Island USA’s Adam Realman takes the stage and bends a large nail in half.

Adam Realman bends a large nail into a horseshoe shape.

2014.07.24_WardHall_310Adam Realman blows up a enima bottle until it exploded! Strong man tactics are his specialty.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, Ward Hall was upstairs signing books and talking sideshow with all the interested people. He came down to the stage area and gave a ‘talk’ about Todd Robbins and the sideshow shows today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2014.07.24_WardHall_195Ward Hall talks to the audience about his sideshow and the current state of affairs.

Todd Robbins lights up the room with his glass eating stunt.Todd Robbins lights up the room with his glass eating stunt.

Todd Robbins examines the half eaten light bulb as he chews on the other part.Todd Robbins examines the half eaten light bulb as he chews on the other part

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Harley Newman always has surprises for his audiences.Harley Newman always has surprises for his audiences. Don’t let that big smile fool you.

Harley Newman produces tennis balls from his mouth.Harley Newman produces tennis balls from his mouth.

Harley Newman waves good bye to the audience after his amazing feat!Harley Newman waves good bye to the audience after his amazing feat!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Websites of Interest

Morbid Anatomy Museum

The Rockshop

Huffington Press/Weird News

Todd Robbins

Adam Realman

Donny Vomit

Marlena Dee

Harley Newman

Tim O’Brien

Ward Hall

HuffPost Weird News hosted the event, in coordination with the Morbid Anatomy Museum, COED.comHendrick’s GinBulleit Bourbon,Narragansett BeerHobNob Wines and Solber Pupusas.

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Burlesque Comedy Dance LaMaMa etc Performing Arts Photography

Tom Murrin’s play “Cock-Strong” at LaMama Etc. – “Saint Fortune” -April 17–19, 2014

Experience the death of heteronormativity at the hands (and mouths) of Saint Fortune. Recommended for all fans of risqué song, topsy-turvy dance, wildly oscillating character-choices and, of course, sex. Because that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? The New York theater collective revives Murrin’s provocative musical Cock-Strong, featuring brand new arrangements of all of Murrin’s immortal tunes including “Old One-Eye,” “One for One (Isn’t that Peculiar?),” and “Get It Up.” Described as “vulgar… and irresistibly stirring” (The Village Voice) when it premiered at La MaMa in 1969, the play is structured as a series of tableaux and 15 songs, with all new music written and arranged by Saint Fortune, and featuring Murrin’s classic lyrics. Performed by a cast of ten actors and musicians. Bring the whole family!

Cock-Strong AT LaMama etc.(left to right)  John Gasper, Natalie Ann Mack, Jack Frederick

Michael Weiner grabbing the 'family jewels'.Michael Weiner

Cock Strong at LaMamaKristina Tortoriello, Samantha Seerman, Danny Carroll, David French, John Gasper, David Goldberg, Jack Frederick.

Cock Strong at LaMama (Top to bottom) David Goldberg, John Gasper

Cock-Strong at LaMama etc.John Gasper, Natalie Ann Mack

Cock-Strong at LaMama etc.Samantha Seerman, Michael Weiner, Danny Carroll, Gavin Price, David French, Jack Frederick (others are obscured, but all actors are preset).

Cock Strong at LaMama etc. John Gasper, Michael Weiner, Natalie Ann Mack, .Kristina Tortoriello, Samantha Seerman, Danny Carroll, Jack Frederick, David Goldberg, David French.

Cock-Strong at LaMama etc.Kristina Tortoriello, Samantha Seerman, Danny Carroll, John Gasper, Michael Weiner, David French, Jack Frederick, Natalie Ann Mack, David Goldberg

Stage Manager: Conrad Kluck.

Tickets can be purchased here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Burlesque Cabaret Clown Dance Magic Music Performing Arts Photography Story Teller tinydangerousfun Variety Arts

‘tinydangerousfun’ – March 2014 @ Branded Saloon – Brooklyn

John Le0 and Andy Sapora at tinydangerousfun

we’re back y’all!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Adina Ballerina does the entire Nutcracker (much abridged).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2014.03.04_tinydanfun_020John Leo stands alone on stage as his friend and co-MC Andy Sapora shoots him head on.

John Leo reveals his trick 'blood splurting' device.John Leo reveals his trick blood splurting device or ‘squib’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andy Sapora and John Leo perform the 8 Plate spin.Andy Sapora and John Leo perform the 8 Plate spin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

tiny dangerous fun at Branded Saloon

Jill Stoddard with a HILARIOUS true story that she made up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

tiny dangerous fun at Branded Saloon

Penelope Labradoodle Rockefeller  performs an Inner Beauty Makeover.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gio presents a slideshow lesson on how to talk like his mother.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The 13th Act at tinydangerous fun

The 13th Act!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

tinydangerous fun variety at Branded Saloon

Amy Virginia and Eben Hoffer perform sweet, sweet songs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Torkova mesmerizes the audience with his mentalism.

Torkova blows our minds again!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andy Sapora and John Leo reading the cue cards.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wonderwoman (Emily James) shows off her superpowers.Wonderwoman (Emily James) shows off her superpowers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information about attending or performing go to this LINK!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Burlesque Cabaret Clown Comedy Juggling Magic Performing Arts Photography Physical Theater Puppetry Union Square Theater Variety Arts

“La Soiree” – A NeoCircus, Comedy and Burlesque Cabaret @ Union Square Theater

“A decadent and downright dangerous show that is ‘not for the kids’.”

