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Drew Valins – “Kafka’s Bed” – A one-man show

Having enjoyed many years of  watching ‘experimental theater’ I always find pleasure when I see someone taking chances with their work. Drew Valins is such a performer.

His ‘latest incarnation of a long dance with Franz Kafka‘ is titled ‘Kafka’s Bed‘ and is being presented as part of the SNOWBALL FESTIVAL on Sat. Jan 19th.

His performance is at 5pm but the festival goes from Noon to 10pm with shows all day long.

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My talent for portraying my inner dream-life has thrust everything else to the side

Drew Valins performing in the Snowballs FestivalSituated in the stairwell of the basement sits Drew Valins performing his new one-man show “Kafka’s Bed’.

Drew Valins performs for an intimate audience at the Snowballs FestivalDrew Valins adjust the buttons on his vest while dressing in his show “Kafka’s Bed”.

Drew Valins performing in his one-man show 'Kafka's Bed'.Sitting at his desk writing a letter during his one-man show.

Drew Valins with a moment of introspection during his one man show.
Drew Valins with a moment of introspection during his one man show.

“Kafka’s Bed” is the latest incarnation of my long dance with Franz Kafka, which is called “Franz Fragments”.

Franz Fragments is a work in progress exploring the more intimate, lesser known pieces of Kafka’s unfinished opus. In this pursuit arise themes of identity, obsession, the role (and sacrifice) of the artist, the love of craft, and the never ending search for truth.

I have hardly anything in common with myself and should stand very quietly in a corner, content that I can breathe.
-Franz Kafka

Snowball Festival @ 81 White St. from Noon to 10pm

Tickets for “Kafka’s Bed” can be purchased  here!

Performing Arts PS122 Video

PS122 – COIL FESTIVAL 2013 – ‘The Curators’ Piece @ Dixon Place – A Video Excerpt

“Curators’ Piece” is a performance that is developed with chosen performing arts curators and presented at their festivals and venues in a form of a staged performance. We invited international curators that are relevant for the shaping the global picture of today’s landscape of contemporary performing arts. The curator takes part in the performance as a performer, collaborator and co-producer. Relying on the relations between the artists, the curators and the audience, the performance itself deals with the possibility of art’s influence on today’s society. What is art today? Can it save the world? What is the role of the artist, the curator and the audience in it?
“Curators’ Piece“ is fiction and reality at the same time: A trial against art and its protagonists. Where the gathered community judges by itself each time anew.
Tea Tupajic & Petra Zanki
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For more on PS122’s COIL FESTIVAL 2013 go here!
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