‘Up on a Pedestal’ – An Exhibit of Photographs by Jim Moore

Here are a few portraits from the exhibit I had this past May at Cornelia Street Cafe.

The photographs were all taken in 1986 and originally exhibited then at Cornelia Street Cafe.


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Performing Arts Vaudevisuals Interview Video

Vaudevisuals interview with Ben Model – Ernie Kovacs – Pioneer of early TV

Ben Model is the archivist for the Ernie Kovacs library. And he has much to say about Ernie Kovacs. Having viewed the entire library of TV shows, personal films etc.

Shout Factory presents Ernie Kovacs DVD set

Here are some additional links that contain reviews (from the NY Times) of a bio and the collection of videos by Ernie Kovacs.

To purchase the Ernie Kovacs DVD set go here!