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FLASHBACK – Half Straddle performs at Avant-Garde-Arama – May 2nd, 2015 – Abrons Arts Center

In these very trying times, I wanted to reach back to a performance that startled me when I originally documented it. The performance by Emily Davis on May 2nd. 2015 Avant-Garde-Arama had that impact on me. Performed at the Abrons Arts Center on behalf of the amazing Bushwick Starr performance space. Seeing this piece now in these difficult times makes us realize how valuable the AGA was for so many years. This show was ‘chock-full’ of wonderful performers. (John Fleck, Uzi Parnes and Ela Troyano, Half Straddle, Martha Wilson, Travis Chamberlain (for Jennifer Monsoon) Holly Hughes, Jack Ferver, Yin Yue Dance and the Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure.) Watch and listen to this ‘Half-Straddle’ piece performed by Emily Davis.


Half Straddle is an Obie-winning, New York City-based ensemble of performers and designers that make plays, performances, videos, and music led by writer and director Tina Satter that have been seen through the United States and internationally. 

Half Straddle has premiered 10 full-length shows, and a number of shorter works and video projects that have been seen at festivals and theaters throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Asia.  

In October 2019, the critically acclaimed Is This Room, a show conceived of and directed by Tina Satter and starring Becca Blackwell, Emily Davis, Pete Simpson, and TL Thompson, with costumes by Enver Chakartash, was the company’s Off-Broadway debut at the Vineyard Theatre. The show had premiered at The Kitchen in January 2019. In 2014, Half Straddle’s show House of Dance was nominated for a ZKB Patronage Prize at Zürcher Theater Spektakel. 

The company began in 2008 and received their Obie Award grant in 2013. 

All of Half Straddle’s company members and collaborators work extensively in a range of other performance contexts, often creating their own work, in avant-garde theater to Broadway, to university teaching and as theater artists in NYC public schools. 

In New York City, the company’s work has been presented at the Vineyard Theatre, The Kitchen, New York Live Arts, New Museum, Danspace, Performance Space New York (formerly PS122), Bushwick Starr, HERE Arts Center, Dixon Place, American Realness at Abrons Arts Center, COIL Festival, Ice Factory Festival, and PRELUDE Festival.


The Bushwick Starr began in 2001 as a developmental space for the New York based theater company, Fovea Floods, Inc. In 2004, the company helped to fully convert the space to a black-box venue while producing a large-scale theatrical run. In the subsequent years, as the neighborhood of Bushwick began to transform into a thriving artistic nexus desirous of space and support, we decided to open our doors to other artists. Since doing so, we have quickly grown into a bustling theatrical venue, enjoyed by artists and audiences near and far.

We believe in the power of art to communicate in surprising ways. The work we present is bold, new, and daring, often melding disciplines, and always full of ideas. The Starr supports artists with 360 degree love by offering an attentive, nurturing, and supportive environment for our artists, helping them develop their best work under ideal circumstances. We provide a space that houses and ignites the conversation around intersecting communities and creates a cultural bridge through ongoing community programs and events.


Avant-Garde-Arama is Performance Space 122’s longest-running series. A multi-disciplinary mini-festival featuring break out performances in dance, music, theatre, performance art, video/film, and more presented in eight minutes or less. While PS122’s East Village home is being renovated, Avant-Garde-Arama and other programming will take place at multiple venues around the city.

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Interview with Michael Johnnie Lynch and Jenni Gil

Karen Jenson interviews Michael Johnnie Lynch and Jenni Gil

“Michael Johnnie Lynch’s riotous Dame Delancey” – New York Times

Tickets/Information can be obtained here.

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Interview with Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz

Returning this Holiday Season to Abrons Arts Center!

December 14th – 30th, 2018

4for3 – 4 tickets for the price of 3 (code expires Dec. 10th!)
12for10 – 12 tickets for the price of 10


Last year during the Holiday season I attended the performance at Abrons Arts Center of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. This production was based on the English Pantomime tradition and was written by Mat Fraser and directed by Julie Atlas Muz.

Vaudevisuals own Karen Jenson visited them backstage between shows for this wonderful interview.

 “funny, big-hearted and utterly charming production” –  NY TIMES

Read more here – New York Times Review!

Only 5 more performances! 

Tickets here.

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“Jack and the Beanstalk” at Abrons Arts Center



“Now more than ever, New York City needs family theater that is inherently irreverent and lightly political—with good eventually triumphing over evil,” says Fraser and Muz. “We got married in the Playhouse 2012, performed Beauty and the Beast in 2014 to critical acclaim, and consider Abrons to be our artistic home. Let’s celebrate surviving 2017 together and bring the whole family to this riotous, all-ages spectacular.”

Julie Atlas Muz directs “Jack and the Beanstalk” and writer Mat Fraser’s adaptation shows much affection for its Lower East Side setting.

Abrons Arts Center and ONEOFUS are proud to present the world premiere of Jack & The Beanstalk, a holiday extravaganza that promotes radical joy and equality in all forms. Running December 6–23Jack & The Beanstalk features a diverse cast of 22 Lower East Side performers. Written by disabled actor and writer Mat Fraser and directed by legendary feminist performer Julie Atlas MuzJack & the Beanstalk brings tap-dancing animals, puppets, pie fights, pop music, cross-dressing characters and the glitteriest of sets to the Lower East Side. Returning to Abrons Arts Center after their critically acclaimed show Beauty and the Beast, Fraser and Muz are thrilled to be making their first all-ages event.