Low inhibition and high glamour!

‘One of the best I have seen in years’!

~ ~ ~

Here are a few photographs I took the evening I attended.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The English Gents

(Hamish McCann and Denis Lock)

The English Gents @ La Soiree in NYCWhat a great duet. Hamish and Denis do amazing balance and strength act plus are as charming as two english gents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Marawa performs at La Soiree @ Union Square TheaterWith grace and stamina Marawa The Amazing rocked the house with her hula hoop act.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Scotty the Blue Bunny

Scott the Blue Bunny performing at La Soiree.Unique, risque and bold are the key words for Scotty The Blue Bunny

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Bathtub Boy

(Steven Williams)

Ryan McCarthy performing at La SoireeSoaking in the bathtub as his acts opens. Then elevating himself to heights above the crowd while exuding an amazing sensual strength on the straps.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Marcus Monroe

Marcus Monroe juggling at La SoireeMarcus Monroe is an amazing juggler with great sense of comedy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


(Mooky Cornish)

Mooky Cornish performing at La SoireeGloria entertains the crowd but not without getting an audience member involved in her wonderful antics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Manchego – The Sexiest Man Alive

(Ambrose Martos)

Manchego performing at La SoireeManchego entertains the audience with his audacity and colorful underwear…Many pairs of them!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hamish McCann

Hamish McCann performing at La SoireeHamish McCann arrives on stage with an umbrella and ‘Singing in the Rain‘ playing. Then he performs amazing feats of strength on the lamppost.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bret Pfister

Bret Pfister performing at La SoireeLike an angel in the clouds, Bret Pfister performs on the aerial hoop with charm and beauty.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aidan O’Shea was the most Welcoming MC

Not pictured here but hysterically entertaining were the Cabaret Decadanse (Andre-Anne LeBlanc and Serge Delauriers)

Produced by Mark Rubinstein, Brett Haylock, Mick Perrin, James Tod, Nick Zuppar and Gavin Kalin/Edward Snape; creative producer, Mr. Haylock; lighting by Willie Suddon; sound by Richard Fitzgerald/Sound Associates; production stage manager, Bianca Houston. At the Union Square Theater, 100 East 17th Street, Manhattan, 800-653-8000, Through March 30. Running time: 2 hours.

Burlesque Cabaret Mask Music Performing Arts Photography Variety Arts Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals interview with Shelly Watson and Cassady Rose Bonjo – Performers with “The Nutcracker Rouge”

Nutcracker Rouge is a sparkling reimagining of the beloved Nutcracker tale told with erotic, sensual and opulent flair. From the celebrated director/choreographer Austin McCormick comes a Baroque-Burlesque confection of theatre, dance, circus and sumptuous design. Immerse yourself in a hedonistic display of gorgeous and decadent winter entertainment.

poster-Nutcracker Rouge-w

A new 'sexy' adaptation of Nutcracker has arrived in NYC. Performing nightly at Minetta Lane Theater.
"The Nutcracker Rouge" is a big hit.
Here is an interview with 2 of it's performers Shelly Watson and Cassady Rose Bonjo.

For more information about this show or to get tickets go here:

This interview originally appeared on:

Burlesque Performing Arts Photography The Kraine Theater

“Burlesque-a-pades” at The Kraine Theater – July 20th, 2013


What a great evening of ‘old-style’ burlesque.

The cast was amazingly talented and the show was directed by Trav S.D.

What better to host this great lineup than the master MC Albert Cadabra.

Albert Cadabra host the Burlesque-a-pades.

The first number was a chorus of all the women from the show.

The Burlesque-a-pades chorus lineup.

Albert started the show by swallowing a very long balloon.

Albert Cadabra swallows the whole ballon.Albert Cadabra swallows the whole ballon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sultry Angie Pontani starts off the show with a hot fur  number.

Sultry Angie Pontani starts off the show with a hot fur  number.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Helen Pontani decides to read books instead.

Helen Pontani reads books for the audience.

Helen Pontani performas at The Kraine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stage manager Bambi Galore insists that Albert stop talking and get on with the show.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The ‘Maine Attraction’ brings some ‘Josephine Baker’ inspired moves to the show.

'The Maine Attraction' brings some hot moves to the show.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘Gal Friday’ added some more zest to the show with her routine.


Pinkie Special performs her routine at Burlesque-a-pades.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tigger is joined by Helen and Angie Pontani in this Hawaii tribute dance.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tigger tries a new electronic device that ‘cures all problems’.


A little comedic reprise for the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Angie Pontani performs a beautiful ‘on point’ ballet burlesque.

Angie Pontani on point in her burlesque piece.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Albert tries to sell an audience member some ‘cure all’ that isn’t what it seems at all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘Pinky Special’ pulls out all the stops on her amazing electrified  hula hoop act.

Pinky Special performs with her electrified Hula Hoops.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The show was filled with wonderful comedic moments.  Bradford Scobie added quite a few.

Whether singing a ‘dirty’ song or using a lasso…he was hysterical!

Bradford Scobie singing about chickens.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The finale was ‘Tigger’…singing a song and strippin away the masquerade of life.


Tigger performing at Burlesque-a-pades.



And the Curtain Call for all the amazing performers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on the Burlesque-a-pades go to their Facebook page here.