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Vaudevisuals Interview with Erin Markey – Appearing at Joe’s Pub – March 15th

I found an early afternoon to chat with performer Erin Markey at her home in Brooklyn. She is one of my favorite women in the performance art/cabaret/singer/dancer genres.
Here she talks about her upcoming show at Joe's Pub (SOLD OUT) and the amazing talent she is working with in this production. Kenny Mellman/Ben Rimalower.
She talks about her performances with company HALF STRADDLE and JENNIFER MILLER.
New York Times calls her "magnetic diva agression".

For more on Erin Markey go here:

Canal Park Playhouse Clown Magic Performing Arts Photography

Avner the Eccentric – “Exceptions to Gravity” – Canal Park Playhouse – March 2013


I hadn’t seen Avner the Eccentric perform in quite a long time. I think it was June 1983 at the First New York Clown Theatre Festival. His show was delightfully simple and very funny! At close range (Canal Park Playhouse is a very intimate theatre) Avner was able to relate to the audience in a very unique and personal way.

Avner the Eccentric at Canal Park PlayhouseAvner enchants the audience with his charm.

Avner balancing a featherBalancing a feather never looked so easy.

Avner trying to work with a ladder in the show.Working with a ladder in the show never looked so difficult but very funny.

Avner looks at the audience with a question.Avner looks at the audience with a question in his mind and his ears bend over.

Avner and his famous napkin eating routine.Avner salutes the audience while enjoying a plate full of napkins.

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Avner the Eccentric’s show “Exceptions to Gravitiy” is full of surprises. Lots of fun for any age or intellectual capacity.




Go here for more information and ticket info

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