Matt Roper surrounded by the ensemble

The cast of Jack & the Beanstalk, a mix of veteran and up-and-coming performers, includes Dirty MartiniHawthorn Albatross IIIMichael Johnnie LynchMatt RoperJenni GilDavid IlkuChristina DuryeaSarah FolkinsEkaterina SknarinaJonathan RodriguezPoison IvoryAllison JaneMikey GiordanoLute BreuerRachael Wickham Shane and Kate Brehm, as well as a chorus of six children: , and Nate Maxwell.

Performances of Jack & The Beanstalk will take place December 6–23 at Abrons Arts Center, located at 466 Grant Street in Manhattan.

 Tickets, priced at $25–$45, can be purchased by visiting or by calling 212-352-3101.

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Vaudevisuals interview – Eliza Bent – “Real Talk/Kip Talk”

Eliza Bent – Producer/Writer/Performer “Real Talk/Kip Talk”

Real Talk/Kip Talk

Tickets and more info go here.

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Vaudevisuals Interview with Anne Hambuger – EnGarde Arts

Vaudevisuals interview with En Garde Arts Anne Hamburger.


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.00.10 PM



For more information about EnGarde Arts or Wilderness go here!

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Eliza Bent – Toilet Fire/Rectums in the Rectory @ Abrons Arts Center 11/13/15

Toilet Fire written by and featuring Eliza Bent (and Aliana Ferris) was a surreal mass chock full of costumes, scenery, sing-along hymns, projected slogans and graphs and plenty of POOP puns. A hysterical romp through Eliza’s intellectual take on the daily ritual that we all share. Here are some photographs from the evening’s mass.

Eliza BEnt in Toilet FireYes..that is right! The Economics of Poop.

2015.11.13_EBent.137Her sermon was intense and provoking to the audience.

2015.11.13_EBent.164Aliana Ferris played the cantor and piano to accompany Eliza in her sermons.

2015.11.13_EBent.288Her altar was unique and useful in her talk about ‘poop’.

2015.11.13_EBent.295She introduced several characters that talked about their relationship with diarrhea and poop.

2015.11.13_EBent.335The bearded old man made a collection from everyone in the audience.

2015.11.13_EBent.370Eliza Bent closes the show with a heartfelt talk to the audience about ‘why’ she wrote this play.

A great time in the theater! Wonderful production, costumes and direction.

To read more about the play go to the delightful review on Culturebot by Jerry Lieblich

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Nic Adams – Assistant Director/Stage Manager

Jess Barbagallo – Dramaturg

Eliza Bent – Playwright/Performer

Christopher Bowser – Set/Lights

Enver Chakartash – Costumes

Alaina Ferris – Cantor (Piano)

Caroline Gart – Producer

Anthony Jackson – Projections

Kevin Laibson – Director

Eva von Schweinitz – Sound

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DANCENOISE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Anne Iobst and Lucy Sexton

“Unruly on the surface yet deeply structured, DANCENOISE’s performances skewered, even eviscerated popular and media culture, with feminist fury, wicked humor and a good measure of gore.”
—The New York Times


Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.44.49 PMXXXDANCENOISE performing at La Mama in the The ALIEN COMIC’S FULL MOON show Oct 1989.

DANCENOISE.xxxxDANCENOISE makes havoc at the FULL MOON show at LaMama in 1989.

2014.01.18_LSexton_007DANCENOISE performing at Abrons Arts Center  Jan. 2014 One of the Opening Scenes from the show.

2014.01.18_LSexton_248Lucy Sexton takes a knife to her large turkey.

2014.01.18_LSexton_236Lucy and Anne in a synchronous moment against the clothes wall at Abrons Arts Center.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 8.09.19 PMXXXAnne and Lucy covered in blood finish off their duet song ‘Happy Together’ at Abrons Arts Center.

2014.01.18_LSexton_277Lucy and Anne finish off the show under the covers with flashlight illumination only!

DANCENOISE performed a show at Abrons Arts Center on Jan 18th, 2014.
I was there to photograph and here is a video excerpt from the show.
They currently are preparing a NEW show for The Whitney Museum of American Art to accompany an exhibit of photographs documenting their work in downtown NYC in the 1980's.

DANCENOISE: DON'T LOOK BACK is being shown from July 22nd thru 26th.

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Martha Wilson – Avant-Garde-Arama – May 2nd, 2015

Martha Wilson (Representing Franklin Furnace) performs at the May 2015 Avant-Garde-Arama at Abrons Arts Center. Produced by PS122 and on loan to Abrons Arts Center for that weekend’s performances.

Abrons Art Center Avant_Garde_Arama Performing Arts PS122 Video

Half Straddle performs @ Avant-Garde-Arama – May 2nd 2015 – Abrons Arts Center

Half Straddle performed at the Avant-Garde-Arama on May 2nd. Representing The Bushwick Starr performance venue. Emily Davis performs in this piece.
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